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    new jasper engine at 20k
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    SOLD 7/14
    1981 Oaklander
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    updated 1 ton axle with 40k
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    1984 Sun Land Express
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  1. guitarlover519

    Listed my Chinook Newport on eBay :)

    Thanks Linda! As a longtime member, I am trying to be as honest as possible in the description. I put a few videos on too so that people know that are bidding on a project. She’s certainly not perfect, but you could get in it and camp this weekend if you chose. I see the truck as a bonus! The auction is really for the shell
  2. Just thought I’d drop this here in case anyone was looking for a good summer project or shell swap candidate https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F112854279680
  3. guitarlover519

    Found some new rims, hopefully

    How do I do that? I didn’t even know I had one. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/wto/d/toyota-tacoma-wheels/6460404706.html i found these, I think these might work
  4. guitarlover519

    Found some new rims, hopefully

  5. guitarlover519

    Found some new rims, hopefully

    So I’ve been hunting for rims for the Newport and I found these. Same size as my rears (15x6), but I’m concerned about the backspace and hub size. Anyone know if these will work for me?
  6. Does anyone have any info about the load capacity of the 1978 chinook? I am going to look at one tomorrow morning to possibly purchase. It has the regular single tire rear end without the fake dually. So it's a 1/2 ton axle? The camper is completely stripped inside, so my question is what would be my safe weight capacity inside for people and my furniture.
  7. guitarlover519

    1991 Winnebago V6 $4300

    If anyone wants to make me a offer, I am really trying to sell before winter. I have a small warehouse, and I really would like to trade down for a bandit or a chinook so I can park indoors for the winter. Willing to let the winne go for as low as 3800 if someone is willing to drive to the UP to get her. If I don't sell by winter, I'll be giving her a overhaul and raising the price to 5k come spring
  8. guitarlover519

    1991 Winnebago V6 $4300

    It does have some de lamination. And with the floor perhaps! It would make sense. Either way I think I am keeping it now (:
  9. Hey guys, I am thinking about tackling this problem this winter since I have a large garage now that I can pull into. Was thinking about making a frame that will support the AC like I've seen here and on Google, but am afraid that this won't fix my sag problem. Any input?
  10. guitarlover519

    Sagging Roof On 1991 Winnebago

    Hey everyone, I have a sagging roof due to my AC, and was wondering how tough of a job it is to correct. What does the repair entail?
  11. guitarlover519

    Roof Sagging Woes

    Hey everyone Noticed on a trip a few weeks ago that the roof is sagging enough to collect water near the AC unit when I'm in the right position. What are my next steps to reversing the roof sag?
  12. guitarlover519

    Generator For My 1989 Itasca Spirit

    Sorry for the autocorrects in that, jeesh
  13. guitarlover519

    Generator For My 1989 Itasca Spirit

    I have a 91 Winnie with a 3 year old onan 2800 that was professionally installed for 2800. To be honest, I'm not entirely impressed with the unit. I know they last if properly maintained, but it has had a decent amount of problems since I owned it. They have a computer that complicates things, and they are a bit of a pain to diagnose. The local onan shop wanted 250 to simply diagnose it when I asked. Mine may need a carb rebuild due to sitting for a bit from the previous owner. I did manage to get it working for the entire weekend just last week and it got the job done, though I did have a few issues I worked through. I will say that the muffler is already degrading quite a bit for a 3 year old unit that cost nearly 3k
  14. guitarlover519

    Onan Generator Not Working

    House battery is fully charged
  15. guitarlover519

    Onan Generator Not Working

    So the generator was working perfectly until i winterized. I went to start it and nothing. No lights on the button. Trying to manual override outside doesn't work either.