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  1. Wow, he did a great job. Can we get a shot of the overall vehicle? It looks super clean.
  2. https://www.recpro.com/45-gallon-rv-fresh-water-tank-with-sensors/
  3. You guys must be in a hurry taking interstates on a Toyota camping trip. I'd never get on the interstate in a yota home unless I had no other choice! Take the back roads, slow down, and have a safe place to pull on the side of the road when stuff breaks! The back roads are the good scenery anyways.
  4. Completed Marmoleum one piece floor installation, it’s nice stuff! also near complete build of custom dual fuel tank filler compartment with tank switch assembly. soon to begin completing overcab exterior as well as interior initial layout framing.
  5. Did you figure in a new way for shower/bathroom exhaust?
  6. These are always fun to diagnose, any idea of the last time the fuel filter was inspected/ replaced? Fuel pump? also, curious how they failed regarding a compressor install? It’s a pretty straight forward process unless they couldn’t locate the correct compressor type. Maybe they cut a wire on accident or a ground?
  7. These are the mechanical issues that can cause a person to go insane!
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Toyota-RV-Sunrader-with-1-ton-dually-rear-axle-6-lug-PARTS-ONLY/153818302359?hash=item23d0490797:g:BvgAAOSwrsFeNgaO
  9. To think I uploaded that like 7 years ago, time is flying! Glad people are still finding use of it.
  10. Your tag on the inside of the drivers door will have the weight.
  11. Agreed, I just ordered a one piece marmoleum sheet for my project. It ships 79" inches wide and whatever length you need.
  12. I do a LOT of buying and selling on Ebay. Know that since he listed it as "new" this guarantees it should be fully working and functional. If you get it installed and something is up with it you will be covered by Ebays buyer protection program and good for a full return.
  13. I saw that one too, not sure I'd want to trust it!
  14. There has to be some type of compatible compressor, maybe pull that compressor off and stop by an Auto AC shop and get their opinion?
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