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  1. fred heath


    Sorry, just checked. They don’t advertise selling 14” tires. I upgraded my rear axle and use 15” tires.
  2. fred heath


    Just ordered 2 thunder ranger 402’s from simple tire (195/70R-15) for $77.00 and change with free shipping. Might be worth checking out.
  3. fred heath

    Paranoid about propane?

    Sounds like a bad valve. Exchange the tank with a new one. If the knock goes away, the tank is the problem.
  4. fred heath

    Paranoid about propane?

    VERY DANGEROUS!!!!!! No propane tank designed to sit vertically should ever be placed in the horizontal position. Remove the tank immediately.
  5. fred heath

    Toyota 85 escaper sunrader dolphin - inquiry

    The collective knowledge of members on this forum is a result of having to deal with the many issues involved with owning and maintaining these older Toyota motorhomes. If you’re looking for sound advice, you’ve come to the right place. You can accept the recommendations of these members, or go out and learn the hard way. $2K is not going to buy anything that I would want to take on any extended road trip. Get RV coverage and travel no further from home than you can be towed back to. Or take a chance and if you break down be prepared to have lots of available cash or plan on leaving your vehicle on the side of the road. Your choice.
  6. fred heath

    Should I buy this!!!?

    Hey, Relax. Tires are not that big or a deal when you consider you bagged a 6 lug ff axle. Yeah it may need some work, but you got your own roof over your own head. 🙂
  7. fred heath

    Kill Switch

    Saw your JAL logo. I flew rotary wing in the military.
  8. fred heath

    Kill Switch

    The problem with pulling a main fuse is they’re interchangeable. Someone could pull the a/c fuse (not needed to run the engine) and replace the fuse you removed. Relays are usually item specific and won’t interchange. Just curious, are you a pilot?
  9. fred heath

    Kill Switch

    Too new for me. There should be a plastic box under the hood labeled “relays” or fuses. Open that up and the underside of the lid should identify the relays and their location. The relays pull straight up. Might be better to hide it in the rig somewhere rather than take with you (so you don’t loose it🙂).
  10. fred heath

    Kill Switch

    Depending on what you have for an engine I’d just pull the coil wire (or similar) and take it with you. Simple solution that won’t cost anything. Fuel pump relay would also work.
  11. fred heath

    Toyota 85 escaper sunrader dolphin - inquiry

    Long story short...... They are dangerous to drive with. Read the “Axle facts” link in the forum discussions.
  12. fred heath

    Toyota 85 escaper sunrader dolphin - inquiry

    The 5 lug rear axle is no good if you have duel rear tires (foolies). You’re looking at $2-4K to upgrade to a 6 lug ff rear axle. That would be a deal breaker by itself. Add the mechanical issues and I would walk away. Especially at that asking price. IMHO
  13. fred heath

    1 ton axle upgrade

    New bushings for sure. I hope you have a lift to work with. Trying to get enough ground clearance with jacks only could be a problem. The shackle bolts are often rusted in place and can be a real challenge working on your back.
  14. fred heath

    Jack knife couch

    You can do like I did if you’re good at fabrication. I took a generic futon frame, had the backrest reduced at a welding shop(twin size) and built custom ends out of 3/4” plywood. Platform now accepts a 39x75” futon mattress. My rig is small 16’ and it works well for me. No gaps 🙂.
  15. fred heath

    Roof Replacement: ¼" Luan vs. ⅛" Hardboard

    1/8” MDF has a tendency to swell and bulge when in contact with moisture. It’s designed for interior applications. Putting on your roof is inviting disaster.