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  1. Odyssey 4x4

    Gulfstream Conquest, Aluminum framing?

    I have not watched all of his videos and I may be confused but isn't the frame in that video one that he fabricated himself?
  2. Odyssey 4x4

    Gulfstream Conquest, Aluminum framing?

    Surprisingly the back wall was 100% wooden construction, un-suprisingly it was 100% rotted into a mucky wooden soup. If it had been rear ended by a bicyclist he would have went straight through into my living room! The roof was also 100% wood.
  3. Odyssey 4x4

    Gulfstream Conquest, Aluminum framing?

    I am unsure about the Gulfstreams but I can tell you that my Odyssey has aluminum wall framing. Here is a current pic...
  4. I’d prepare for a FULL rebuild including walls and everything. Can’t beat the price for a project start!
  5. Odyssey 4x4

    Am I ready? Looking for any and all tips!

    Nice rig, it looks like you've done you research and are on to a good start. Have you purchased a AAA RV (or similar) membership? They have many benefits but pay for themselves after even one tow. If you break down in a toy home and need a tow somewhere it is going to be pricey and difficult to find a truck willing to haul you. It is always a good comfort to have a membership if you need it. Get out there and have some fun. Remember that the gift of adventure comes with the cost of obstacles. Pe prepared to handle them, have a good time, and don't take anything too seriously.
  6. Odyssey 4x4

    seen on craigslist - Florida

    definitely a good deal
  7. Odyssey 4x4

    Balancing when parked

    Maybe they’re implying they want to “level” the RV?
  8. Odyssey 4x4

    First time buyers looking for advice

    A solid point indeed. Don't forget the, "I don't know if it works, I've never started it!" when talking about coach appliances. My first toy home sat for a few years and it blew a tire within 200 miles of purchase. A few hundred miles later it threw the front main seal and was spewing oil, good times.
  9. Odyssey 4x4

    First time buyers looking for advice

    They are all pretty much the same other than sunraders being more valuable due to their fiberglass construction. I'd bring a good flash light and crawl along all of the floors looking into the back corners of the cabinets and compartments, that is where you'll usually see the water damage. Take it on a nice long drive. Ask him to have it be cold when you get there so you can see a cold engine start. The smell of mildew is definitely a hint of leaks. They are old rigs, they'll all have issues. Plan on having something like $1,500 set aside to go through it after you purchase it!
  10. Odyssey 4x4

    Toyota 20r mechanic in florida?

    Doesn't get much simpler than a 20R
  11. Odyssey 4x4

    Looking at an 82' Sunrader

    Sounds like typical craigslist, don't be discouraged! I looked at MANY campers before I found the ones that I've owned. Just watch craigslist like a hawk, anything REALLY nice that pops up for a decent price usually sells within a day or two of being posted.
  12. Odyssey 4x4

    Looking at an 82' Sunrader

    Honestly, that thing looks to be in pretty rough condition. I see LOTS of rust. He says it runs and drives but I wouldn't count on it. Maybe it starts and idles but when's the last time it was on the road? I'd be prepared for a FULL rebuild. For a grand, it's a good project start. I definitely would not plan on driving it 8 hours home if that's your plan. Also, yes it does look like a hood scoop. Is it a faux scoop? After market intake? Engine swap that needed hood clearance?
  13. Odyssey 4x4

    1989 Dolphin V6 General Newbie Questions

    You can also buy lube actually made for these cables as well as the adapter tool to make spraying easy!
  14. Odyssey 4x4


  15. Odyssey 4x4

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    So just to ensure my understanding is correct, the Wave 3 radiant releases its combustion fumes into the camper (including unwanted condensation). The RV furnace however releases its exhaust fumes out of the furnace outside of the vehicle, NOT introducing condensation/CO2 into the camper, only heat. Is this correct?