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  1. Just took the old baby out (1978 with a 20R engine) for a spin before the holidays. And of course, a horrible way to start the new year, I started smelling coolant and then there was smoke. I was able to locate where the leak is coming from but I don't know what this part is to replace it. It's not a standard hose part The piece is sitting under the carburetor. Any help will be much appreciated!!! I've uploaded pictures. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays!!
  2. I just got back from a 2000 mile trip on my 78 Toy. She ran great. However, after every 300-400 miles I check her coolant level in the reservoir and they are near dry which is really scary. Her thermostat never shows she's overheating and I didn't get any signs of overheating while driving her even when I drove an hour in city traffic. There are no visible leaks nor see any white smoke coming from her engine. I'm thinking the culprit might be that when I bought her, the previous owner had lost the reservoir cap, the cap where you put the coolant, not the one by the radiator, and had put a jui
  3. I heard that the 20R engine is actually more powerful than the 22re?
  4. Good to know about highway 1... I was worried that the twist and turns.. I've driven down the Oregon coast in a car and got car sick from it.... Thanks for all the great advice!
  5. Hello, I am planning on driving down from Eastern OR to SF, CA for a wedding with my 17ft Toyota RV. I've done a few trips now in WA, ID and OR but this is my first one into CA. I wanted to get some recommendations on places to go. I was thinking Crater Lake, Redwood Forest, Highway 1 and possible go out east towards Yosemite after the wedding. Does anyone have any advice about places to stay, things to go see, etc? I plan to do 4 hour drives and stop. I know there are some restrictions also on vehicle sizes on highways, if anyone might be able to help point those out for me would be great! T
  6. Why are they so expensive!? I have an old fan in the front of my cabin and bathroom. They are loud and only suck the air out. I wouldn't say they really help reduce the heat. I was tempted to get a new one like this Fan-tastic one. Is it worth it? I have no A/C in my cabin so I was decided whether to install an AC or put a better fan. But it seems they are nearly the same price....
  7. Would highly suggest changing your own alternator... I had mine changed by mechanic cost me $300+. Would have cost me $40 bucks if I did it myself....
  8. This person did a great job installing that wall unit... cutting a wall out of the RV might be though as intensive as getting a top AC unit but I think I would need to vent the unit in the way he did...
  9. Mmm I see yeah I was thinking of cutting out a bigger spot for the AC unit using a portion of the closet space to do so. I saw some teardrops with interior wall like ACs. But yeah I was afraid that most wall AC units need a place to drain the water so it very well might not work. I don't go camping in the winter so that's why I don't use the furnace. Also it's not exactly working either. It seems to not want to ignite but the gas flows through it. It's a 1978 so it's pretty old and very hard to find someone who can actually evaluate what's wrong with it. I think it's the ignitor but since I do
  10. My RV didn't come with a top A/C. Generally I don't need it but I realized that my furnace isn't working anymore. It might just need a new ignitor but many say not to bother using it since the fumes can be deadly. I thought about removing the furnace, which is underneath a closet and fitting a very small A/C there. Since there is a place to vent air from the furnace, I should be able to vent the A/C from the same place. Does anyone think this is feasible? Or maybe this leads to too many possible water leakage from the unit?
  11. Isn't tilting bad for your tires? I've heard long term parking on hills are not good for vehicles... though I'm sure pooling water is also not good...
  12. How big is your gas tank? Seems like you have fill up pretty frequently. One of the downsides of the toyota RVs. I though usually fill up around 10-12 gallons when I have to stop. My tank is 16.5 I believe.
  13. I have a 1978 Toyota 2.2 gas 20R engine with manual transmission... I have never achieved that high MPG ever... My average is probably about 12-13 MPG in city/highway. I wish I could get 21.5MPGs.... I just changed the alternator, regulator and battery so I haven't really driven her since then because of winter... Maybe I might achieve more this next season....
  14. Hi there, So I've winterized up my RV and I'm not really driving her anymore. I just turn the engine on once every 2-3 weeks to keep her going like I've done in the past during winter. However this time, her battery is getting drained out and I'm not able to get her to start anymore without a jump. It's strange because I never had this problem before and the battery is only 2 years old. I recently had to put a hardline in with a 15amp fuse to my car horn because it wasn't working with the old wire. Not sure if that could be the reason but there isn't much connected that would drain her. I don'
  15. Hello, I just got back from a trip in Eastern Washington. I was driving down on Route 26 in Washington heading West. As I approached the intersection I noticed something on the road waiting at the stop sign. As I got closer to it I was surprised to see what I believe was a BLUE Toyota Dolphin. It was surreal situation because my Toyota RV is PINK and what are the odds of two painted RVs in the middle of nowhere Washington. As I made a turn off the route, I drove off regretting not taking a picture of it. Thought of Craigslist Missed Connection section and thought to post something about it her
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