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  1. FredNewell

    family camp

    The road closure is for a federal road repair project (not CalTrans). They close from 8-12, 1-5 give or take, Monday thru Thursday. Friday they open at 2:30 PM for the weekend traffic. The closure is at mile marker 36. The camp is at marker 35.2. On Friday, there was a medevac helicopter land right next to us, on the property, to take a driver who was injured on HWY-36. This is a pretty crazy highway, not recommended for normal folks. Just us crazy folks. Humboldt County is crazy and proud of it. We had a great weekend. The propane regulator on the dolphin blew out after the first night. Spent the rest of the weekend without propane. Fortunately, we had hot shower and kitchen facilities included in the deal. FWIW, if you are interested in our craziness, there is a local gal who runs a local news service. Search... Readheaded Blackbelt.
  2. FredNewell

    family camp

    Heading out to a private campground 40 miles away, for our annual family camp. Four days of relaxation, pool with lifeguard for the kids. Nice and quiet. Commercial kitchen where we all take turns at food prep and cleanup. Triumphant Life Camp on HWY 36. 8 of my 11 grandkids will be there. They are excited and have anticipated this all summer, more so than the eclipse. School starts after this weekend.
  3. FredNewell

    drain valve on water system

    Aww... go head... pull the ring!
  4. FredNewell

    Lug Nut Torque

    Well, I'm about to torque the rear dual wheel nuts. I was going to ask what torque since the original 85# sticker seems to be for the original factory arrangement. I'm going ahead with 150# plus a little dry without lube.
  5. Not really an oops, but I learned something after 35 years of RVing. My dolphin has a couple of drain valves for the domestic water. They are angle valves that dump through the floor to the driveway. There is a circular pull that looks like the pull ring on a hand grenade. I discovered this today while reinstalling my water heater plumbing. Pretty cool. They are on the floor of the closet, under the water heater. Pull the ring and the water drains. I avoid living where it freezes, or where air conditioning is used. I usually do very little to winterize. Never had a problem.
  6. Did ya know you can reinstall a water heater upside down... except when you go inside the cab, the old propane and water lines ain't right. Reinstalling mine after siding repair. Oh yeah. Time for a break.
  7. FredNewell

    Got a photo of what's under the siding?

    Well, after a bit of procrastination (procrastination is a nasty nation) and my trademark analysis paralysis... I did the work on the driver's side. Dolphinite's photos show what I had to do. I did not go back with 3/4" plywood, but used 1/4" primed and painted with house paint to back 3/4" pressure treated (1x4 lumber) and some 1x2 not pressure treated. I pulled the water heater because the wood rot had affected the framing to which the WH is secured. All new and ok now. For tools, I needed the following... 1) a place to work - concrete pad 2) wheelie stool to sit on and scoot around - makes it easier https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000COC67E/ref=od_aui_detailpages02?ie=UTF8&psc=1 3) cheap tarp to cover up when away from the job 4) oscillating multi-tool from amazon (WEN brand 25 dollars) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005UKGKYK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 5) tape measure and square 6) 2 cheap clamps from Walmart to hold pieces in place. like these...https://www.amazon.com/MegaDeal-Too-5230-Clamp-Spring-opening/dp/B00CPSJCB8/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1502738919&sr=8-7&keywords=clamp 7) Gorilla epoxy glue 8) https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BD0B2FC/ref=od_aui_detailpages01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 staple gun to re-install siding. Shoots skinny nails which was handy. Trick and tips... when moving the long pieces of siding, they could flop and bend/crimp... therefore clamp it to a piece of 1x4 lumber to carry... keeps it safe. This was quite educational. Later I think I'll do the bottom edge of the back behind the bumper, then the other side, to include rebuilding the door. Then replace interior floors/subfloor where there is a soft spot.., now that I have the tools and greater confidence. Also had to remove the outer wheel to get working space.
  8. Wow! Thanks Dolphinite. I'll copy your process. FWIW, my straps are welded to the frame. Fred
  9. Changed my mind and decided to drop the tanks, if not too difficult. Turns out the straps are fastened at a point that is not accessible from beneath, unless I'm missing something. Looks like they attached the tanks to the chassis, then added the sidewalls later. I'm taking a break to cool off from the frustration, then will take a fresh look later.
  10. That's what I figured. Maybe I will try without dropping thanks. Thanks.
  11. I am currently doing an R&R on the rotted wood behind the aluminum skin that is near the wheel wells. In order to my best work, I think I'll have to drop the black water and the grey water tanks. Anybody done this? Any words of wisdom? Thanks.
  12. FredNewell

    5 Day Trip Nocal And Or Coast Then Portland

    Returned home safe and sound. We spent one night at an RV park at the south end of Gold Beach OR. Two nights at an RV park at Seal Rock OR. Then four nights at Pheasant Hill RV park in Wilsonville OR - one very nice park with plenty of stores nearby, like Costco. Indoor pool. I met some guys with their vintage restored trailers. One real nice one is a mid-60's Boles Aero. Sorry no photos were taken. I had decided to sell the Dolphin, but have changed my mind for now.
  13. FredNewell

    5 Day Trip Nocal And Or Coast Then Portland

    Repeating the Oregon Coast and over to Portland for a family wedding. This is our third trip this way in the Dolphin. Leaving next Tuesday.
  14. FredNewell

    Little Bit Of Rot!

    Wow. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks.
  15. I considering selling my rig, but am seriously considering a diy wheel well repair job and keeping it for another few years. The wood behind the aluminum paneling, just before and after the wheel wells, is rotted. This repair probably is not too difficult, but I'd like to know just what I'm going to see when I start removing the existing siding, in terms of what the framing and wood structure looks like. This would be for the entire wall. By chance is there a photo of the bare "naked" exterior wall? This is a 1984 Dolphin, wood sticks and aluminum siding. Thanks