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  1. Maineah

    Sensor panel for '87 Sunrader

    They are not super easy to instal however you can use the existing wiring. The instructions are top rate and they are excellent units very accurate. The old ones were pretty useless brand new these things are the best hands down worth all the effort. I will give you a tip on the external tanks underneath once they are installed undercoat them with spray on undercoat.
  2. Maineah

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    When the furnace first starts it does not attempt to light that is a prepurge. The ideal is to blow any residual propane out of the furnace so stuffing burning paper in the furnace can A, set fire to the possible collection of propane in the fire box or B force flames from the burning paper out the exhaust on the side of the camper. Just saying.
  3. Maineah

    Driving in the snow??

    Well I had a dually Dodge it was about as useless as it gets in the snow even with a limited slip diff. Now it did not have a house on it's back for weight but I'm guessing the front wheels on a toy home may have a tendency to lookup mine stayed in the barn till May!
  4. Maineah

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    From Atwood page 36 scribd.com/document/188263074/Suburban-RV-FURNACES-SERVICE-MANUAL
  5. Maineah

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    Before you go bending on things it maybe wise to consult a spark gap chart. At one CM it takes about 10 KV that's about .4" yes near a 1/2" free air. To wide it won't spark to narrow it won't light the propane. Atwood calls for about 1/8" to the burner so were are not dealing with big numbers 1/32" could make the difference whether it lights or not.
  6. Maineah

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    I can see no earthly reason why any of that would change in the service life of the heater unless it has been tinkered with. I can tell you the first thing that usually fails on the control board is the ign. The voltage is in the 9,000 volt range so if you decide to play with it you can get a nasty jolt so be careful it won't kill you but quickly you'll decide you don't want to do that again!
  7. Maineah

    1984 toyota 22R ECM question

    Temp switches vacuum valves etc.
  8. Maineah

    1984 toyota 22R ECM question

    No. Only the "E", they do have emission system that are controlled but not engine management.
  9. Maineah

    Am I ready? Looking for any and all tips!

    Yes the bullseye levels are the winner just put inside the fridge bottom.
  10. Maineah

    Am I ready? Looking for any and all tips!

    The manufactures basically say if you are comfortable with the angle the fridge probably is. Some people really don't care if they have to walk sideways from side to side those usually are the ones get into trouble with the fridges. I don't turn the propane off when driving because I have the fridge on gas and want to keep things cool the fridge on DC is an energy hog it's OK driving but not parked. If you park the MH long term yeah it's a good ideal to turn the gas off. Your only about an hour from me I'm near Fryeburg. I was the head of the electronics dept for the Cumberland County PD for 15 years my office was in the jail downtown 50 County Way!
  11. Maineah

    Furnace Heater Trouble Shooting- Help Needed

    That is correct. The RV heater also brings in make up air from the very same port. It is a small box so they must be away to replace the air the furnace uses for combustion. Catalytic heaters have O2 depletion sensors and probably eire on the cautious side and they are pretty clean but I don't think I would want to sleep with one running without make up air from outside and yes they do make a good deal of moisture. I think the Wave heater people make a DC powered one that does bring in makeup air with a small fan I know one of them does. There are so other vented one like a wall mount but they are in the $600 + range
  12. Maineah

    First time buyers looking for advice

    The master cylinders were different because of the size of the front brake calipers larger calipers require more fluid to fill them. Somewhere around 87 there were quite a few changes.
  13. Maineah

    Front suspension travel 1990 Warrior

    I'm going to guess what you are hearing on hard lock is the stop on on the steer knuckle hitting the lower control arm. It is very common on all of the earlier toyota trucks and is most apparent driving over a dip in the road when the steering is hard to one side or the other. When they were new there was a plastic cap on the steering stop but they did not last long. What I have done to all of mine in the past was to put a little grease on the shiny spot on the lower control arm every time I serviced it. Won't fix it but it's a lot less annoying. These things amazingly enough have a pretty good front suspension and are usually trouble free despite the extra weight.
  14. Maineah

    Balancing when parked

    If you mean rocking and rolling when you are in it I went to the junkyard looking for scissors jacks for the Asian cars the guy at the yard said have at it and said go find what you want and take them! That took all of the movement out of the MH just crank them up enough to have a little pressure on the frame two should do it.
  15. Maineah

    Smog Fuel EVAP fail

    One of the normal causes is either a loose filler cap or a defective/wrong one.