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  1. I recently got an 85 Sunrader 21' with rear dinette. The previous folks had it sitting for a year with a leaky back window. Wood in rear storage area on driver's side, especially, is rotten. If it's not structural; i.e., plywood that should be attached to the middle flooring to provide side support, then I can just dig out the rotten wood and put in another piece of plywood in that section. However, if it needs to be attached to the middle as a support then I guess I have to pull the carpet and replace all the rear plywood. Anybody know about that? Also, although the back wall is in good shape, what they had covering it was some thick cardboard stuff with a cutout for the window. My plan is to put a piece of insulation board there and then cover with something, probably a piece of paneling. Would it make sense to glue a couple pieces of 1x2 or some such up the back first, to add some firmness to the fiberglass? The foam board would add some, as well, but thought perhaps a couple wood pieces going vertical up each window side would keep the window from unsealing again. Plan to seal the window with window urethane; if there is a better option somebody please let me know. Thanks!
  2. ranger6350

    1 Thing you will NEVER leave with out?

    Tire sealant made for trucks. I've only had one flat that wouldn't fix well enough to limp to a tire shop in over 35 years. Get the larger, truck-sized ones with an attached hose, not the screw-on kind. Be sure to tell tire repair folks you put the stuff in the tire they're about to repair. Good idea to keep the empty can to provide for them.
  3. If anyone is parting out an 85 Sunrader and has a tail light lens that would be good news. Tow truck lifted the back poorly and buckled my ladder and broke the tail light lens on the right side. Or, have ideas about where to look? Feel free to call 360 739 seven three five five. I'm on the west coast in Washington State. Thanks for any ideas!