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  1. Tail Light Wiring?

    Ah, okay! I'll search out the instructions, if we switch to LEDs.
  2. Tail Light Wiring?

    Thanks! I'll put LEDs on next time the clearance lights are acting up on us! And we have now fixed the taillight problems! A new ground and reversing the polarity took care of the fast blinker and the weak lights, and the brake light going out when headlights were on! At least, now we won't have to worry about that part! Ready to go camping next Friday!
  3. Tail Light Wiring?

    Can you point me to some led clearance lights that we could use? I wonder if there are any that come with ground wires, or are they all "self-grounding"? I got all of them lighting up right now, but am sure they'll be corroded again in no time!
  4. Tail Light Wiring?

    So, you didn't have the "fast turn signal" problems I've been reading about? And is there a surface mount LED tail light assembly that can easily be switched to? We seem to have fixed most of the problems with a new ground on the left, and switching the polarity. Left side was only lighting up the dimmer of the two filaments. Now the only thing that's not working are the two little turn signal lights on the side at the back. Trying new bulbs for those next.
  5. Tail Light Wiring?

    Thanks for all the advice! I'll go shop for a test light. And how would I add a new ground to the light assembly? The old one is not held on with a screw. It's "permanently" attached, so I can't take it off and clean the contacts. There is definitely some corrosion. I'd love to change to LEDs, but that seems to come with it's own set of challenges.
  6. Tail Light Wiring?

    I got all the clearance lights to work by taking off the corrosion. But the no luck with the tail lights. I got the turn signal glow on the dash to go away, changed all the bulbs, but still have dim lights on that side and the brake light only works when the headlights are off. When headlights are on, the brake light on the left goes out completely. Also, the second of the two filaments on the left side doesn't come on for any of the bulbs. I have a fast turn signal on the left side, too. Wiring is a pain!!!
  7. Tail Light Wiring?

    No, less than 30 minutes. But I had started the engine several times in the couple of hours before, and only let it run to do a few checks on the lights. Maybe we *do* need a new battery. The charger claims it's down to 25%.
  8. Tail Light Wiring?

    I wish I knew more about all this! It's only on the back. After taking both of the light boxes off, It seems they were wired differently. On the left, the lower of the two filaments lit up, while on the right the upper filaments come on. Also, on the right side, someone added a connection between the outer and the middle lights. Changed the wiring on the left, and had just switched on the lights for a minute, to see what was lighting up now, when a friend came by. Got distracted, and since the engine wasn't running, I killed the battery. 8) It's on the charger and now I'll have to wait a bit before I can investigate further.
  9. Tail Light Wiring?

    We have the surface mounted 1400 series, and the left side has generally weaker lights than the right. Also, when the lights are turned on, the left turn signal arrow on the dash panel is very slightly lit (when turn signal is not turned on). Is this due to a bad ground? And if yes, where do I start looking, or how would I add a new ground to the left tail light assembly? I'm not experienced with electrical, but really good at learning and following instructions! A lengthy google search just gets me lots of trailer wiring instructions, and vague references to adding a ground wire. Also, our running lights along the top front and back only have one lit bulb each. The other bulbs look fine. What should be the first thing to troubleshoot next? Unfortunately, the fixtures on the front are hard to reach, even with a ladder.
  10. Anode Rod Broke Off

    I'm half wondering if something could have made a nest next to the water heater, because the smell does not come from the water. That smells fine. We just get this sickly smell, when the water heater is in use, getting worse and worse with time. Also, I'm not sure how to rinse this water heater. The anode rod is located on the rear of it, under the sink, and I don't see anything I could remove on the front to give a large enough access to do the rinsing.
  11. Anode Rod Broke Off

    We've had an unpleasant smell in our Odyssey, every time we use the water heater. Rinsing it through with vinegar, and then bleach, did no good. Today, we finally got the old anode rod (must have been in there since the beginning!) out, or so we thought.The plug came out, but what was left of the rod was no longer attached to the plug. We managed to pull out the inner core of the rod with pliers, but there was a little bit of "rotten looking" metal around the it at one end, and it crumbled and fell into the tank. Is this a problem? Or is it okay, since the rod is designed to dissolve over time? Should we try to flush out the stuff somehow? I'm going to shop for a new anode rod, and hope that the smell was related the old anode, and that we can now use our water heater again. If it's still smelly, I guess we will have to replace the water heater.
  12. Is It Normal...

    We have the Progressive Dynamics PD 723Q. I really don't know. Am not electrically knowledgeable and would need detailed instructions to figure this out safely. We do have a multimeter. And with the negative wires (there are 3) disconnected at the battery and plugged into shore power, the lights, fan in the range hood, 12 volt outlet above the fridge and water pump are all working fine. Just the furnace does not function without the battery disconnected.
  13. Is It Normal...

    Thanks, everyone! It's hard to decide if this is a decent charger or not, but we'll keep it for now. I'm just wandering about the "excessive charge current" and what exactly it means. The manual was silent about that aspect. Maybe Progressive Dynamics will have more info about it.
  14. Is It Normal...

    Yes! I found a pdf for it a few minutes after posting. Always happens that way. In the manual it says that it switches to a trickle charge, once the battery is fully charged. Does this mean, it won't cook our battery, if left plugged in? It also says to check the battery water level at least once a week. And that if the light on the charge sentinel flashes slowly, there is excessive charge current. What exactly does that mean? Because it always does this, once the battery is fully charged on ours.
  15. Is It Normal...

    What would be the correct upgrade for our current charger/converter? PD723 I can't find much info about it online.