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  1. I have a 90 Dolphin V6 33K miles. Interior is fine, minor previous leaks, everything works, same issues as most, but the motor has been getting hot. Never in the red, but up to the red 😞. I've had to drive with the heater blasting (middle of summer) just to make it home. I've been trying to flush the radiator, probably 20 times now, and it will still come out brown, which leads me to think the head gasket might be blown. I don't see milky oil, white smoke, or anything. I'm a DIY guy but HATE engines. Anyway the whole thing has got me feeling like just getting rid of it because the family
  2. WOW! Great Job!! I have the exact same year and layout. How did you do the floors? Did you just cut the carpet out and float the wood with some quarter round moulding? Did you stop the wood right before the cab? How did you do the toilet area?
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