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  1. With an engine with known valve clearance issues a job well done!
  2. I took mine to the dump too it took a week before my back was back to normal! Same plan custom mattress actually comfortable after the redo and it didn't squeak!
  3. Maineah

    Dometic fridge problem

    A crate engine is a rebuilt exchange engine.
  4. Maineah

    Long Range Wi-Fi adapter antennas

    Gain is easy to obtain at 2.4 gigs! It might be fun to try if I get one i'll let you know. It should be great for campgrounds.
  5. Maineah

    Solar Install Questions

    That's fine for what he is trying to do and can be used with series wired panels. Be advised PWM controllers can make for some nasty radio noise sort of a motor boat sound.
  6. Maineah

    Dometic fridge problem

    There is no bearing that is replaceable the cylinder head is the bearing surface. There is no need for a borescope the head has to come off to replace the gasket you can see all once the head is off including the valves. Valves don't "stick" the clearance maybe be too tight allowing it not to fully close thus lower compression readings. You kind of have to check the clearance of the valves if you do head work and claim to be reputable. They are trying to scare you into a crate engine.
  7. Maineah

    Long Range Wi-Fi adapter antennas

    That's cheap enough just to have one even if you never use it! I wonder if it really is 1 watt TX?
  8. Maineah

    Solar Install Questions

    Panels don't care. If you splice them wire them in series then buy a 24 volt controller with a 12 volt output. It will be tricky to try and charge all of the batteries at the same time because if you connect the truck battery you will be eliminating the isolator running a risk of a dead truck battery. I don't know where you live but there probably is a battery shop somewhere near you I'm in the middle of nowhere but there is one within an hour of me they probably can help you real time.
  9. Maineah

    Solar Install Questions

    So, what I hear you telling me is that I can go ahead and install a new isolator to replace the original, and have that charge batteries, along with solar, and still have original converter in the chain? All without causing a conflict and possibly overcharging batteries, or worse? Yes everything is very well voltage regulated except your original converter but it only works when plugged in and is fine short term do not leave it on long term. A modern one will not over charge and can be left on long term. With your original converter/charger it actually disconnects your coach battery when plugged in. All of the modern equipment alternator included is voltage sensitive so it folds back when the batteries reach full voltage so if the solar or other devices reaches full voltage the other devices see that the battery is full charge and react accordingly. I have gone 2 weeks with just a 100 watt panel and two 80 amp batteries the key here is conservation of power.
  10. Maineah

    Solar Install Questions

    Lot of questions, no on the converter no on the transfer switch yes on number one if you want to upgrade. Reconnect the isolator, yes you can connect the solar directly to the batteries via a solar controller. 50' is a good run use at least a #12 wire 10 would be better use stranded wire , install the charge controller in the RV run full solar voltage to it if you are going to use two panels series wire them and use a 24 volt controller with a 12 volt output. The panel voltage will be in the 20 volt range unregulated so you need to see battery voltage only it will be the only way to tell what you have going on. There are any number of charts online that will give you voltage versus state of charge.
  11. Maineah

    wiring a multi-pronged reverse camera

    Ok your camera kit should have an RCA plug (yellow) that plugs into the camera on one end the monitor on the other. The other plug should be a coaxial plug one for the camera the other end some thing 12 volt. Often they have a lighter plug. What I would do is connect it to something that is energized by the key they make a thing called a fuse tap it's a small copper plate you remove the fuse install the tap put the fuse back in this leaves you with a lug to attach a wire to just turn the camera on with the key trust me the camera will last for years even if it's on 24 7. The biggest issue is running the wires. That's how mine was wired and I removed the mirror and mounted the monitor in its place.
  12. Maineah

    Dometic fridge problem

    Well the one in my camper is 28 years old the one in the old toyhome is 31 years old they both did a swell job of keeping the ice cream hard and the beer cold. If the chimney is getting hot it means the control system is working that pretty much means a loss of the refrigerant mix usually. There is ammonia in the mix usually you can smell it if it's leaking. If you need a battery to make it work it must be fairly modern is it new or rebuilt? A model number would help too, some modern ones had issues with thermocouples.
  13. No problem that invite by the way applies to other Toy homeowners. A good 20 acres of open fields bring you own water and power! It's probably the biggest in the northeast My sister is a horse breeder,trainer,etc from Maryland she came to the fair to meet up with a gal from Texas that wanted to breed one of her horses!
  14. Good one, but with out 10 more pages it could not cover everything one being knowing whatever you are putting in is any good.