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    For anyone considering covering their RV for the winter using a tarp, Chicago Canvas Supply is having a 20% off sale on all their items through November 29th. This includeS canvas tarps priced by size and colors. I purchased one prior to last winter and have been very pleased with the quality of their product. You can Google Chicago Canvas Supply and find their website. The 20% off code is CYBERMONDAY.
  2. Sprinter Rv Cover Fits A Sunrader Well

    I purchased the same one for my Dolphin. The fit was not bad but the quality was terrible and it lasted for less than 2 winters.. The white top portion of the cover held up well but the rest was literally torn apart by wind. I would never recommend one of these things because of the poor quality and price. As Linda said, a good cotton tarp will provide better protection from rain and snow. I bought one and am very pleased with it and after one winter it still looks and works great.
  3. Replacement Mirrors?

    Can anybody give me a Velvac part number on the mirrors? Thanks

    Used the lubricant JMOWERY suggested and it works great!
  5. Winterizing...

    Also the valve on the rear of the commode.

    Thanks, will get her a try.

    The fresh water tank valve on my 89 Dolphin is very difficult to turn on and off and needs to be replaced. Is the 3/8" valve the correct size for the water line? Any help appreciated.
  8. What Happened To My Old Account?

    I complained some time back regarding similar political comments/representations on this website. This is NOT the place for it.
  9. I am hitting the river today!  Saw your post and thought I would give you my 2 cents worth.  We get a good amount of rain and snow here so, I decided to cover the roof to prevent water from leaking in.  I have had some issues with that !  I purchased a cloth tarp for mine and I am very pleased with it.  I posted this week on this site that Chicago Canvas is running a sale this entire month with 20% off.  I believe I paid about $120 for mine. The tarp is very well made but it is quite heavy and has large grommets tie downs.  I place a 5 gallon bucket up front and back of the roof and then put the tarp on and cinch it down.  This makes a tent like configuration which allows air to circulate under the tarp. BTW I would not recommend a full RV cover that you see advertised on the Net.  Junk and they last no more than two years. Tight Lines

    1. Iflyfish


      Thank you! Keep your tip up!



    Last Fall, I purchased a canvas tarp to cover my Dolphin during the winter months from Chicago Canvas. I have been very pleased with it and it is well made. Today, I received an email that they are offering 20% off all their tarps until the end of this month. I would recommend their product to anyone interested in buying from them.
  11. Zep use?

    Just the cabin and not the cab. Has worked great on my Dolphin.
  12. MONTANA 2017

    Each summer I make it a point to travel to Montana for a couple of weeks of trout fishing. This year on the way out, we had the opportunity to spend the night at an RV campground in Hardin, Montana. Upon check in, the proprietor told us that it just so happened we were there on the 141st anniversary of the battle of the Little Big Horn and that there was going to be a re-enactment later in the day.. We had previously been to the museum at the National Monument on the battle site but, had never been to a re-enactment so, we decided to attend. There must have been at least 1,000 people who attended and I must say that we thoroughly enjoyed the performance. We were particularly impressed with the horsemanship of the native American youth (Crow Nation) in the re-enactment. If you are ever in the Hardin area, the Museum is a must see! 20170714_164113_6790995920172.mp4

    Whenever we take a trip in our Dolphin, I am always on the lookout for other Toys out there. In most instances, I rarely see any. This year was an exception. On our way to and back from Montana, I saw three, two of which were in Walmart/Sam's parking lots and one at a self serve gas pump. Sadly, all 3 were in pretty sad shape and in need of some TLC. In Wyoming, I spoke to the owner of a Dolphin and he was in the process of driving it home and starting a restoration. The one thing he was most pleased with was the engine/transmission performance and we all know that Toyota's are famous for that. Three sightings in a year is a new record for me and let's hope these owners fix them up and show them off!
  14. CL listing

    Good buy if it's on the level.
  15. I took mine to a small local shop that made and installed home counter tops out of various materials. Using the old one as a pattern, they made me one out of scrap pieces. It cost me $25.