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  1. Maineah

    Toyota class C review by builder

    Were they all fiberglass or only the 87? I have seen aluminum sided ones. I have actually seen pictures of a Nova Star fiberglass body on a Jeep Cherokee frame I believe it was factory there were some subtle differences but nothing major.
  2. Maineah

    Toyota class C review by builder

    I had a Nova Star know nothing I bought it quite by accident the only leak I ever had was the AC seal not too bad after 20+ years before I sealed it. Two piece clam shell fiberglass exterior. The framework was aluminium the floors were insulated with some sort of aluminum backed insulation 9 leaf rear spring pack, first class rig but yeah hard to find. Linda would know but I think they were only made in "87".
  3. Maineah

    1978 Toyota Sunrader need help

    Electronic relay is the only fix for LED's a heater type flasher will not work properly it is a completely different concept. This of course will not fix wiring issues but everything being equal it is the only fix for a system that worked fine with the stock bulbs.
  4. Maineah

    Wireless Backup Camera

    Had one on mine I removed the rear view mirror because unless you want to see the interior of the MH it was pretty worthless and mounted the monitor there. The better cameras go B/W at night because they can sense infrared the better ones work pretty well in low light. Be careful of cheap wireless they may not make the trip back to the monitor.
  5. Maineah

    Why a Toyota??

    I would love to own a MB diesel Via (it's only 26') but being retired a bank robbery would be the only way.
  6. Maineah

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    I hear you but with a 25 year old right hand drive motorhome your better off with a 25 year old toy home for a good deal less money and less BS. The door was closed years ago on the gary market stuff after the feds found out what they were doing, at the time the cars were like at the most 5 years old and models that we never got.
  7. Maineah

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    Back over 20 years ago I was involved with a business that did gray market cars mostly MB making them US friendly we did work on their cars after they made them US spec. well the best I saw was broom sticks painted black for door barriers inside the doors! At the time states did not do emissions so that was pretty much overlooked. It took the feds about two years to close the doors and that ended gray market stuff.
  8. Maineah

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    Well there is always the risk of having them confiscated by the feds even after they they are registered here is a good read. trucktrend.com/features/1511-gray-market-vehicle-importing/
  9. I think the first single roller chains came with the 22RE.
  10. If it's a double roller chain it will outlast the engine.
  11. Just a hint the 22RE is computer controlled the 22R is not. Lots of things to change. Knew a fellow that put a pickup camper on a flatbed trailer and towed it with a car "You got the money honey I got the time"!
  12. Maineah

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    Right hand drive, won't meet US emissions or safety standards. Kind of doubtful it would get past the docks.
  13. The two screws on the inside should be all there is they are nothing more than a household lockset. It maybe just rusted the doors are not exactly water tight.
  14. What type of tank does yours have?
  15. Maineah

    Looking at buying a 1986 Sunrader RKB

    Wow fly to the right coast they are a good deal cheaper and drive it back.