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  1. Wow! Thanks Dolphinite. I'll copy your process. FWIW, my straps are welded to the frame. Fred
  2. Changed my mind and decided to drop the tanks, if not too difficult. Turns out the straps are fastened at a point that is not accessible from beneath, unless I'm missing something. Looks like they attached the tanks to the chassis, then added the sidewalls later. I'm taking a break to cool off from the frustration, then will take a fresh look later.
  3. That's what I figured. Maybe I will try without dropping thanks. Thanks.
  4. I am currently doing an R&R on the rotted wood behind the aluminum skin that is near the wheel wells. In order to my best work, I think I'll have to drop the black water and the grey water tanks. Anybody done this? Any words of wisdom? Thanks.
  5. Returned home safe and sound. We spent one night at an RV park at the south end of Gold Beach OR. Two nights at an RV park at Seal Rock OR. Then four nights at Pheasant Hill RV park in Wilsonville OR - one very nice park with plenty of stores nearby, like Costco. Indoor pool. I met some guys with their vintage restored trailers. One real nice one is a mid-60's Boles Aero. Sorry no photos were taken. I had decided to sell the Dolphin, but have changed my mind for now.
  6. Repeating the Oregon Coast and over to Portland for a family wedding. This is our third trip this way in the Dolphin. Leaving next Tuesday.
  7. Wow. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks.
  8. I considering selling my rig, but am seriously considering a diy wheel well repair job and keeping it for another few years. The wood behind the aluminum paneling, just before and after the wheel wells, is rotted. This repair probably is not too difficult, but I'd like to know just what I'm going to see when I start removing the existing siding, in terms of what the framing and wood structure looks like. This would be for the entire wall. By chance is there a photo of the bare "naked" exterior wall? This is a 1984 Dolphin, wood sticks and aluminum siding. Thanks
  9. Trip completed, to and from Nashville. Dolphin ran smooth the entire trip. Eastbound via I-80 and returned via I-40. Still thinking about selling the Dolphin, either this month or in September.
  10. Well, it has been a while since posting. I retired from my job, and lost the login/password. Found it again. Last fall we took another round trip to Nashville, and are going again in a week or so. Fortuna to Nashville. No problems last trip. Don't expect any this trip. Thinking about selling the Dolphin afterwards.
  11. Every fall we pick wild blackberries to make a 9x12 cobbler, served with ice cream. This tool will make it easier. Thanks for the good post.
  12. Thanks - great post.
  13. I bought Wet Okole, blue and tan with a dolphin insert. I submitted a photo and they knew which pattern to cut from. They are higher priced but fit perfect. I'm not saying Wet Okole is better, but we like them. Since then, we've seen other brands online that looked good too. I've spent too much money on RVs in my life. I'll probably spend more. or as some say... "throw away more".
  15. Any chance it could be an automatic transmission with a fouled filter? Not my specialty... I had a Chrysler that whistled... badly needed transmission service. Maybe a Toyota automatic won't do this... just a guess.