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  1. Thanks and I like the coat hanger idea the best. I have a good independent shop to work on the muffler problem. I am not sure where the pipe is supposed to go because obviously I don't know anything about mufflers! Can somewhere tell me where it connects on a 1981 Sunrader. The muffler runs widthwise in front of the back tires and exhausts on the driver's side. But where does the other side connect into the exhaust system?
  2. Yes, I was considering duct tape..I can get under it, but it is not easy.. I will wait until the early fall snow melts! I am not sure what bailing wire is..Never in my life have I had to get under a vehicle! Now I find I had better check it out to see if any thing is loose. As soon as I learn something, then I probably won't have to deal with that particular problem. Then another new one that I have never seen before pops up. It keeps my synapses firing...
  3. It appears that the part of the muffler that connects to the inside has come loose on the passenger side. I think when my gray water tank fell off it may have pulled the pipe out. Does anyone know how the pipe is supposed to connect and where it connects underneath? There is only one connection holding on the muffler at this point. I am wondering if I can drive it without it falling off so I can get it repaired? Apparently I just drove it about 150 miles without it coming off! I don't know much about trucks, but am learning fast with a rig this old!
  4. Thanks for your reply. The labor is extra and would cost more than the tank. It would be more like 400.00 which I can't afford.. Maybe I can find a used tank on Craig's list and get a friend to install it..She is winterized now and I have time to investigate possibilities. And as to the other reply, my tank is on the opposite side from the shower, and so i won't need to do any work underneath the gray water tank.
  5. I need a used gray water tank for my 18 foot 1981 Toyota Sunrader. Also need to know how to install it. The old one dropped off. It was held on by 2 metal straps. I'd say the tank was about 2feet Long and 12-15 inches in width. The pipe coming from the sink to the missing tank is about 2 inches in diameter at the end. What else could be rigged that would be easy to use besides a bucket underneath! I don't want to pay Camping World over 200.00 for a new one plus installation. Thanks for your help.
  6. Is this 18 feet long? I have a 1981 Sunrader and haven't seen anything close to it on the road.
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    I like the round table. Did you do this yourself. The rectangular table makes it hard to get into the seats on my 1981 Sunrader.
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