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  1. No disrespect, but, well that seems like an awful lot of extra work to solve a simple problem. All I had to do was build a 2 inch square ring from a couple of scraps of wood and seal it with two coats of oil based porch alkylid enamel. It will last a long time.. As a previous poster replied , it's no big deal. The roof is slightly more than three quarters of an inch thick. It is still really flimsy and I realize that nobody should be walking around on these roofs. It's kind of sad. It wouldn't have taken much to provide a little more interior bracing. I have a sagging air conditioner which makes a lake every time it rains. There's other posts on here about that phenomenon, maybe I will address it if it starts leaking. For now I'm going to go out and try to have fun and enjoy my wonderful new $50 vent that closes automatically when it rains and has a remote control! Thanks to everybody who pitched in for ideas.
  2. It is a Shureflo...bought on Craigslist. I'd rather have a FFan.
  3. Oh. And the original vent isn't even screwed in. Looks like it is glued in. Sawzall time
  4. My 1992 Toyota Spirit Minnie Winnie has got a three-quarter inch thick roof.That's it. What a joke. That means the newer upgraded Powered vents will have to have a box built on the roof so they will not hang down inside the motorhome. I have installed several vents in the roofs of RVs over the years and I had no idea that my roof is only three quarters of an inch thick. I'm very disappointed. This is exactly why my roof is sagging and I have a pool of water around my air conditioner after a rain. What a piece of shxt... If I don't want my new reversible vent to droop down inside my sleeping quarters, then I'm going to have to build a ring or a box so that the fan will set up a couple of inches higher. This adds 4 seams at least, kind of like a picture frame. I suppose I could glass it in but that's a lot of extra work. Anybody else had this issue?
  5. TikiShack

    Cheap Tricks!

    I like the hot water shower rig...appropriate for us Boondockers. And the onboard air compressor looks good- once you decide the way to go.
  6. TikiShack

    Newbie With 83 Toy Sunrader (17 Foot)

    well I hope you don't feel too bad. It can happen to even really good mechanics. I bought a Sun Rader that had no collar on the gasoline fill tube so my first tank of gas spilled all over the pavement. It had a rust in the block. It was a real POS. I sold it on ebay and disclosed everything so I could live with myself! I still got almost all my money out of it but not the labor of course! Now I own a wonderful little rig that I'm proud of.
  7. TikiShack

    Newbie With 83 Toy Sunrader (17 Foot)

    try this link lots of good stuff here! http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-4291.html
  8. TikiShack

    Going High Tech

    What about the tire pressure monitor and back up cam. Brand, how much and are you happy?
  9. TikiShack

    Is This Overpriced?

    who can blame the guy in North Carolina for asking $15,000 for his rig if he was dumb enough to pay $5000 to Camping World for a roof on a tiny RV. What a dumb shXx. He will probably have to wait till fall to find a sucker to get that kind of money for that rig.
  10. I want to monitor revs. I dont want to spend much. I can get a cheap china tach for under 20 bucks on ebay. I need to know if there's a factory terminal that will tell a tach what the revs are, or do I have to add a sensor? Id think there is a terminal or wire I could tap into. Thanks!
  11. TikiShack

    Ideas For Kayak Carrying...what Works For You?

    I LOVE that picture. Going to Oaxaca coastline soon!
  12. TikiShack

    Phone Coverage

    I had at and t and it sucked everywhere except big cities. Walmart straight talk with VERIZON for best rural coverage. My .02.
  13. TikiShack

    Install Drip Rail: Advice?

    There is only a drip rail on the passenger side of my rig- and I want to put an awning and or a roof rack on, and the drip rail would help. Anybody add one? I know it is best if integrated into the roof seam itself; that isn't going to happen this case.
  14. TikiShack

    Ideas For Kayak Carrying...what Works For You?

    I agree. Went car/kayak camping for a month with my son - the way to go. But there are reasons for the roof in my case.
  15. TikiShack

    Ideas For Kayak Carrying...what Works For You?

    That looks adequate at a reasonable price...