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  1. there are plenty of people that are “mechanically capable” that would gladly rip that motor out and swap another in, or rebuild that one, and be on their happy way. You’ve probably got a shot head gasket and warped heads. You may be donating something worth an easy few grand in as-is condition.
  2. With the weight of these rigs I kept mine on pretty much the entire drive. The increase in RPM helps the rig get up and going!
  3. If you do some general research on this website and others you’ll find all kinds of information regarding every model Toyota motorhome made.
  4. I recognize this rig, Spud the sunrader from instagram!
  5. 3 years ago on a brake job of a vehicle of this weight means it’s probably due for another. These things use brakes. As far as steering goes, with the mileage and weight of these, unless it’s undergone a full front end overhaul, you’re going to have a loose steering wheel.
  6. They're super common as they're basically all the same size, in Toy homes they are a 6 gallon and utilize the 14"x14" cutout in the wall of the camper. They have an area where the in and out water lines connect inside the camper, the electrical connection, and the propane connection on the outside. You can see the screws along the border in your photo holding it in, there will be a weather sealant as well. They are readily available from many manufacturers and you can choose to get one that's propane only, or one that can also heat with 110v power while plugged into shore but your
  7. 12v ignition for propane, 110 optional
  8. 12V Propane/Electric RV Water heaters are readily available. A hint if it had one removed (unless it's been since covered), would be an unused or patched 14"x14" hole in the RV wall where the outside portion of the water heater was.
  9. The cab is a standard Toyota truck of your year. Ebay, Junkyards, aftermarket, etc.
  10. My best advice before installing these is to inflate them and stick them under water to check for small leaks! I did not do it on a previous install and they leaked from day one and required daily air. There is a small nylon bolt that I suspected didn’t seal properly.
  11. Yup, or simply upgrade to a smart charger. They're not too expensive these days.
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