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  1. All Good Things...

    Well, here's our new RV. The Dolphin's older, meaner brother. A 1995 Dodge Serro Scotty 4x4 w/ a Cummins 5.9L diesel. 30 feet long. 15MPG! Now the fun part: remodeling the interior to look like the Dolphin we just sold!
  2. Dolphin Remodel

    My wife and I decided to take on a small update to the Dolphin's interior. Well, let's just say that the project quickly became a bit larger than anticipated. We're pleased with the results.
  3. All Good Things...

    Thanks everyone. She sold this morning at 8am to the first couple that looked at it. We're definitely going to miss her!
  4. All Good Things...

    Well, friends. It's been an amazing ride. Literally. My trusted 1990 Toyota Dolphin is for sale. If you live near Portland, OR please take a look at her. She's one of a kind, and I've probably spent well north of $4,000 improving her over the last year of ownership. Why are we selling? It's just not ideal to own with a baby, and I've never felt comfortable strapping a car seat to a dinette. So that's that. We've just outgrown her as a family. Here's the listing. http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/rvs/4702561447.html Yes, it's a bit more than others, but EVERYTHING you could need to do has been done. In other words you have years of carefree use ahead with this Dolphin.
  5. Painting Cabinets

    It can be done. I used a premium paint by Behr. $60/gallon, but well worth it. I'd recommend at least three coats to get it right. Well worth the effort.
  6. ...how did it hold up? Also, how did you mount the ski rack on top?
  7. Keeping Refer Cold

    My older Dometic 3 way stays very cold, even at Burning Man where temps are near 100 degrees. I generally set the thermostat to 5...but also added a few Freez Paks to help regulate the temperature. http://www.amazon.com/Lifoam-4942-Iceberg-Reusable-ounces/dp/B000KIR5PA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409629361&sr=8-1&keywords=freez+pak+42
  8. Can't wait to follow this. Good luck!
  9. Used Three-Way Fridge

    BTW...the easiest way to get those refrigerators in and out of your RV? Remove the passenger side window in the coach. Easy to remove (5 minutes) and a much larger opening than the door. We had to do this for the used Dometic we just purchased.
  10. That looks like a solution that makes sense. Yes, the brakes release just fine. I've not had them done recently, but they were inspected and at roughly 30%. Either way, I was white knuckling it for the rest of the trip.
  11. Unfortunately, they're adjusted as far as they will go in favor of the rears. The fronts still lock well before the rears. In fact, the rears have never locked on me.
  12. New LP regulator and Hose

    Having a similar issue with my tank. Would you post a list of all the items you needed to make this conversion happen? Thanks.
  13. On my way to Burning Man I had two frightening incidents, both involving front brakes locking up. The bias adjustment was made last year, so there's not much more to do on that front. I was heading down a 6% grade going slowly (though clearly not slowly enough) when around a corner the front brakes locked up and kept me moving in the direction of the skid. Unfortunately, the skid was taking me to a lethal drop off. Fortunately I was able to correct. I had a similar incident on the way home, this time going even slower. A pothole triggered this skid. Is there anything more that can be done to shift the brake bias to the rears? And please don't answer 'drive slower.' I was doing 20mph on a 45mph turn when the first incident happened.
  14. Time For Solar, Have No Idea Where To Start.

    I purchased one of these last year and have had good results so far. I do wish the cables were a bit longer, but otherwise I'm happy with them.
  15. Propane Tank Conversion

    Hi everyone, I'm tired of the horizontally mounted propane tank in my Dolphin. It's out of certification now (though nobody seems to mind when refilling it), and rather than replacing it with another of the same, I think I'd rather add dual tanks to the steel cage on the back of my RV. Of course those would be traditional 20lb upright tanks rather than the horizontal one in the existing propane compartment. Have any of you done a conversion of this sort? What needs to be changed out? Thanks!