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  1. OK dead battery or not the terminal on the other side should have been pretty close to the other side. It kind of points to the isolator being toes up that could be why the control wire was disconnected. As been stated before do not use a starter solenoid it will cook in a matter of minutes and it's possible it killed the wiper fuse and that's why it was disconnected..
  2. The little boxes are thermal cutouts they appear to be fairly new. The taped white wire is supposed to supply power to the big relay with the key on that's why the system does not work.
  3. I think you'll find it is a Honda engine copy they look the same.
  4. Jumping it will not help unless you leave your running car hooked up for a few hours. In the meantime you can buy a fairly cheap battery maintainer to connect to it plug it in and leave it on for a day or two. Your converter charger in the camper should also charge the camper battery as long as it is plugged into the house.
  5. Do your wipers work? If they don't that well could be your problem the extra wire energies the the isolator relay to connect your coach battery to the charging system.
  6. Interesting but many of the roof racks were actually the TV antenna!
  7. Toss the whole mess the tabs should be inside you should be able to pull the bulb and housing out from the lens part any auto parts store will have the entire fixture just show them the old one.
  8. A small motor home cover fits sort of there is a lot left over on the bottom. The plus it does "breath" I made two small saw horses and put them on the roof first to make a pitched roof it did pretty well shading snow the worst issue I had was the cover freezing to the ground took a long time to thaw out after a long Maine winter!
  9. Maineah

    click ping

    It is an indication of a short circuit it is not reset able. It is a small metal box with two wires attached to it under the hood they are rated 35 amps any thing above that will trip it so either you have a short or your battery cables are reversed (that to is a short because of the inverter). The city power has nothing to do with it is is DC only. A little hint battery terminals are two different sizes the larger post is + the smaller one - so if you had to force one terminal on it's probably reversed. Usually the + will have more than one wire the - generally not. Here is what happens the short causes the box to trip from over heat it cools and resets only to over heat again and do it all over again. Click/ping.
  10. Little hint it is a good indication it's time to have a look at your front brakes pads. As the front pads wear the space is filled by the master cylinder so as they wear the fluid level will drop. If the cylinder is filled before the pads are replaced it may well be over filled when the pads are replaced because the fluid is pushed back into the cylinder.
  11. That is a standard tag light fixture the bulb fixture attaches from the back it is a force fit probably pretty rusty at this point you may not be able to get it out at this point but an auto parts store should have a replacement fixture assembly.
  12. Maineah

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    Yeah sort of, my Novastar was green and blue and the battery was black and red.
  13. Maineah

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    There is no breaker for the DC voltage only the AC. There is a thermal cut out in case of over current As Derek said make sure your battery is connected properly f it's not you will get a "pinging" noise as the cut out opens and closes.
  14. The plumbing fittings are all standard household stuff hardware store will have them.
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