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  1. Many older ones had the DC fuse panel inside of the converter charger behind a small door.
  2. No heat is pretty good indication of head gaskets. Air in the system does not heat well.
  3. Remove the belt measure the full size all the way around yeah it's a little hard I usually cut them and measure go to the parts store and buy one an inch shorter the belt numbers should match the length.
  4. They have been cut they do not come apart it kind of looks like they were tightly packed in there and had a cracked line or frozen joint. Shark bites work very well not cheap but save you a great deal of grief putting all of that back together. There are standard 1/2" plastic pipe type fittings just copy the old parts and you should be fine the shark bite come in every plumbing type connection "T"'s, couplings 90's. The biggest issue will be the valve you may have to use a shark bite valve also and a stick of 1/2" pex. The gray stuff is no longer made but the shark bites are compatible with al
  5. The diff is from a Hiace I kind of think the truck was a 7" and the one ton an 8 there is also the matter of the axle splines. But don't trust me my memory ain't what it used to be!
  6. It's not, all early AC units were aftermarket how ever that is a common part it was used on most add on AC units a good auto parts store should have one.
  7. EP 90. 10W 30 engine oil 99% of drivers do not need syn oil. I'll put it to you this way engines have no feelings so "my engine feels better using Syn oil" has no merit.
  8. The gauge is floating on the liquid propane level in the tank just like a gas gauge in a car it's not a pressure reading. The pressure remains the same regardless of the propane level it boils at something like -43*. It is very hard to over fill a saddle tank.
  9. Yep you are 100% correct I had one and my friend who happens to be visiting in hers has one!
  10. One work around is a small battery charger and a converter relay bypass.
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