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  1. Odyssey 4x4

    6 cyl rv years?

    From the internet research I’ve done I can only find pictures of 1 or 2 other Odyssey 4x4s! Seems like they may be more rare than the 4x4 sunrader.
  2. Odyssey 4x4

    6 cyl rv years?

    My 4x4 Odyssey is a 1990 v6
  3. Odyssey 4x4

    Wretched Excess

    I have a feeling she's not doing any mountain roads, unless you just plow straight through
  4. Maybe he will return, he could answer so many questions!
  5. Odyssey 4x4

    Toyota Sunrader 4X4

    Oh man that hurts to look at.
  6. Odyssey 4x4

    Speedometer/ odometer fix

    Yup, the only time it lags is when velocity is changing (accelerating/ decelerating). For best accuracy get to a solid cruising speed and try to stay at that exact speed during testing.
  7. Odyssey 4x4

    Toyota class C review by builder

    That's pretty awesome! Looks to be in pretty rough shape for the price
  8. Odyssey 4x4

    Has anyone just blapped solar on the front of their cabover / overcab?

    I think you’d really be limiting yourself on optimal solar exposure possibilities if on the front
  9. Odyssey 4x4

    Speedometer/ odometer fix

    That’s a bummer! I’ve never had a Toyota that old but I’m sure someone on here will know of a part number if google doesn’t give it to you. The same goes for the routing. It’s usually out the back of the cluster and through the firewall of the truck and wraps down under and screws onto the side or top of transmission.
  10. Odyssey 4x4

    Speedometer/ odometer fix

    Pull the dash apart and get to the rear of the gauge cluster. You’re speedo cable is either broken internally and needs placement or it came off of where it goes into the cluster or the transmission.
  11. Odyssey 4x4

    Rear Kitchen?

    I never had a complaint with my rear kitchen rear door Escaper. The biggest annoyance I can think of was that using the stove was a bit odd because you had to basically have one foot down in the step and the other up on the main floor!
  12. Odyssey 4x4

    Flushes/black water capacity

    And the density of your #2
  13. Odyssey 4x4

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    I decided I wasn't going to get another 4 cylinder camper when I was in my Escaper on Pikes Peak in Colorado. I made it about half way up and ran completely out of power with the pedal to the floor. It was raining/snowing/nasty weather and I had to do what felt like a 25 point turn around on a super steep mountain road with cars stopped in both directions waiting for me. It was pretty scary to say the least. Was I too heavy? Of course, these things are too heavy from the start. I had all my camping gear, my motorcycle on the hitch hauler, water in my tanks. I should have known better. But like you said, crazy can be good. No regrets!
  14. Odyssey 4x4

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    Thanks Linda! That means a lot to hear you say that! I think no matter what I do to it, people will always be more partial to the fiberglass sunrader! I definitely understand the appeal but we know the rarity of those. I'm going to build the Odyssey with function and simplicity in mind but try to keep it feeling as "OEM" as possible. I really dig the classy interior styling of the Earthroamers, not the crap like cappuccino makers and flat screen tvs but the simplicity and layout. I think the Odyssey should be pretty sweet when done and I hope most will agree. I'm not building it to flip it but when time comes to sell sometimes we consider ourselves lucky to even break even on what the build cost!