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  1. Carey, That's possible, you should dig around and find the exact spot of the leakage. If it's around the connections, plex pipes that could be the source. Let me ask do you use a water pressure regulator when hooked into city water? If not you should, the high pressure of some city lines will cause leaks. I've been there...😅 Cheers Gary
  2. ^^ Good one! I've been thinking of calling my rig "Wild Thing" aka Ricky Vaughn from Major League. Paint a zig-zag mullet strip aft of cab-over area. 😁
  3. Hi Barbara, I'm sure the Sunrader folks will chime in to help but in the meantime read through this Sunrader gut and restore. They went to some extreme measures to deal with the roof sag. Can't say that would be for a newbie so hope there are easier solutions. Cheers, Gary
  4. Gary_M

    no lights

    Since you have a new battery I assume it's fully charged, that's would be the first check. Next I would check for proper ground connections and make sure you have 12V. If you have a meter I would check for 12v on the converter, should be 2 big wires running into it from the battery. Is the coach battery under the hood or in the coach? Pictures would help too since there are probably modifications done over the years. Gary
  5. Holy crap! No thank you, I want want to keep right leg... https://www.amazon.com/Keep-Your-Toyota-Pickup-Alive/dp/0912528893
  6. Anything over 10 hours takes me a day to recover. At the speed of parked impossible to have cruise control so the right leg gets really cramped. You have a good mpg average there for age of your toy, I'd take that any day. Have a speedy recovery! Gary
  7. Maybe with a handle like "Money" maybe people here are taking for granted you need no advice to get it done just $? You have something that the previous owner had different plans for other than a camper, who knows... To get back to a motor home a very steep curve if that's your goal here, most will shy away from because our toys didn't come in that horrid condition. Suggest you start by hooking up with Sunny78 and her thread where she is replacing a sagging Sunrader floor. Gary
  8. Same here, I usually turn it off while getting gas. I have no worries sleeping with it on at night. I've read driving with the propane on circulates and cools better than a level fridge.
  9. Who did you go through? I have a small crack forming in mine and am sure I will be replacing it in the near future.
  10. As some state here the Sunrader has probably the most one-offs of any toy brand. I've seen 1 with bunk beds, impressive! How about a bathtub!
  11. Fiberglass epoxy...wish I'd known. I had a 84 Subaru with cracks in the tank. I'd get under there every other month or so cover it with some swipes of bar soap, zest if i remember. I did that for a coupe of years, crazy young fools what were they thinking?
  12. Have a safe trip Fred, I'd be surprised to see any border security unless you venture into Mayor Cuomo's neighborhood.
  13. Normally I dry camp (no power hookup). I've spent many weeks at a time in high desert mountain terrain, propane and solar only. Yes temperatures do get above the 100's during the day but keeping the windows open keeps a nice cool breeze coming through. I observe the dark skies at night and take naps during the day. As the sun hits high noon above my rig is the coolest time of day, my napping time. 😉 I only use A/C if hooked to power at the campsite. The generator is not worth the $$ in IMHO plus extra weight. Pay extra for a hookup if you want A/C. Besides even if you have a silent generator, the A/C unit give a good hum of a normal generator IMO. Give the A/C a try before you decide... Gary
  14. I know a lot of people ditch the air conditioning for the weight and little use. Out west here most houses don't have central air if any air conditioning, me included. However I found keeping my unit that days over 90 degrees we tend to cook outside or in the motor home in the driveway. We certainty use the A/C for these occasions. Every once in awhile I'll end up in a campsite say Yakima desert where it gets to 105 or better, no way could live through that without A/C. All depends on your usage of it. With a V/6 I's say the weight would not be a issue. I grew up in PA so I know the summers are hot and humid, I'd say keep it just for that. Gary
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