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  1. snail powered

    Dinette, Wife Wants One. Looking For Ideas.

    I think your project is coming along nicely. Those chairs look a lot more comfortable than any other RV dinette I have seen. Like you I would be happy eating at the couch. Fortunately I don't have to please anyone but myself. Had one of the Jet cabinet saws. I was so thrilled to be able to buy one but when I got it I quickly found out the main table was not particularly flat and neither were the metal extensions. It was enough that it threw off making precision angled cuts. The face of the fence square extrusion was not square to the table either and it was warped along its length. So don't worry about it, you are not missing out all that much by not having one. They are definitely over rated.
  2. snail powered

    Dinette, Wife Wants One. Looking For Ideas.

    There is a nice professional quality panel saw in the garage here. I found it for my friend about 6 years ago on craigslist at a good price but it cost me nothing It is his dream saw, something he kept talking about wanting every time he worked on a project. That funny orange material is a plastic called Kydex, he surplussed it to me as he was not in need of it and had plenty of it. I was making extension tables for my vinyl cutter that day. This week I have used it to cut a replacement marine plywood flooring section for my little fiberglass travel trailer. It is really nice to have a panel saw for cutting up sheet goods, the cuts are always nice and square.
  3. snail powered

    Toilets, toilets and more toilets

    Home Depot, contractor orange, 5 gallon bucket holding tank of course. It is a classic and they also make a composting toilet version. I drive a Honda, its 4wd, bought it used in 2008, it is a 2006 and it has needed zero repairs so far except for that air bag recall and that was free. You don't scare me Derek
  4. snail powered

    Toilets, toilets and more toilets

    The brands Dometic, Thetford, Coleman are all good. Even some of the not well known brands are OK. But on any of them eventually after 10 or 15 years the gaskets get hardened and the smells leak out. The big issue with the small 2.5 gallon toilets is they are low in height which makes it difficult to sit down and stand up again. The "cassette toilet" that is popular right now is not a portable toilet. It is bolted in place, wired and plumbed to water for the flushing. Then you slide out the tank part out through an outside access door on the RV.
  5. snail powered


    Just get a pinstripe eraser wheel. It is not difficult to use. It will take the old pinstripe off without harming your finish. You will want to use a corded drill motor to power it, not a battery powered drill motor. There are plenty of videos on youtube that will show you how to use the eraser wheel. Going over the old strip, not a great idea, any flaws in it might show up by having an uneven surface on the new stripe. Or if the new stripe is a different width those edges from the old tape will show as well. Plus if some areas of the old tape are not well secured then the new tape will also not be well secured in those areas
  6. snail powered

    Purchase Questions 1983 Sunrader

    Take along an inspection mirror and a good flashlight as well as a ground sheet of some type to lay on. You have to go underneath because things down there can get expensive pretty quickly. All those bits and pieces of rubber unless they have been replaced over the years they may be in very poor condition on a 1983. Things like the rubber bushings on the suspension need to be looked at. It can quickly run up the repair bills just to bring it up to being reliable for travel over slightly bumpy roads. Look under the entry step pullout and make sure it is in good shape with no cracks in the metal and the surface it mounts to is also sound. Make sure the waste water tanks have not suffered damage. They can take some pretty hard hits when going over badly potholed roads as there is not a lot of ground clearance. Inspect the straps on them too and of course the plumbing lines and drain valves. Also check under the battery to see if the battery tray is in good condition. That is another pesky repair to do if it is rusted out.
  7. snail powered

