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  1. Well if it's a 4X4 just drive it home in 4WD! Military HUMVees have all kind of variants with body work!
  2. Maineah

    Cost for Renovating Sunrader

    Boy I'll say The guy that bought my Nova Star used Zep and I really thought he had painted it! 8 coats but it had a shine like a new penny.
  3. Maineah

    18 MPG Fully Loaded?

    The key words "for sale".
  4. Don't know where your leak is but often it is the seal around the shaft there is a replaceable seal inside of the tube, that leak will not affect the roof or the woodwork but it will drip on the floor.
  5. Oh an an an one I don't think the hardware stores will have one how about a locksmith?
  6. The lockset is the same as a house probably cheaper to buy the entire assembly at a big box.
  7. Maineah

    Cable détente transmission on its last leg v63l

    Dude if it was a fuel throttle cable that was broken it will just idle and would not move. As you have seen a detent cable is not listed, it has a lot to do with translation there are three different words in Japanese for "valve". So I think what you meant to say was "thank you Linda for taking the time to find the proper cable"
  8. Maineah

    Cable détente transmission on its last leg v63l

    Technically it's a TV cable (throttle valve) some call it a kickdown cable. The one Linda pictured appears to be the correct one. If it's broken it will shift way to soon this is hard on the trans and will cause overheating of the transmission fluid. The transmission pan has to be removed any way to replace the cable so 4 qts of new fluid will be a plus.
  9. Maineah

    Toyota RV model comparisons

    Nice list I think you have just picked the most expensive Toy home out there!
  10. Maineah

    18 MPG Fully Loaded?

    Even if you turned the engine off for the trip down!
  11. Maineah

    18 MPG Fully Loaded?

    If you drive 40 across the desert with zero traffic maybe 15-16. Best I did with a 22RE toy home was 13.5-14 shoot my 2011 Tacoma 4X4 usually is around 18 and it's close to 2,000# lighter with a lot lower profile.
  12. Maineah

    Advice on what model to buy

    12 grand wil buy something nice 4X4 might be a search they bring big bucks. The RV parts are common to all RV's so that's not an issue and of course it's sitting on a Toyota frame so you are on the right track Tires are out there but slightly hard to find.
  13. Maineah

    Cable détente transmission on its last leg v63l

    There may be because of the throttle body mounting.
  14. Maineah

    Cable détente transmission on its last leg v63l

    The bottom line if it's long enough from A to B it will work. no ideal why a one ton rear would make a difference unless it's the way it's run. There is no reason a converted 1/2 to 1 ton wouldn't still use the original cable.
  15. Maineah

    Cable détente transmission on its last leg v63l

    Sure you can install it yourself buy 4 quarts of trans fluid and some ramps to drive the MH up on craw under remove the trans pan install new cable have a friend hold down the accelerator pedal to the floor adjust the slack out of the cable. If you adjust it improperly it will either shift too fast or too late. On another note if this thing is running as poorly as you said it was and apparently has for some time there is a good possibility your catalytic converter is plugged up that can definitely cause a lack of power smell bad etc. Two choices remove the cat and try it or have someone that knows what they are doing check it with vacuum gauge.