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  1. Like the boatman says put a coat of paint on it, Martha Stewart style!
  2. I just chose not to remove my carpet and lay down black runner carpet from home depot that you measure and cut, cheap! Didn't bother to nail or staple it down and looks freakin great. Figured an extra layer of floor insulation would help with noise and heat retention. Call it what you want...
  3. Nick, That would be one big job, I had a transmission shop replace mine a couple of years back. This guy did his overhaul on his kitchen table, gotta respect that. 😁 Gary
  4. Chris, that light is the "A/T Temp Oil" light. This light only comes on if you overheat the oil in your automatic transmission if you have one. These warning lights do no come on at ignition startup so there is no pre-check to ensure it's working. My 87 A43D Conquest has one and also does not come on at ignition startup. However I have overheated the oil during downshifting on a mountain pass, I was grossly overweight. The light came on and remained on for 15 minutes or so until the transmission fluid cooled down. The light hasn't come on since then. I hope this helps.
  5. The AT/ oil light on my cluster panel is on the left side of the instrument panel above the oil warning light. The light is orange and nearly impossible to see with out having a bright light to make out. The light doesn't illuminate on startup but I know it works. Other lights in the cluster that don't illuminate are the "back door" makes sense and the fuel warning light that I can barely make out as well. Yes the cab is quite dusty, she needs a cleaning as I was up in a desert whipped wind climate in Oregon, I kept windows open to let the cool air blow through.
  6. I'd wage a bet on that one. I'm sorry that this post got so out of hand. Wanted to share an experience not be told I'm lucky. Good luck.
  7. This one for an 87 22r and it shows the indicator and the trace to the computer sensor. I know for fact mine is not aftermarket, optional at purchase? I doubt it.
  8. The 88 Toyota service manual references it too. Suspect this is standard on all 22re's. Got to experience it to see it. 😎
  9. No Linda I did not put that one in, in fact one of the warning lights that does not come on when staring up so my bet is most folks don't know they have one. I was surprised to see it come on at the pass. From what I remember the light stayed lit for 15 minutes with the ACC on and faded out when it cooled down, orange in color. Might not be the exact wording of the light but hey the only idiot light that this idiot adhered to when it came on. Doing some searching the light may be called "A/T oil temp".
  10. I've been making yearly trips from Seattle to eastern Oregon via the Mount Hood HI way 26 pass. In 2018 coming back from eastern Oregon the transmission overheat light came on at the top of the pass at Mt Hood. I had to downshift many many times to try to keep the RPM at/above 3500. BTW I have a 22RE and auto A43d tranny. After watching Matt Damon's Martian we he stripped down the MAV so it could meeting up with the Hermes it got me thinking... Removed the following (while listening to ABBA): Jack knife sofa (replaced with lighter cushions from Home Depot) Captain Chairs (area now used for sleeping) Table (same area as the captions chair, now use portable small table) cutting board (custom board that wasn't being used) Co-pilot chair (no one was riding with me, extra storage opportunity) 😉 6 gallons of drinking water (get that at your destination) 5 gallons onboard water for washing dishes, toilet. (dump station at destination has potable water for that) Reduced excess gear I did not need, heave tripod, extra chairs Food (get that at your destination) Ditch the wife and daughter (250 pounds), just kidding, actually they came down in a separate car this go around Yes did this exact trip a couple of weeks ago and never downshifted out of 3rd gear manually, what was surprising is when the RPM got to 3000 or close it shifted to 2nd on it's own. No tranny overheat light. I'd say this did it. I have to really think about weight when making these mountain pass trips.
  11. I believe that's our lost long beloved Alaskan nomad Odsyssey4x4. He had a nice blog going and one killer setup inside his toy. Especially that wood stove!
  12. Well I look at it like I can't take it with me. Like Sherrie I only have liability. If its gone its gone. 3 years now owning my toy and only $300 total for insurance over the years. I can't complain, I won't complain. I don't care to deal with the insurance monsters..
  13. Ford survived because of their CEO Allan Mullally. He knew how to negotiate with the union. He was blunt about things and said if it sucks say it sucks. We miss him here in Seattle! I bought ford stock when he took over at $3.00 a share. Still hold it today and still a good buy.
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