    Newbee and have lots of questions

    Run a stove top and a water heater and a fridge off of batteries? Not likely as that large of a battery bank and the solar panels to drive it will weigh a considerable amount and Toy Homes are close to being overweight as they came out of the factory.. The water heater and stove will drain a battery so quickly that you won't get a much of a meal or hot shower out of it and then since you cook dinner and the sun does not shine enough to recharge a big battery bank until late the next afternoon you will be lucky to cook once a day. What you are proposing is simply not going to happen. You will be stuck camping in places with hookups if you want to go all electric. I took out the propane tank and was able to do so because I have an alternative stove/heater system that runs off of diesel fuel from a small tank under the stove top. But that stove heater was not even close to being budget friendly and it is not as trouble free as an electric range. I am not worried about hot water heaters as I can heat a pan of it on the stove for washing up me and the dishes too. I don't have a large enough holding tank for taking hot showers anyway. I also have a small butane canister stove top for making a quick cup of coffee and meals. There are also stove tops that can use alcohol as the fuel source. You can buy them at marine supply stores. Of course you will be dealing with a flammable liquid. But you know what? You will get a very long ways towards getting over your fear of propane if you purchase a little propane camp stove and propane bar-b-que and just go ahead and cook with them for the next few weeks. Don't overwhelm yourself but just go ahead and DO IT stop at the store and get a little camp stove and propane cylinder to power it. Get one with an auto lighting function that does not require you to light a match and hold it to the gas. There are a lot of newer RV appliances with piezo electric igniters that are not nearly as scary as putting a match to the gas.
  8. snail powered

    One Window Chinook Layout

    Don't worry about the latch, you can secure the window with one of these window frame locks that are readily available at hardware stores, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. They hook inside the track at the bottom or top of the window. The nice thing about them is you can secure the window with just an inch or so of open space so you have ventilation but no one can open it any further. Working original latch or not this is still a nice to have item.
  9. snail powered

    One Window Chinook Layout

    Or just fiberglass under the floor so it is a single monocoupe unit ready to transfer between host platforms. That is the way my recently acquired vintage fiberglass travel trailer is fabricated. It can be unbolted from the trailer and then easily moved to another base. It does not have any external holding tanks so that makes it easy to move to a new platform.
  10. snail powered

    Maximum occupancy?

    have all the passengers sign a liability waiver as in enter at your own risk
  11. snail powered

    seeking awning input

    The plastic spline is strong enough. You can also buy replacement spline material from Sailrite that can be sewn in. It is called Keder rope. It is very instructive to watch some of the well done videos from Sailrite that show how to DIY all kinds of awning projects. They have a youtube channel full of project instructions including how to make cushions. But here is the video that shows how to sewn in some of the Keder products. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhJ5SB_4m3g
  12. snail powered

    Progress picture

    You can purchase "BunkSox" for your mattress. It is a stretchy bottom sheet that adapts to mattress sizes. Then just add a regular top sheet. They are made specifically to solve the problem of unusual lengths and widths of mattresses in RVs and boats. http://www.bunksox.com/
  13. snail powered

    Progress picture

    Yep, CAD CAM is a nice skill to have. But you don't have to wait for another lifetime to acquire it. It is not all that difficult to learn. You can be up and running on doing basic design work in a program within a couple of days.
  14. snail powered

    free toy home

    Lots of good salvage parts on it. Hatch and louver vent covers and the awning. The mirrors, windows, doors, entry step, etc. Might even be a good full floating axle on it!
  15. snail powered

    ad revenue AND humor value, i like it

    Washington state parks has some good discounts for its residents who are disabled and for seniors and low income seniors. Foster care families can camp for free year around. Low income is defined as a household income of less than $35k. You either send in proof of a copy of the first page of your income tax or fill out the application with your income, birthdate, etc and get it notarized. A low income senior gets a 50% discount on camping with a few exceptions (stated in their rules list.) During the off season you can purchase a season long pass and camp for free. If you want electric it is an extra $10.00 per night. You still have to pay reservation fees. Many of the county parks in Washington State also honor the State discount passes for seniors, disabled, etc. But check that out county by county before you go camping. Check with your own state to see if you qualify for any discounted passes. Sometimes there are even parks across the country that are not federal but will still honor the federal inter-agency senior passes. I know that is true of some day use fees for Oregon State Parks.