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  1. I replaced my carpet in the cab, the best thing I did was putting sound deading material down while the old carpet was torn out.
  2. I have had some overheating issues with my 1989 3.0 and decided to swap out my 26 year old radiator with a new 3 row ALuminum radiator. My biggest concern was fitment. I did a ton of searching and found a radiator that was worth taking a shot with. At $90.00 the price was hard to beat so I rolled the dice. The radiator arrived and felt twice as heavy as the OEM and looked great. I was super happy to find that it dropped right in and everything bolted up with no problem. After a quick drive it looks like it solved my overheating problem. I hope this helps others looking for a quick and easy upgrade/replacement. http://www.shepherdautoparts.com/all_aluminum_radiator/toyota/4runner/1989/3.0l_v6_182.html
  3. I dare you to find a link or part number to a bigger tank. I've looked forever and the only apparent option is doing a custom tank of some sort. There are rumors of a certain year jeep or T-100 possibly fitting, but no proof as of yet.
  4. Another solution to your speedometer being off is do what I did, install a Heads up display which projects your speed via GPS on the window, it's pretty slick.
  5. I came across this radiator, thinking of buying it. http://www.shepherdautoparts.com/all_aluminum_radiator/toyota/4runner/1989/3.0l_v6_182.html
  6. Yeah, there are a few options. None are super easy unless your RV is pre-wired for a generator and you have the cash for a Onan generator.
  7. The only way to run the house AC while driving is with a generator.
  8. I worked hard to turn the overdrive in my Warrior V6 into something useable. I now have 4.56 gears, K&N intake, 2.25 exhaust, upgraded 4 hole fuel injectors and my timing advanced to 13 degrees. I can now cruise all day in Overdrive with very little downshifting.
  9. It actually didn't sell, the guy relisted it just a few days ago. I emailed him and I'm fairly certain it's a scam.
  10. 1991-1992 Clarion Motorhome, a rare find. Only 200+ made.
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