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    Playing piano, recording music, camping, poetry, finding new places to appreciate Gods' creation. Hoping to find a way to make everything work in our new /used RV.

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  1. When looking at the photo of the white valve, is it supposed to be turned to the left and is the lower valve which looks just like this one in photo ...is it supposed to be turned left or right
  2. PianoPaul

    91 Seabreeze toyota motorhome

    A few photos and things that I have questions about..
  3. Hi I wrote you a question concerning a few things on a 91 toy seabreeze, waterheater, propane leak, and heater. I was going trying to figure out how to send you a few photos so you can see my setup and maybe give me some suggestions. We are really excited to be in this toyota family of owner but mechanics is not my specialty , playing piano is. How can i send photos with questions thanks Paul

  4. PianoPaul

    Seabreeze Images

    Photos of 91 toyota seabreeze
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