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  1. Disassembled and cleaned OEM seats, installed seat heaters in bottom and back buckets. Replaced AC condenser coil, drier, and O-rings. Removed rust and painted front end. Sat fiberglass cap into place to begin fitment. Seat prior to heating pad installation, Old vs new condenser coil (zoom in on fins to see the real carnage), Old vs new front end,
  2. Water pumps are 12v only
  3. This is awesome, even a pic of a 4x4. Thank you! I now know that my 4x4 is the Chaparral!
  4. Looks like they broke it and jammed a screw in there to keep it sealed. There should be the relief handle where the screw is that you pull outward and the system will drain. It shouldn't be that hard to repair, maybe a bit smelly 💩
  5. Looks like a decent start for the price!
  6. Installed 94 4Runner map/dome light sourced from junkyard. Door panels have been reinstalled. Installed driver/passenger grab bars sourced from junkyard. Stripped, painted, and installed mirror brackets with new hardware. Headliner will be installed at a later time.
  7. I would have assumed that would have been the first thing you checked before coming here for advice!
  8. Awesome! Speaking from experience, make sure you check all the rubber hoses of the cooling system as well!
  9. Your cab ac will never cool the coach. Most RVs have the second coach AC unit that requires 120v (generator or shore power).
  10. Sounds like a classic clog. Maybe drain is blocked after shower plumbing. You could try putting a wet/dry shop vac on drain port of grey water tank
  11. Wires ran for heated seats. Poorly designed cab to coach metal transition redesigned and sound dampener added. Vinyl floor install near complete. New shifter bushing installed in gear selector to get rid of sloppy shifter feel.
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