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  1. I just noticed your are from Orleans, VT. I used to work in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  I lived in Albany and worked a sugar woods in Barton in the spring, and as a tractor mechanic and builder in the other three seasons.   I was a mechanic at three John Deere dealerships along with one Ford dealership.   Also worked at a VW engine-rebuild shop in the 70s (just the air-cooled ones).  Sounds like we have somewhat similar backgrounds.

    Can't say I share your love for Ford tractors though. At least not the American ones.  When they went to the British format in 1965, they got much better (in my opinion).  I still have a 1964 4000 with a 172 gas and Sherman aux. trans, and a 1961  641 with a 134 gas.  Solid tractors, but crude (in my opinion).  I think Ford (USA versions) was behind the times when it comes to things like dual-range transmissions, live PTOs, engine-driven hydraulic pumps, etc.

    I had a cousin up there who had (or maybe still does) a John Deere dealership.  My name is Americanized to "DeMarrais."  He still has the French-Canadian spelling of "DesMarais."  I went up there 20 years ago for a visit but have not been back since.

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      Nice, yes I worked at a local foreign car shop for 11 years and at a Volkswagen dealership in St. Johnsbury for 2 years in the 70s , I then went work for the Village of Orleans running their water and wastewater treatment plants for 30 years. The Ford tractors I prefer are the 800 series, I have three 860s , 172 engine, two stage clutch and good hydraulics. I have a 55, 56 and a 57. I agree the 8Ns and 9Ns are very crude, I work on several of them for local folks. If you ever get back to the Kingdom let me know, would be great to meet you, you have helped me out on the Ford Tractor Forum in the past.

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