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  1. Heater Igniter: Clicks with no start

    Before you start throwing parts at it, it may help to find out why. If it clicking it's trying to light. It sounds like the gas valve is not opening, sail switch, over temp sensor, no propane, bad board.
  2. Buzz from the converter

    Module of the converter would help.
  3. AFCI/GFCI vs. GFCI for RV Use—Thoughts?

    If you replaced the wire with a #12 it will handle 20 amps. I question the use of a #12 in the speed box I frankly don't know if they are rated for a #12 size wire or 20 amps. Why not run two 15 amp circuits your box will handle 4 breakers. The arc faults can be a pain with nuisance tripping and I don't see any gain in an RV. Don't know if you have priced them it can be sticker shock. As far as the runs it all depends on how much effort you want to put into A to B. Your load center is a subpanel the grounds and neutrals can not be landed on the same buss bar.
  4. The fun really starts when you do a valve job grinding the valves and seats then often standard shims won't work! There is a work around but I won't go into that.
  5. Fuel feed for built in generators

    Onan sells a tank supply fitting that goes into the tank, any tank so it's something that only draws to a certain level then runs out of gas (generator not the tank). "T"ing it into a FI engine would produce an almost immediate disaster!
  6. Lithionics

    Lithium batteries need to be well regulated they are known to thermal runaway laptops, cell phones, hoverboards you know the things that catch fire. Just saying they really need specialized charging systems. AGM, gel cells are valve regulated batteries meaning under certain conditions they can out gas so it's a real good ideal to vent them. I run my camper on two 80 amp batteries and a 100 watt solar panel I do not use it in the winter but during the summer I can go indefinitely with that set up. The first thing to do is reduce your current demands get rid of any thing that looks like a light bulb don't expect to run microwaves leave the 50" TV home use accumulators on the water system make coffee on the stove things like that.
  7. Toyota truck engines are tough all of them. There is a guy on a Tacoma site that has 390K on a 4L 6cyl 6 speed with no major work last I heard he was about to give it to his son to drive.
  8. They all will have some issues 22RE will need a chain abound 150K oil leaks at the crank seal ocasional head gasket and nitpicking stuff but 200 to 300K is not out of the question.
  9. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    Yeah there are some out there that flash a few times then go to full bright we see that a lot up here on things like ambo and fire trucks I guess it's perfectly legal on private vehicles I haven't heard otherwise I have actually see one on a motorcycle.
  10. If it's a 91 then yes they are all the same it may look different to you on the front because it does not face the same way the outside rear wheel does on the back they can be mounted either direction on the rear, one faces in the other one faces out.
  11. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    The converter will only stand so much current if you start putting a bunch of lights in line you run the risk of losing them all if it fails. There is nothing but a bunch of diodes inside the little box they can only stand so much. Something else to ponder the voltage drop through a diode is about .7 volt meaning you will lose a percentage of light. A better bet save the money for LED clearance lights if you want to be seen. Trust me the KISS principle really does work.
  12. It depends, if your rear end has been replaced (originally single wheels) most likely they are different than the front they will only have 5 bolt holes however all 4 rear ones will be the same. With the rears you can get by with 3 tires in a pinch until you can get somewhere for repairs but you can't put it on the front.
  13. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    You could but why reinvent the wheel? It's an extra $30 you really don't have to spend. If you hook them together it will screw up your turn signals they will come on with the brake lights both ends. Be advised if you miss wire or short the converter you run a real good risk of trashing it. If you think about the logic of separate bulbs you'll understand why the US for a long time was the only country that used the same bulb.
  14. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    Let me get this straight you have 3 bulbs? If you do then one is stop and parking one is for turn signals the other is reverse lights in that case you do not need a converter. One bulb in the set up will have two filaments (two contacts on the bottom) one is for the parking lights the other is for the brake light, the other two have one filament each the one behind the clear lens is reverse the amber one turn signal. If there is only 2 bulbs you'll need a converter. They make led replacement bulbs to match an 1156 and 1157. The 1156 is single filament the 1157 double.
  15. '87 Sunrader Rear Tail Light Replacement: LEDs

    If it has a single bulb, yes you need a converter any type made for a trailer will work instructions should come with it or printed on the device itself.