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  1. Hey Linda, it's tom who you met in los gatos looking at my Toyota 500 series a few years back who got advice on the "gear you go up the mountain you same you go down!" Remember me? Anyway we are finally selling the beloved Toyota in May and tried to get in listed in the Classified section but had no luck. I registered as I thought it may be a separate page needing a login but that did not help.

    How do i get my RV listed for sale?




    1. linda s

      linda s

      I do know you have to register there separately from the main site so if you did that I don't know why it didn't work. I have no moderation abilities there. Can't post it for you. Greg upgraded some stuff recently, maybe it messed with the system there. Read this page and contact him if you've already done all of this


  2. sailfritz

    Oil Usage

    My rig is a Calif. 1985 500 series with a mandatory Cat converter. How could that cat burn and hide a quart of burning oil every tankful? Possible? Why would adding the additive to repair worn seals($21 a quart!) work together with a new PVC valve as seen on the dipstick(no change in 200 miles) and showed out the tailpipe(no black sooty mist)? This is a mystery for sure and may never be solved and for sure till you hear "The Rest Of The Story" in Sept. when we hit the road again. Till then,.............fingers crossed!
  3. sailfritz

    Oil Usage

    Linda S is from the same part of Calif. and has seen my rig last year before this problem and knows me enough to assure you I'm 100% mentally ok. I'm not offended but perplexed as much as you experts are. Your right in saying the snake oil and PCV valve should not have worked and there should have been a Blue Angels style trail of smoke and a puddle under the motor but results don't lie and neither do I when I tell you I have had no blue smoke trails nor puddles under this rig. A little oil sweat around the valve cover yes,........... normal with 73,000 miles right? With the main seal gone does it burn oil blue or just out the pipe as a mist like I have had before I addressed this oil usage? I really can't tell you at this moment the oil usage is stopped permanently but hope it is! In the tankful I ran after the change of oil, the additive added and PCV valve changed I noticed a drastic drop in oil usage as in the dipstick level did not alter, also no black sooty mist out the pipe. The rig is parked as I'm out of the country till Sept. when we all shall see if this was a quick temp. fix or permanent. Till then all we can do is speculate and discuss this. I do thank you for your opinions and suggestions. If a tear down is avoided through these simple measures than good for me and worth a try to you out there, no? I spent $25 on the additive and PCV valve, if that fixed it I saved hundreds! I'll tell you I was so troubled by this oil usage coming from Louisiana to Calif. having to have extra quarts of oil in the rv and adding at every gas fill up that I was expecting a main engine repair. I got online and looked up "valve seal leakage" repair videos and there was a nutty guy promoting the wonders of just replacing a $5 PCV valve that may save you hundreds in repairs so before tearing into that motor try this and so I did. I also shopped at the Oreilys Auto parts store and looked for a valve seal stop leak product and applied that $21 a quart to my oil change with 10w40 oil and it worked for that tankful before parking it for the winter and summer 2016 so we will see in Sept. if it was permanent. I have a friend starting it and taking it for a spin around the block once a month to keep things lubed, meanwhile I'll keep the fingers crossed.
  4. sailfritz

    Oil Usage

    So how would sludge allow this motor to send almost a quart through the tailpipe every tank full? It never smoked, maybe a puff of blue when started cold and that's it. No one commented on how just changing the PCV valve could solve this mystery but I'm telling you I changed that and the oil using 10W40 and the "stop seal leaks" additive and in the tankful I drove my last week in Calf. I noticed no more black sooty mist coming out of the tailpipe that would leave a black ring on your hand and no more oil usage. Now just maybe when we return to take a fall trip to Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon Nat. parks we will see if this simple fix really works and I'll be sure to comment but for now she is parked till Sept.
  5. sailfritz

    Oil Usage

    I have it parked right now with fingers crossed and shall see in Sept. when we fire it up again for a short road trip if she still looses oil. These mail seals you talk about how do they leak oil if no drips are under the Rv? Do they allow oil to blow by? How do you loose so much oil without blue smoke, weird.
  6. sailfritz

