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  1. I do a LOT of buying and selling on Ebay. Know that since he listed it as "new" this guarantees it should be fully working and functional. If you get it installed and something is up with it you will be covered by Ebays buyer protection program and good for a full return.
  2. I saw that one too, not sure I'd want to trust it!
  3. There has to be some type of compatible compressor, maybe pull that compressor off and stop by an Auto AC shop and get their opinion?
  4. I had the same issue, and actually same exact compressor. This thread may be of help from when I replaced mine...
  5. New roof build video here! The roof is about finished and on the truck. Rear wall is also near complete (with outdoor shower)... My daily craigslist searching has also again paid off and I grabbed this oven for $75.00 from a very nice couple. They had never used it in their new rig and replaced with an induction cooktop. They also gave me the matching vent hood with it, 2 large 30 amp cords, a wrap around front window and side window covers, and some other stuff. I'm super excited!
  6. Just hit the garage at about 50, you’ll make it in
  7. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve built my fair share of big trucks, these wheels just don’t look right on the sunrader to me, of course that is just my opinion and worth exactly that. That 4 banger has a hard enough time pushing that camper, those huge wheels probably suck up a few more hp!
  8. We got the majority of the roof finished up. We first framed it with the two outer main boards running parallel the length of the truck, followed by the front and rear main boards running perpendicular. We tied those together to keep it square to the true shape of the truck, followed by removing it from the vehicle and onto "flat" ground. We measured the locations for the bathroom vent, ac, rear dinette vent, and rear ladder supports, and then framed around that. A piece of aluminum L channel was added to the front and rear framing of the AC unit to assist with the weight and prevent sagging. Everything else was framed out from there, traced onto our interior ceiling luan board, holes pre-drilled and counter sank, and then wood glued and screwed together. The main roof plywood will go on once this roof is on the truck. We are also now ordering the flooring material, I really like the Marmoleum sound deadening flooring. It is all natural and the exact interior width of the truck (79") which means the entire floor can be put it in once piece. I am probably going with they neutral grey color.
  9. Am I only the one that finds those wheels horrendous the Sunrader? Looks like a disproportionate matchbox car.
  10. The way we are doing the roof design brings the interior height to about 6'4", maybe the tallest interior height of all Toy homes now? I'm 6'1" and got tired of my head scraping the roof in toy homes. What you see supporting the bunk is actually just holding the fiberglass petition piece so it isn't hanging on its own free weight prior to permanent attachment. It's now properly attached to the wall structures via screws from the interior out and exterior in. The walls support a majority of the weight of the bunk area believe it or not. Kinda confusing to type out but I hope this helps
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