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  1. What to do about our roof?

    You’ve got a 5 digit odometer. More likely 140K or 240K for mileage. You should have some type of rv tow coverage if you don’t already have it. Regular AAA will not cover your tow.
  2. Propane sensor kills battery

    Most modern propane sensors use about 1/10 of an amp for power. It sounds like you have some type of short somewhere in your system. What reading did you get on your amp meter?
  3. 1978 Toyota Chinook, cabin opening

    Sounds like a lot of “swapping” has been done. I wonder if this will have any affect on registration? At the very least I would make sure the chassis id plate in the engine compartment matches the id of the frame. You would not want to invest a lot of time and money only to find out you don’t have a clear title.
  4. 1976 Toyota Scat

    You really have to weigh the rear of the motor home. You look like you might be fine with singles. Keep in mind you'll be buying a 40 year old axle. I'm not sure what the 1/2 ton axles are rated for. At the very least you would want to install new axle shafts (about $70.00 each from J.C Whitney) and new bearings and seals(about $100.00 per axle shaft). New brake shoes etc. The weight of your motor home will really be the determining factor.
  5. 1976 Toyota Scat

    I agree. But the axle would have to come from a 1975-78 Toyota pickup for a straight swap. The 1/2 ton Toyota axles (7.5" ring gear) will not carry the same weight as the 8" (GO82). If the vehicle is light enough, that would work. Remember the 7.5 is also a semi-float axle with the axle shafts carrying all the weight. A good used axle with singles would be the least expensive way to go but your still looking at $1-2K for the swap. I would upgrade to a ff just to be safe.
  6. 1976 Toyota Scat

    If the unit your looking at is listed for $3900.00, that's way too much. The axle replacement can run from 2-4K depending on how much work needs to be done. There's still mechanical issues to investigate along with tire condition which can run another $800-1000 dollars. I'm not trying to "rain on your parade" but better to go in with your eyes wide open. These older motorhomes always seem to need perpetual repairs.
  7. 1976 Toyota Scat

    You may want to read this link before making a decision.
  8. 1976 Toyota Scat

    If it has duel “foolies” than it has always had them. Switching to singles will not make the axle safer at this point in its life. Figure an axle change for sure. You may be light enough for singles but not on that axle.
  9. Speedometer

    Many times the old speedometer gears can be worn down causing inaccurate readings. What is the diameter of your rear tires? They should be about 26” or 185/195 75R14. Larger tires will also give an inaccurate speedometer reading. I dont even use my stock speedometer, I use my gps to to tell how fast I’m going.
  10. If you used a credit card for the purchase, notify your bank you want to contest the charges. It will involve some hassles, but you will probably get your money back. They didn't send you what you purchased.
  11. The end of the stud should have the letter "L" stamped on it. At least on US made vehicles with left hand threads.
  12. 1985 Nissan Sunrader Emergency Brake Repair

    Rock auto should have the cable. As long as your frame hasn't been lengthened between the front wheel and back wheel you'll be fine. Measure the distance from the center front wheel to center rear wheel(wheel base). Compare to factory spec's for your year pickup. If the same, the factory cable will work. We're Toyota folks here but glad to help out. 😊
  13. If you find a yard for your axle, ask if they will install for you (if close enough to your location). This will save shipping charges and provide a source of supplemental parts if needed. Good luck.
  14. Forget AutoZone, It's the wrong axle shaft. You have a GO82 axle (8"). They no longer make these axle shafts and nobody has them. If you got 300K and bearing issues, your an accident waiting to happen. I wouldn't drive another foot with your current axle. Try to find someone local to do an axle swap. Your looking at $2-4K for the work. If your close enough to home, have your rig TOWED there.
  15. Just bought a 76 Chinook Pop top

    Fax on is not cheap. But that one page measures roughly 2'x3'. It allows you to view the entire wiring of the truck similar to the way Google maps lets you view from top down. No matching pages to follow a wire route. This is what Toyota issued to its dealerships. Haynes also has a good wiring diagram in the back. A little chopped up, but useable. The early Haynes up to 1978 were designed for the European markets. The descriptions can be confusing sometimes. I.e. Propeller shaft rather than driveshaft.