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  1. Rough Shape. Need Parts RV?

    Well it is a 1 ton rear.
  2. Solar barely runs refrigerator

    Marine wind turbines are not real small and the ones that are are only about 85 watts and need a great deal of wind speed to reach that figure. They are only about 25 watts at around 25 MPH. I'm also wondering how they would stand up to 60+ MPH winds on the top of a MH, would require a pretty substantial mounting.
  3. Solar barely runs refrigerator

    Half a day is 50% load the dorm fridges are cheap and not real efficient or insulated you are pushing the limits. A 100 watt panel on the equator at noon will give you about 8 amps max that's how they are rated moving north or south will reduce the solar gain so will panels on the roof. An inverter switching supply is pretty efficient but still has a good 3% loss and there is no getting around the conversion from 12 to 120 volts a good DC fridge is around $600 in my line of thinking you would be better off buying a propane fridge or not getting too far from the power lines. There is a romantic notion of going solar but no one seems to mention the cost.
  4. Solar barely runs refrigerator

    They do make efficient DC fridges read expensive even a dorm fridge is a bit hard on batteries if it runs half a day it too can suckup 100 amps DC.
  5. Solar barely runs refrigerator

    The last time I checked a 120 volt fridge heater it was around 175 watts that's a good chunk of power even at 120 volts. So that's pushing 15 amps DC granted the figures are less than exact but close enough so if it runs half a day on DC you will suckup 180 amps of battery! It should be used on DC only while you are driving. The amount of energy in a jug of propane is probably more than you could store in at least 10 batteries. I left my fridge on for about 2 months once running on propane it was nice and cold when I went to fill it for a trip!
  6. When the light is on the OD is off. Does that make sense? No but that is the way it is. I know of no "blue" OD light if there is it's an add on. If the MH is struggling or shifting in and out of OD turn it off.
  7. That's pretty much correct it only squirts on a crank signal and it's full tilt. The tip length may have some effect but doubtful. You would need one that accept the screw in fitting. My guess because they were designed for the application makes them expensive very low useage unlike a engine injector. Yes a battery will open the injector that would be a good time to inject a bit of compressed air to the fitting. Conversely you can remove it leave the flex line on and have a friend crank the engine and see exactly what it does it should produce a mist not a squirt no smoking! If nothing happens then you have a delama is there no signal or it the injector toes up? You should be able to feel a "click" when voltage is applied.
  8. Proud owner of a Toyota SCAT

    To really know what you are up against have the MH weighted I kind of think you'll be fine that thing probably weighs about the same as a loaded pickup.
  9. Proud owner of a Toyota SCAT

    If the wheels come off as a single unit they are fooles welded rims together they will be on a 5 lug axle and are worse than having a single wheel. I would recommend replacing them with a single wheel.
  10. Proud owner of a Toyota SCAT

    It's probably OK due to it's weight.
  11. Dead cold it should turn with a little effort by hand. They cycle with radiator air flow heat so that other than sound is a little hard to test they make a good bit of noise locked up.
  12. Loaded question just running a couple LED's you can get by with something the size of a lawn tractor battery but to be realistic a group 24-27 battery should be fine for your application. 80-110 amps.
  13. The engines are pretty busy and at highway speeds they are running up into 3,000 RPM range so other than leaving them home they will always be noisy. If your fan clutch is defunct yeah it will roar because it's running all the time. Electric fans are not real quiet particularly large enough to cool the engine they do however cycle but so will a functioning clutch fan. I guess what I'm saying I don't think you'll gain much.
  14. Yep reduce your power demands LED's etc and you're golden. I can go indefinitely (weather permitting) with my 100 watt panel and run pretty much all I need to run even watch a little TV and run my ham radio gear. I have a pair of 80 amp batteries and the panel will charge them and run my Fantastic fan on low (gets dicy on higher speeds but does mostly keep up) Reduce your loads leave the microwave home you should have no problems. I cured my shade issue with a fairly long #10 SJ cord connected to the panel.
  15. Absolutely, I spent about 10 bucks more and have one with a programmable timer that also works as a alarm clock when it puts the heat on in the morning!