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  1. Air pressure is very important I ran 50 all around in mine. It's a brick as Linda said speed, I have a fancy engine OBD2 reader in my Tacoma that plots all kind of things including average mileage if I'm towing my camper the difference between 60 and 65 is about 1.5 mpg and at 70 I'm down close to 3.
  2. More than likely the second tank is a scavenge tank meaning the engine does not run from that tank it is nothing more that a storage tank that pumps fuel into the stock tank. The engine fuel pump is a high pressure pump so a second tank would have to have a complex system of plumbing and check valves if it was to run the engine so they use a low pressure high volume pump to move fuel from the second tank to the stock tank. It most likely does not have a fuel float either. So watch the fuel gauge when it's low, switch on the second tank and see if the level increases in the stock tank.
  3. Yeah that is a nice touch I can't sleep through the dang thing running at night any way it wakes me up and I lay there wondering why I parked at the jet port but I sure enjoy the heat while making coffee.
  4. The fluid never wears out it just gets contaminated. If it's good and red leave it alone I highly recommend 30 K changes (all of it) through out the life span of the unit with some thing like a MH no matter what size they are. Being a 92 it has a lockup converter they are a lot easier on trans heating because of the lockup converter. Now if it is high mileage and brown you would be better off to drive it till it quits other wise 2 weeks later you'll be walking.
  5. Pretty much any thermostat will work just be sure your wires are connected to the heat side and not the AC if so equipped! They will be marked RC and W (RC red W white all though it will work reversed so if your wire color is different don't worry)
  6. I would wait on the trans fluid to 30K then do a full service not just drain the pan and then repeat every 30K. Use what Toyota recommends for antifreeze it usually is sort of red but color hasn't a lot to do with it, it is different chemistry.
  7. All manufactures had their own ideal on colors. The closest is black and white, black + white - but don't relay on that have a look in your fuse panel the wires connected to the fuses will be + and there should be a pack of wires at a single point they will be - so stick to those colors. Any thing goes there really were no standards when our MH were built.
  8. The older charger/converters had big old ugly transformers in them. As transformers age they kind of loosen up and tend to hum more. The modern ones no longer have them and are light years ahead of the old ones. It's a real good up grade for your MH.
  9. The fuel pump signal comes first from the key switch then once it is running the signal to stay on comes from the air flow meter. It is common to blame the ECU for problems that are often not understood not saying that isn't your problem but simple things first. Onan is owned by Cummings they are world wide see if you can find a Cummings dealership they should be able to help you out. I kind of thought it would be 110 volts it would be interesting to track down it's history the US is part of only a hand full of countries that use 110 volt AC even the UK is 220 volts just saying it would be a problem to find appliances that could run off a 110 volt generator or run the AC from plug in power.
  10. Two things, why do you think the ECU is toes up? the ONAN generator is a really good unit they are very tough probably a few tweaks would sort any real issues. I am curious are the appliances 230 volts? AC fridge etc? I'm kind of thinking that thing began it's MH life in the states.
  11. Is this thing right hand drive? See what you can gain from this.
  12. If it's a 4 cylinder don't expect much it flat does not have enough power to make it work real well. Stepping on the brake should disconnect it if it doesn't have some one fix it right away.
  13. If the condenser is bad take it out and go for a ride it's going to get replaced any way. Why didn't he blow the crap out of it when he replaced the radiator? Seem like it would have avoided a come back for an over heat issue.