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  1. Well justyourluck there are many to be found, posters here would gladly help out if a location or nearby town was known. A little more effort into some basic information like year and location so we don't have to guess. These guys have it all and do ship.. Toyauto Mart 3410 Sunrise Blvd Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 916-638-0440 http://www.toyautomartca.com https://www.yelp.com/biz/toyauto-mart-rancho-cordova-3 https://www.ebay.com/str/toyautomart * SOME PARTS MAY BE SOLD CALL FOR AVAILABILITY AND FITMENT* *WE ARE A TOYOTA AND LEXUS ONLY WRECKING YARD & HAVE MO
  2. Not many of us live full time in our Toys. I do have a magnetic box in the engine compartment with an extra key for my bone head mistakes. Nowadays it's plastic over cash so no big wads to stash. You might want to join up with the full timers, here they talk about safes. Good luck and cheers! Gary
  3. My left bag stays inflated for 6 months or more, I only put air in it maybe 1 time per year. The right one will hold air for a couple of days before needing air. Let me know how the replacement t9s go, I may order them as well. Cheers Gary
  4. They say its common to loose up to 4 psi per sleeve, attached. I have T-9 airbags and my right airbag has had a slow leak for the last 10 years, I've lived with it and still do today. Not sure I will do a replacement but I probably end up doing a Zuiko modification cutting the old airbags in half and and inserting springs. Also they are the same company as they were in Cali Cheers Gary T3-T9.pdf
  5. What Derek says...If Eric Clapton was along camping we'd hear... If you got that food, you want to keep it good, propane When the stove is on, you'll want to cook on propane The blue flame The blue flame The blue flame Propane!
  6. Pass- He is nothing but a salesman or conman for that comment plus he's probably smoking something. I've seen this ad out there before so it could be fishy. One... for 15K the description should be more than a couple of sentences, like a paragraph of a spotless maintenance record history. 18K on the odometer, hard to believe but really this would be a sign of a bad fuel pump or worse yet a leaky gas tank from non-use. Nothing on the tires, no pic of the engine, etc... Honestly for that I would go for base Sprinter or get the toy floor plan of your dreams like a rear di
  7. I would ensure that your sink and shower (if you have one) doesn't also drain into the black tank. Resale... folks would prefer the black tank over compostable for the ease of dumping, having to dump the grey and compost separately is a hassle.
  8. Carey, That's possible, you should dig around and find the exact spot of the leakage. If it's around the connections, plex pipes that could be the source. Let me ask do you use a water pressure regulator when hooked into city water? If not you should, the high pressure of some city lines will cause leaks. I've been there...😅 Cheers Gary
  9. ^^ Good one! I've been thinking of calling my rig "Wild Thing" aka Ricky Vaughn from Major League. Paint a zig-zag mullet strip aft of cab-over area. 😁
  10. Hi Barbara, I'm sure the Sunrader folks will chime in to help but in the meantime read through this Sunrader gut and restore. They went to some extreme measures to deal with the roof sag. Can't say that would be for a newbie so hope there are easier solutions. Cheers, Gary
  11. Since you have a new battery I assume it's fully charged, that's would be the first check. Next I would check for proper ground connections and make sure you have 12V. If you have a meter I would check for 12v on the converter, should be 2 big wires running into it from the battery. Is the coach battery under the hood or in the coach? Pictures would help too since there are probably modifications done over the years. Gary
  12. Holy crap! No thank you, I want want to keep right leg... https://www.amazon.com/Keep-Your-Toyota-Pickup-Alive/dp/0912528893
  13. Anything over 10 hours takes me a day to recover. At the speed of parked impossible to have cruise control so the right leg gets really cramped. You have a good mpg average there for age of your toy, I'd take that any day. Have a speedy recovery! Gary
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