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  1. fred heath


    My link is not longer secure. Keep getting pop up ads when logged into this site. Linda S, the banner at top of my iPhone page says “Not Secure” before toyotamotorhome.org. Could you email me what steps I should take to get back to a secure page? As of now I’m deleting my current link. Thanks, Fred
  2. There was no “safe” upgrade to the 5 lug axle. In 1985 or 86 (not sure which) due to multiple axle failures the mfg’s (not Toyota) upgraded to the 6 lug, ff axle. I don’t believe the seller is trying to mislead you but may be uninformed himself. Feel free to show him this thread. The current axle is UNSAFE, and will need to be changed. Good luck. Fred
  3. As the name says it’s a Granville (model name). Regarding the 5 lug rear axle. They are unsafe and must be changed. The costs can run around $2K. I would reduce my purchase offer by this amount to allow money to make the upgrade. Remember, you’re buying a 35 year old drivetrain. Caveat emptor is the key here.
  4. Old school technique. If you have an inductive pickup timing light attach to each plug wire in any order. Observe the flash with each wire. A miss will show up in the flash sequence. Once you find the bad cylinder(s) start your trouble shooting from there. It’s a poor mans oscilloscope.
  5. I agree. These old homes are unique and getting harder to find (decent ones). Anyone looking for a turnkey, jump in and go motor home should consider something new ($75-100K). For those of us that like getting our hands dirty and probably spending more money on upkeep than we should, Toyota is my choice. It’s a real hoot when a guy in a new BMW M-6 passes you and gives you a thumbs up 👍. My home is a 1979. I’m the third owner (documented) and it had 97K original miles on it. To date I’ve sunk over $17K into it. I’ll probably drop another $10K on cosmetics and paint before I’m done. These things get under your skin. I’ll never sell it. I’ve actually listed it in my will to go to a good friend who also appreciates how unique these little campers are.
  6. If the mechanicals checkout, it’s not a bad price. Unless you’re a purest, a gutted coach is not a bad way to start. As long as you have the trade abilities to renovate you can design the interior to your particular taste. This is what I did with my rig, and I have no regrets. Caveat Emptor is key here. The seller wants to sell, so they may be remiss 🤫 to disclose any defects. Good luck. Fred
  7. Google “scooter mufflers “. They’re small, inexpensive and can be modified to fit your genset. The alternative is to order a replacement muffler from Onan ($$$).
  8. I use 5/16” for my 20R. You probably could use 1/4” if needed.
  9. You’re correct Linda. 1979 was a transition year for Toyota trucks. The easiest way to determine the correct parts is if you have 4 headlights, you order parts for a 1978. I recommend you change the booster at the same time.
  10. fred heath


    It is if you want your furnace to work.
  11. Everything Donnie said. There’s a flip open cover at the bottom of the arm. Lift this up to gain access to the release nut. Before removing the arm use a paint stick or nail polish to make an index mark on both the threaded shaft and the arm itself. This way the arm can go back in at the same location without needing adjustment. Many times the arm will be frozen to the shaft. A little WD40 or similar lubricant allowed to sit for awhile should make the arm removal easier.
  12. From a personal perspective, the flat glass would be my choice. If it gets damaged or destroyed any glass shop could fabricate a replacement piece.
  13. Try “ Propane Warehouse “. They have LP accessories for just about everything. Very reasonably priced.
  14. Just completed a 923 mile trip from NC to NH. Drove straight through stopping only for gas. Took 17 hours. The truck ran perfect. Not bad for a 40 year old original engine 🙂. Averaged 18 mpg (no bull). Remember, my toy is only 16’ long and weighs 4200 lbs. I did add the Weber 32/36 last year. Really helped on the hills.
  15. I believe the op was concerned with the a/c working on generator power, not that the a/c was not working. Obviously, if no cold air is coming out the compressor is probably shot. Otherwise, changing out the capacitors and adding a hard start to the run capacitor insures the least amount of draw to run the system. I just did this to mine and it made a huge difference in both cooling and amp draw.
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