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  1. Maineah

    Newbie Help please :) *Water pump related*

    That's is a 3/8 inch drain valve similar to what you would find on a car radiator years ago. No water tank is easy to clean why the drain is not on the bottom is beyond me guess that's how they sell heaters. RV outfits do sell a wand that will fit inside that connects to a garden hose to help flush it out. I use mine too after I have had the nightly shower the pilot flame keeps it hot through the night and there is plenty of hot water in the morning without it even running.
  2. Maineah

    Would anyone want this camper for parts?

    Fridge, range, holding tanks,furnace, A/C, water heater, body parts lot's of stuff. Looks like it probably has some pretty good water damage but there is still a lot of useful stuff.
  3. Maineah

    tire valve stem extenders

    Here is what I use www.amazon.com/Milton-S-506-Original-Chuck-Inflator/dp/B0002SRL20 along with metal valve stems. The Toyota stem holes are slightly smaller but easily drilled out. The metal ones stay put when you use the inflater that's a plus. Worked great for me for the Toy home and the dually Dodge just make sure your wheels are lined up properly .
  4. Maineah

    new member here

    A part of that has a lot to do with just plain age The V6 had issues that were not foreseen by Toyota it was a new engine in 88 I had one in a pickup with over 170K so it's a crapshoot Toyota at least tried to help their customers. There were may full size ones with transmission failures because of inadequate cooling. It's a big load to haul around they are bricks against the wind I hope you are not expecting 20 MPG cause it ain't going to happen 13 is more like it and it really does not matter what it is I get 13-14 with a smallish camper and a Tacoma about the same as my Nova Star Toyota. I have a 28 year old camper I tow with a Tacoma it has it has had house issues and there is not much to it, houses really weren't meant to be driven but they are a lot nicer than a tent that's why people love them!
  5. Maineah

    Paranoid about propane?

    It's very hard to over fill a modern portable tank you sort of would have to turn it upside down to defeat the float valve designed to shut off the liquid flow. If you have a tank with the old type valve (more than 3 flutes on the valve handle) then yes if you try it can be overfilled. I have yet to see a float valve fail I have seen them jamb making it hard to refill if not impossible to fill often requiring them to be slammed on the ground to free the valve. Never heard a tank make noise though. I fill tanks at a local campground so I have seen a few. Trade it in get another one.
  6. Little steep seems like you could get a pretty nice 90's V6 for 10 grand.
  7. Maineah

    Filling ASME propane tank

    Yes that is how it works when it spits liquid propane close the bleeder No Smoking!
  8. Maineah

    road noise mitigation

    Good luck, just turn up the bass!
  9. Maineah

    Plumbing Phobia

    The shark bite type of fitting WRE posted work fine on both pex and polybutylene either in plastic or copper.
  10. Maineah

    Draining water system

    Rather trash a valve than a pump! That's a lot of water non stop.
  11. Maineah

    Downshift Throttle Cable

    The cable is more than a downshift cable yes your quick shifts are related to the cable being broken along with inability to downshift. You will need trans fluid as the pan has to come off in order to replace it. A friend will be a big help when it comes time to adjust it there are two nuts on the cable have your friend hold the gas to the floor with both nuts backed all the way off once the cable is in the holder pull the outer cable all the way back and bring the nuts up to the holder then back off the rear one a couple of turns then bring the front one up tight there should be a little slack in the inner cable. Here is how it all works if the cable is too slack it will shift fast (too soon) too tight and it will shift late don't worry about the kick down once the cable is adjusted it will work as it should. If you have problems finding one it is known as a TV (throttle valve) cable.
  12. Maineah

    Draining water system

    Open and close they a few times they probably have some yuck in the valve seat they generally work pretty good. You can give them a twist too that won't hurt.
  13. Maineah

    GVWR sense.

    I kind of remember the 24Z having issues with the timing chain and guides if the startup rattle was ignored the chain would eventually grind up the plastic guide and clog up the oil pickup screen with unpleasant results. 22RE's had chain issues too both had very long chains but the 24Z had a rather long chain guide the replacement guide was made of a different material.
  14. Maineah

    Waste Water Valve

    Yes, it's a simple project they just bolt together don't glue it you'll never get it off again.
  15. Well that's not real fair if my Tacoma had dual wheels I'm guessing it would be in the 7,000-7500lb range with 236 hp! and a 6 speed stick! It's tow rating is 6500# so it could tow an old toy home!