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  1. Thanks Don, I had read about the poor performance of bondo but was out of ideas. I searched Marine epoxy and came up with this http://www.jbweld.com/products/marineweld-twin-tube
  2. Hello everyone, Working on a rotted cab-over it seems like 1/2 problems are caused by a awning. So two questions is an awning worth the hassle it seems like a wind catcher going down the highway and a hundred potential areas to cause leaks when it rains. And the most important question how to patch holes in aluminum? Bondo? Fiberglass? There are other holes I would like patch. Thanks, Mike
  3. Is a special wire needed though?
  4. It has sit in a field for the last eight years was not getting fuel. I ended breaking a outlet tube from where fuel pump sends out. So now I need a new pump hanger $89.00 advance. When I got the tank out It sounded like gravel inside. It was bad shook a chain it forever then a acid bath now getting better. The fuel level sensor also seems to be bad I have got to move but it shows as a open circuit on the ohm meter. another $38.00 One question what is the cake pan in the bottom for? it is 8x8" maybe 3" high with a tube going from inside
  5. Got mine home on a rollback. It shore looked scary top heavy and I would flinch at every power line. but it is home now and the real work can begin.
  6. What about height on a roll back will it clear red lights?
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