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  1. paulnptld

    All Good Things...

    Well, here's our new RV. The Dolphin's older, meaner brother. A 1995 Dodge Serro Scotty 4x4 w/ a Cummins 5.9L diesel. 30 feet long. 15MPG! Now the fun part: remodeling the interior to look like the Dolphin we just sold!
  2. paulnptld

    Dolphin Remodel

    My wife and I decided to take on a small update to the Dolphin's interior. Well, let's just say that the project quickly became a bit larger than anticipated. We're pleased with the results.
  3. paulnptld

    All Good Things...

    Thanks everyone. She sold this morning at 8am to the first couple that looked at it. We're definitely going to miss her!
  4. paulnptld

    All Good Things...

    Well, friends. It's been an amazing ride. Literally. My trusted 1990 Toyota Dolphin is for sale. If you live near Portland, OR please take a look at her. She's one of a kind, and I've probably spent well north of $4,000 improving her over the last year of ownership. Why are we selling? It's just not ideal to own with a baby, and I've never felt comfortable strapping a car seat to a dinette. So that's that. We've just outgrown her as a family. Here's the listing. http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/rvs/4702561447.html Yes, it's a bit more than others, but EVERYTHING you could need to do has been done. In other words you have years of carefree use ahead with this Dolphin.
  5. paulnptld

    Painting Cabinets

    It can be done. I used a premium paint by Behr. $60/gallon, but well worth it. I'd recommend at least three coats to get it right. Well worth the effort.
  6. Can't wait to follow this. Good luck!
  7. paulnptld

    New LP regulator and Hose

    Having a similar issue with my tank. Would you post a list of all the items you needed to make this conversion happen? Thanks.
  8. paulnptld

    Propane Tank Conversion

    Hi everyone, I'm tired of the horizontally mounted propane tank in my Dolphin. It's out of certification now (though nobody seems to mind when refilling it), and rather than replacing it with another of the same, I think I'd rather add dual tanks to the steel cage on the back of my RV. Of course those would be traditional 20lb upright tanks rather than the horizontal one in the existing propane compartment. Have any of you done a conversion of this sort? What needs to be changed out? Thanks!
  9. paulnptld

    Securing Hanging Cabinets

    Can anyone offer some advice as to how to secure sagging and detaching cabinets? It isn't a major problem...yet. I've just noticed that a few of the screws have worked their way out of from the ceiling and some gaps are beginning to show. The screws also seem to be stripped. Are there other anchor points? Thanks.
  10. It seems that no matter which item on the control panel I press, I see a single LED light up. For example, my fresh water tank is 100% full, but the panel indicates empty. It would be really useful to know the approximate status of my tanks. If these are prone to failure, does anyone have a replacement recommendation? Thanks!
  11. paulnptld

    270 Kwh Per Year = 30 Watts / Hour, Right?

    Great feedback. Thanks. Sounds like I probably should just go with propane. Ugh.
  12. paulnptld

    270 Kwh Per Year = 30 Watts / Hour, Right?

    My Norcold is ancient and is 12v/120. No propane. It's also poorly insulated and seems to cycle on frequently. I suppose buying a propane refrigerator would be cheaper than buying additional solar panels or a $1,100 solar refrigerator.
  13. Here's why I'm asking. In looking for energy efficient refrigerators (EcoSolarCool, etc.) I found that most of them were 40 watts and more. On a forum someone pointed out that Kenmore makes an Energy Star model for $199 that they've powered entirely with a single 100 watt solar panel. Seemed impossible, but here's the model: http://www.kenmore.com/kenmore-3.1-cu-ft-2-door-compact-refrigerator/p-04695693000P?prdNo=1&blockNo=1&blockType=G1 Looking at the Energy Star rating it seems he might be right though: http://c.shld.net/assets/docs/spin_prod_931511512.pdf Any thoughts on this? I want to yank out my battery sucking Norcold ASAP if this $199 refrigerator could really work.
  14. paulnptld


    Been thinking along the same lines. Zero risk, though I question the durability. I'm guessing maybe a few years at the most. On the upside, and assuming the color doesn't change, touch-ups would be pretty easy!
  15. paulnptld

    Is This Overpriced?

    Here's a $9,800 asking price for a Winnebago...with only 28k miles on it and the 6 cyl. This seems reasonable. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/rvs/4443364925.html