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  1. Lay under the fuel tank with your ear to it and have someone turn the ignition on (don't start the truck), and see if you hear the pump priming. It will be a low humming noise. Check fuses and relay if pump is not priming.
  2. It's probably already been converted, I haven't come across a Toy home that hasn't. You can usually tell because there will be a conversion adapter on the low pressure side of the ac system where you charge it. Start by turning your AC on high and seeing if the compressor is even running and the clutch is engaging (given the belt is still there). AC systems have a low pressure switch that will stop the compressor from turning on if the system is low on refrigerant to prevent the system from burning up if out of refrigerant. If the compressor isn't turning you can try adding some refrigerant to the system with a can of refrigerant and simple gauge from walmart or wherever else, auto parts stores usually overprice these btw. once the system reaches adequate pressure it should start turning the compressor. If you want to do a leak test yourself you can rent a set of gauges and a vacuum pump from an auto store usually for free. You can find YouTube videos that will explain how to use the gauges. Use caution with high pressure side and make sure you trust yourself before attempting this. The gauges will tell you if there is any refrigerant/ pressure in your system at all. If not, you can do a vacuum test to pull a vacuum on the system and then let the system sit for a few hours and see if the system is still under vacuum, if not, you know you've got a leak (or multiple).
  3. Are you mechanically inclined? Is your compressor running? Is the system charged? There's a checklist to start with with these kind of things but if you're not mechanically inclined AC repairs get expensive really fast.
  4. If it was well cared for and maintained over time (windows and seals always maintained and recaulked) it's possible that it's water damage free. You won't know until you see it and give it a thorough inspection. That being said, I've never seen one that didn't have SOME type of water damage.
  5. There wasn’t another trans cooler if I remember correctly! Someone had to have seen that when they hooked the lines up, that’s why I figured it was someone that shouldn’t be working on cars or a mechanic that wanted job security.
  6. I had an issue with the transmission overheating on my Escaper and eventually wearing out the bushing and leaking all the trans fluid out. I brought the yoke with me to a heavy truck supply and they were able to provide a new one for me. I could not figure out what was causing the dang thing to overheat until I went to rebuild my engine. The trans cooler line going into the radiator was completely kinked off. The kink was so perfect that it looked like a factory error, but whoever installed that trans cooler line must have been blind or a dishonest mechanic. It never overheated or wasted the output shaft bushing again after opening that line back up!
  7. You're going to need to be way more specific. The truck is a standard 1989 or 88 Toyota pickup. The motorhome portions were made by many different companies utilizing many different parts makers. It depends on what you need specifically.
  8. On my old Escaper they tapped into the tank at the 1/4 mark! On my current rig it's in the fuel pump.
  9. I saw some sunrader original manuals for sale on eBay if anyone needed to have them for collectors sake! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254321909081
  10. Hey guys! I'm excited to announce that we are ready to apply the Filon siding to the walls, and then the walls to the truck! This thing is going to be shiny! Walls are prepped and filon is rolled out, I purchased 40'. Each wall is about 16 feet in total length. I have enough filon for both walls to be one solid piece of filon for the entire side, and enough leftover to do the rear wall as well as accessory doors and main entrance door. Tracing walls onto rolled out filon material for cutting. Trace Complete (double and triple check tracings are correct as well as orientation on filon since it has a good and a bad side)! Lots of careful cutting and then let it get some sun and soften up! It's really nice looking stuff and should really bring the Toyota a classy look. We will be gluing the filon to the walls early this week.
  11. We finally got a few minutes of dry weather today to get the truck out of the shop. This gave me a chance to snap some photos of the finished painted cab with bumper, as well as the near complete interior. Heated set buttons installed as well as marine grade 12v usb outlet. I also rebuilt and fixed up the shift console with new bushings and lubrication for smooth movement. I still have to wire the seats and USB as well as install a stereo head unit and speakers. The filon wall siding has been ordered and will be arriving within a few days which means the walls will soon be glossy and going back on the vehicle!
  12. Sounds sweet! Do you have an instagram for the build?
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