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  1. Your clutch disc may be uneven or some oil or fluid has contaminated the disc. The only way to find out is to check it. It’s a PITA, but maybe a good excuse for a clutch change.
  2. Most auto parts stores carry universal headlight connectors. Just splice into your existing harness. Be sure to follow the wire orientation from the factory connector.
  3. Coleman rooftop have a metal I.d. plate riveted to the upper frame near the compressor. You would have to remove the shroud to see the plate. All service information will be there. I’m guessing other manufacturers do the same thing.
  4. Frank’s Garage. Hampton, NH. (603) 926-4900. He’s a heavy truck garage with lifts that can accommodate any size Toyota motorhome. Complete mechanical work on these old Toyota’s. Also does metal fabrication, welding, custom exhaust and has a paint shop. This is my “go to” shop for any work I need to have done. He did my 5 lug to GM ff axle including any parts that needed to be fabricated. Highly recommend. Fred
  5. Must be your area. For the two times I needed a tow, the wait was no longer than 45 minutes. Of course my RV is small and will fit on a standard ramp truck. I’ve been with AAA for over 17 years and am very happy with their service.
  6. Actually, AAA has a pretty good rate package. There is a 5 day wait before coverage kicks in. I have AAA plus RV which tows for up to100 miles. With my two daughters as associates my yearly cost is $168.00. Not a bad deal for me.
  7. You’re looking at a 40 year old vehicle. I would add at least another 100K to the mileage. Rear axle is the biggy. If only 5 lugs your looking at $2-4K to upgrade to a ff axle. The 5 lug axle is unsafe. Everything else use due diligence. Take it for a test drive. Nothing that old is going to be “turnkey “.
  8. If it’s complete and running it’s well worth the money. The Weber alone is worth $300.00.
  9. Considering 2/3 to 3/4 of your total vehicle weight rests over the rear axle, your thinking process is flawed. Have fun with your choice of tires. Be sure to secure good roadside service so when those babies POP you’ll have a ride back home. Don’t forget to factor in potentially loosing one tire on a duel rear wheel. And compression load when you hit a bump or go over a pothole. The manufacturer knows what load ratings your vehicle needs.
  10. Linda, I found a similar disparity for my 1979. Seems Toyota upgraded to a larger tire on the c&c allowing for increased weight. You might want to check the factory tire ratings between 1984 and 1985.
  11. Do you have singles or duels on the back? If singles, your 5 lug is ok to use. If duels, depending on the weight of your rig you could go with a non-Toyota ff axle and switch to singles on the back. Linda S is a great source for Toyota ff axles. Actually, she’s a great resource for any parts to fit these old rigs.
  12. W58 should be almost perfect swap for your L43. No first hand knowledge but former member of this forum did the swap. No major welding, all spline counts match, and shift hole almost spot on.
  13. Well, your axle tube rests above your leaf springs. A traditional lift kit will lower your ride height not increase it. The only thing you can use would be air bags and (or) shackle extensions.
  14. A running vehicle is much easier to sell than one that’s not. If it only needs a $20 coil, you should purchase and install it. Most purchasers will need to do a test drive before buying.
  15. Welcome to our forum. First thing to check is your rear axle. If you have duel rear wheels, each wheel should have 6 lug nuts. If you only find 5, the axle is unsafe and needs to be upgraded to the 6 lug ff axle.
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