    Oil Usage

    Well it seams that You Tube video I watched titled "change the PCV valve and stop that oil leak" really wasn't a crazy idea after all! I did just that and changed the oil adding a "stop valve seal leaks" oil additive and by golly they stopped the leak and no more black oily mist from the tailpipe in a tankful. Rv is now parked for the winter and we shall see next summer how she does but I'm almost positive it's fixed, will keep my eye on it next year. As that rabbit says,...........That,.......that's all folks,.................
  7. sailfritz

    Oil Usage

    Keeping the fingers crossed but replacing the PCV valve and adding the special stop leak oil additive did the job and in a tankful no oil usage, weird huh?
  8. sailfritz

    Oil Usage

    OK, good responses from you all and I thank you. Changed the oil and put in Bar's Leaks Valve Seal Oil Consumption repair oil additive with synthetic polymers, ever heard of this stuff? Not as thick as STP. I also changed the PCV valve and noticed with the new one it's a one way valve like a reed valve. Suck in but can't blow out. With the old one I that I removed I could blow through and suck in so it wasn't working. Now granted I've only gone 50 miles and a tankful for me is around 200 (would use a almost a quart) but no sign of oil usage so far! I don't know if it's a combination of the seals now sealing from the additive or the PCV valve working properly but something is different for sure. I have another 60 mile trip tomorrow and will see how it goes especially hitting 65mph on the freeway.
  9. sailfritz

    Oil Usage

    I tried using a quart of the special oil additive that flows like honey and was supposed to help stop oil leaks in seal and rings,.........and I have been using straight 30 wt oil for added thickness but with no results. I put my hand up to the tailpipe while running and a oily black mist comes out, the oil! I will try the compression test and the odometer reads 73,000 with a zero for the 100,000 mark so has not turned over yet. This engine can't be burning it as it doesn't smoke blue,........... like you think it would using so much oil. I heard a bad PVC valve can draw off oil out the exhaust,.true?
  10. sailfritz

    Oil Usage

    Would a compression test at least tell me where to look to fix this oil usage and I only have 72,000 on the 22re motor. I think the previous owner let it set 20 months without starting allowing seals to crack, what do ya think?
  11. sailfritz

    Oil Usage

    Hello Linda from Los Gatos) Took my 85 Toyhouse (22re motor) on a 5 month road trip June 18th with 54,000 driving through 27 States & started to use more and more oil. Uses almost a quart each tankful! A puff of blue smoke when cold starting is all I notice, only 72,000 on motor now so how can you tell if it needs valve seal guides and who can perform this work in the Bay area? Any comments and suggestions welcomed. Scratching my head in Gilroy
  12. sailfritz

    Finally Gonna' Let The Old Dolphin Go Free...

    John, did you sell your rig yet?
  13. sailfritz

    Finally Gonna' Let The Old Dolphin Go Free...

    es I did have a reducer on the city water hose. Can that little rubber gromet inside the valve be replaced? The oven won't come on even with the pilot light on. I read to remove the small ball underneath the pilot light and bring it up so that the flame of the pilot light makes it grLow and then the oven gas will come on is that true as mine still doesn't come on? The heater just makes a slight click but never lights. John you said build the dinette table same size as the opening but how does one slide into the bench area with the tabletop all the way against the cabinets?
  14. sailfritz

    Finally Gonna' Let The Old Dolphin Go Free...

    It will be a very fortunate buyer when he gets your rig. Can you comment on my other propane problems under general discussion called Ac out of order? I did the ac fan belt! Also that city water connector valve leaks a lot. Doesn't seem there is much extra hose to cut at camper inside h2o tube where the plug in shore power cable is, how do I stop the leak?
  15. sailfritz

    Ac Out Of Order

    Another problem. Stove top works but oven won't, even with pilot on an hour. Hot water burner working OK but rv heater won't come on, just makes a click and nothing. Fridge sparker works as you peer through the peep hole when lighting on gas setting but no heat on backside so it doesn't work but on electric plugged in the vevt heated up a bit.What is the advice? Don't care if fridge works but want a heater and oven for the wife!