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  1. My 87 New Horizon had 27K on it when I bought it years ago.
  2. Inside of the original charger is a relay switches the max power to the lights and all things DC the battery is charged as a lower rate. As long as the truck is running it supplies power to the coach battery as well as the truck. With a converter charger it charges at the needed rate so replacing the old charger with a modern one the coach battery wiring needs to be connected to the output of the converter charger it will charge the battery and the lighting at the necessary rate a far superior system. You can identify the wire by size I will be a number 8 and generally red.
  3. Basically there are only 3 major battery makers there are quite a few rebranded ones but it boils down to just 3 manufactures. If you know what you want for size etc. the next trick is pick them up, buy the heaviest one of the same size. Walmart actually does a good job with their batteries pretty good about returns etc.
  4. My 87 New Horizon had a 9 leaf rear spring pack it sat high enough in the back I had plastic ramps to drive the front up on to level it out! I have no idea what they came from but my friend's 87 New Horizon has the same leaf pack.
  5. Need to do that from the bottom but it makes it a bit easier if the cable is loose.
  6. The problem is lack of power it will constantly try to downshift on any hill you maybe OK on dead flat land.
  7. Frankly with a 22RE it won't be much good it's just barely adequate with a V6 there is just is not enough power for the weight to hold a steady speed.
  8. If it's leaking between the diff and the banjo the diff will have to come out. It's a bit of a project. If the oil is coming out of the front it's not so bad follow Linda's description.
  9. Assuming it's a 1 ton diff if you see no leaks it's most likely filling the hubs with oil. Toyota decided a departure from the normal ideal of gear oil lube of the wheel bearings so they sealed the axle to keep oil from filling the hubs. In theory the axle seal will keep oil from getting on the brakes but that is not to be ignored you need to find out where the oil is going if you don't see it it's inside of the hubs.
  10. You sure the wires are connected properly? Copy the colors and possion from the other lamp.
  11. Hate to tell you this you can't magnaflux an aluminum head! Magnetic being the key word. Aluminum can be checked with a dye but it has to be spotless.
  12. It is a cover to access the converter bolts is it necessary? Not really but if you could find one it would not hurt.
  13. The steering "pop" is indeed a worn out/missing stop very common and recurring the simplest fix is grease on the shiny spot on the lower control arm. The plastic stop just don't last.
  14. Because the alt is over driven (turns faster than the engine) the belts need to be bow string tight with very little deflection 1/4-1/2" in the center or they will squeal.
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