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  1. I have had several my old one is now 11 my oldest was 13 they are indeed gentle giants. This one had to get up on the couch to turn around in the toy home it was too narrow for him to mage the bend. He did however have no problem getting into the cab over bunk with me.
  2. You can remove the extension housing without removing the trans if the seal is leaking most likely the bushing is bad.
  3. Good little engine millions of Tacoma's out there still chugging along. Nice step up from the 3L V6 I believe the last one's were 2004.
  4. Maineah


    The older 2.5K Onan was pretty big the new ones are LP fuelled. So if your question is will a gasoline 2.8 fit yes. The power output is not an issue you are will within the operating range of the electrical system.
  5. I have seen some older propane fittings that are too short to push the tank valve open. The newer tanks have a valve to shut off the flow if there is no fitting in the opening.
  6. I hope to find a way to be able to map routes and monitor upcoming elevation changes (climbs or descents) as well as plan routes to avoid any unreasonable uphill grades, all offline since there was zero signal in that national park 80% of the time. If anyone knows of a dedicated GPS map device or an app for a phone that accomplishes this let me know. They do make dedicated RV GPS units for things like overpasses dirt roads steep hills etc and I think they also have gampground routing here's one https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/570074?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIscyMit_14wIVhZyzCh0UfwijEAAYASAAEgLGZPD_BwE
  7. A tip for a 4 cylinder toy home don't stop on a very steep hill. The torque converter can "stall" and when you try to start off again it will not move.
  8. Testing my memory I think there is one in the drivers kick panel also. This is where a cheap test light comes in the plastic fuses are hard to check with out one.
  9. It's all blended some actually admit it. Europe and Asia don't allow it it either is or it isn't.
  10. Usually the wiper motor circuit is the feed for the isolator relay that may explain a couple of your problems. The fuse would be in your truck fuse panel it should be a 15 amp fuse.
  11. Yeah they both are 120 volt outlets what the 50 amp does is two different 120 volt feeds giving you 25 amps at 120 X two, only the really big stuff uses 220. The Brits are 220 volt line common line voltage unlike our 240 the they use really strange to us plugs.
  12. Ok so your local power is 220, unlike the states where it starts at 220/240 and splits to 120 as needed. Most step down transformers are 220 to 110/120 volt what is in the camper that you need to run? Fans lights fridge? If the current demand is low a simple verick would work just adjust the voltage as needed. How long has the camper been in the UK? Has someone tried to run the camper stuff with 220 hence the different cord cap maybe? Somewhere there must be a load center they often are hidden in compartments.
  13. Yes my Nova Star did I reinforced it with angle brackets. The generators are quite heavy they need all the support they can get.
  14. Lip seals get hard over time for instance then they leak pressure and don't fully apply then the clutches slip there are all kinds of scenarios. Because the rest of this thing works it is doubtful there is any pressure issue and because reverse has no effect on anything other than reverse the direct clutch pack is working or you would have no 3rd range those are the two things that have to work or there is no or slipping reverse. In order to get to the rev. pack it involves a pretty much a total dismantle read overhaul. Park is purely machancanical now it would be a good ideal to deal with park to make sure the linkage is correctly adjusted but that should not have any bearing on reverse issue because all of the ranges would be somewhat wacko if it was maladjusted.
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