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  1. http://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/rvs/5310762130.html Don't know anything about it. Just saw it and thought it might help someone,
  2. Anyone use AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries
  3. Sorry I am so late on commenting on this, but if you want a source of where to buy non-ethanol gas in your state, you can get a free overlay (POI Megafile) for Microsoft Streets and Trips that has a database of "pure gas" stations in your area. I won't leave home without MS Streets and Trips and the latest Megafile. You can also download a comma delimited xcel file, or use the pure-gas iphone app or the android app. I like MS Streets and Trips for all the other functions
  4. Anyone have an educated guess or knows first hand how much gas the small frig uses per day?
  5. I have been doing a gut and rebuild of the interior of my '87 Toy Coachmen. Before putting in any new ceiling panels, I decided to take the AC off of the roof. I've been wanting to do this anyway because I want to put in a window unit over the refrigerator like Waiter and others have done. It just makes sense on many different levels to do so; (you can get a replacement at Walmart, Lowes, Homedepot and even on Craigslist). So today, I climbed up and removed my ac. The pan on the ac unit was rusted thru and where the compressor used to be attached, was a rusted out hole, so the ac needed to go. Once I got it off of the roof and started inspecting where the unit once was mounted, I noticed a few problems. The compressor had fallen into the rusted out hole and had rubbed a hole in my roof metal and it actually started rotting the aluminum. I looked further and where the pan had rusted thru near the aft end where the condensor was, had also started rubbing a hole in the roof metal. I guess a word of caution is in order. If you just lift your ac from inside the coach and replace the gasket, you may not be going far enough. Mine would have been sealed around the 14" square hole in the roof but still would have leaked in the "new" hole the compressor had made and would have had another hole further aft soon too. Well its gone now. A new piece of aluminum sheet with some nice gooey goo and screws and it is "fixed".
  6. Any one know where the fuel pickup on the gas tank is for the genset? Apparantly some previous owner didn't like the genset and plugged the hose at the gas tank, but I don't see where it was attached.
  7. I do NOT own this, but I know there are many SunRader fans on this forum. Here is one that just came up on the Daytona Craigslist. http://daytona.craigslist.org/rvs/4296503608.html%C2'> I haven't seen this or know anymore about it other than what is on the ad.
  8. pbjeeps

    Generator Swap

    Thanks for the link Linda.
  9. This could be here in electrical or in the "what projects I am gonna do". So here goes. My 87 Toyota Coachman Motorhome has an old Kohler generator in it. When I tried to start it it was noisey and it shook wildly. After doing some research, I found out that there aren't any more parts available for the controls. So I am gonna swap it out with a different generator. I was looking for a generator to buy that I could build a box and hang it on my bumper as most of us have seen many do here. I followed a Craigslist ad to a 4000 watt generator. When I got there the guy tried to start it and gas spilled out all over the floor. He hummed and hawed and finally said I could have it for free . So I took it home and rebuilt the carb with the kit he gave me. The thing started right up and ran good and handled every test I threw at it. My plans are to install it in the hole that had the old genset instead of on the bumper. The first obstacle is the gas tank that these portable generators have. I am gonna try to use a Mukini or walbro pulse style pump and use the hose that was on the Kohler. So I will remove the tank and hook up the carb just (almost) like the oem did. Next I removed the auto switch because I plan on plugging the shoreline in to the generator directly or into the shore power, so no need for a switch. Next problem is there is no electric start on the genset I'm putting in. Hopefully, I will be able to position the new generator in the hole so that I can pull start it. I will need to put a kill switch in the cab on the dash. I will also provide ventilation and a fan to try to keep things cool. I will have to weld some exhaust pipe and put on a quiet muffler. It doesn't appear that I will have to do much structural changes. Anyone forsee any pitfalls?
  10. In response to the original question, I owned a 93 Winnebago Mini with a v6 and rear dinette. Loved it. Wish I had never gotten rid of it. When the kids were pre-teen, they each fit the rear beds (benches) without converting the dinette into a full bed. Momma and I had the over-the-cab bed. Occasionally, momma and I would go out by ourselves and had the rear bed. It was real nice. Wish I could find one again.
  11. Just sold my 35 ft Bounder to buy a Toy. We had a Toy in the 90'S and traveled with our two kids all over the US. Couldn't wait to buy a Toy again even though our Bounder was great. Good luck! Bounders are nice rigs.
  12. My wife and I are seasoned rv travelers. Back many years ago before GPS devices were very popular, my wife and I used MS Streets and Trips. We loved the mapping features and the "what if" capabilities of the software as well as the GPS capabilities of the software. I recently "discovered" a free download that makes the software much more usable for the RVer. There is a free download called "poi mega file" (not from Microsoft). It has a wealth of information pertanent to rv travel. An amazing database of camp grounds, walmarts (that allow overnight parking), bass pro shops, philly cheese steaks, state parks, rest stops, dump stations and much much much more. We are still learning just how much is available on this overlay to the software. Im not trying to plug the software, we just find it nicer than the typical GPS device because you can use the computer to do many other things. What else can you do with the GPS? The screen is also larger and easier to read from the driver seat and with my older eyes. I am designing a stand that bolts to the tunnel and holds the computer that will swing to the "navigator" and will also pivot over to the driver.
  13. I now own my second Toy. My first was a 93 Winnie Warrior. I'm sad now that I ever sold it. Bought a 98 Coachmen Class C 32 ft and then a 35 ft Bounder. Never was happy with any except the Warrior. Searched for another Toy. Made a wild trip to Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama chasing down ads from Craigslist, all were trash with lots of rot and wanting $5-6K. Decided not to pay that much for junk. Came back home to Central Fl and continued my search. Finally found a junk one that was cheap enough to do the repairs. I bought a 1987 Coachmen. I always thought that Coachmen was a good brand, but in my opinion now, they are or were not. The original structural design was flawed and the cause of most of the damage I have found. Haven't named her yet. Should be done with the coach repairs/restoration and redesign on the structure in the next few weeks, then on to the engine that has 89000 miles. I have to say I knew of most of the damage before I bought it, just didn't know it was from poor design. I worked as an engineer before retiring and I am appalled at the design failures of this coach.
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