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  1. fred heath

    New to group and......

    Count the number of lug nuts on the rear axle. If you have duel tires and 5 lug nuts, the axle is unsafe and will cost lots of $$$ to replace. Tire age is also a biggy. They may look good but could be too old to be safe.
  2. fred heath

    Speedometer/ odometer fix

    I found it to be very accurate. It uses satellite to document your movement, much more accurate than your factory setup.
  3. fred heath

    Speedometer/ odometer fix

    If you have an old Garmin or similar GPS unit you can accurately check your speed and use the resettable trip odometer to keep track of mileage. On the garmin if you touch the speed bubble in the lower right corner it turns the entire unit into a digital speedometer. I don’t even look at my dash speedo anymore.
  4. fred I agree with you 100 percent I would  put the oem everthing and see how it works . I am not into led on a non led rig . but have converted my whole double wide house                           too led .

  5. fred heath

    1978 Toyota Sunrader need help

    I never said it couldn’t be done. I took exception the ease it could be done. The OP is having flasher troubles while using LED bulbs. Maybe it’s the bulbs, maybe it’s the flasher relay who knows. It’s smarter to go back to square one and see what happens with standard incandescent bulbs. If everything works as it should you can now start modifying things. It’s easy for someone who has electro/mechanical skills to modify the harness or fabricate a patch harness. Not so easy for someone who doesn’t. Don’t throw money at a problem hoping it will go away. Keeping in mind the factory relay requires it to be grounded to the chassis. You add a simple two pin relay (usually plastic) without the ground, the system won’t work correctly. I did go back and read my original response. I guess I could have worded it better. Toyota designed the turn/hazard and flasher unit to work in tandem with the original bulbs. Each component is matched to the other. That was the point I was trying to make. @GMG. I really don’t care what you’ve done to your truck. And the blade configuration is different on the Toyota wiring harness. Why don’t you remove the electrical tape covering your harness plug. Bet we’ll see a couple of 1/4” spade terminals there. I’ve done a lot of work on my truck also. I never claimed to be an expert. When it comes to the Toyota wiring harness I have much experience as I had to undo 40 years worth of PO modifications.
  6. fred heath

    1978 Toyota Sunrader need help

    Well it might work on your truck but it’s an aftermarket (homemade) connector. This is the correct flasher assembly for this truck. So unless the OP wants to try their luck at fabrication, I still stand by my post. So it’s not like later style flashers where you can buy a relay, unplug the old and plug in the new. I’m sure the OP’s unit looks like mine, not like yours.?
  7. fred heath

    1978 Toyota Sunrader need help

    Sorry, but there is no exclusive plug and play “ blinker relay” on my 1979 (transion year 1978) Toyota Hilux pickup chassis. Post a picture of your “independent relay” and I’ll be happy to concede to your post. Does your truck have 2 headlights or 4?
  8. fred heath

    1978 Toyota Sunrader need help

    I’m an advocate of when in doubt, go back to original and see what happens. Your front turn signals ground to the metal facia with the screws that hold then on. There is no separate ground wire. If your 4 ways are working, the grounds are probably good. If you buy the “Haynes” manual for your truck they carry an electrical diagram it the back along with simple circuits like start, headlights etc. it’s made for England so some of the terms used sound strange but are self evident. Good luck.
  9. fred heath

    1978 Toyota Sunrader need help

    The 1978 model is different. You can not just replace the blinker relay. The blinkers and emergency flashers are controlled by a single electronic unit. They work in tandem with each other.
  10. fred heath

    4wd Japanese motorhomes direct from Japan

    Why don’t you just punish all of us and remove your useless profile.
  11. fred heath

    Toyota chinook 76 vin number ?

    This is a sample of what your ID plate should look like. You should find the same chassis # stamped on the drivers side frame rail adjacent to the lower control arm. As long as these two numbers match, you should be good to go.
  12. fred heath

    Toyota chinook 76 vin number ?

    The ID plate on the inside drivers fender gives you the chassis ID number. It should start with the letters “RN” followed a series of numbers. Remember, motorhomes mfg bought the cab and chassis then put their coach bodies onto it. Many times they assigned their own VIN to the finished product. If you cannot find the mfg supplied VIN and it becomes an issue, see if you can get the seller to issue you a bill of sale showing the chassis #. Good luck.
  13. fred heath

    Buy it or Leave it? 1978 Little Chief, 43,500km

    If the rear axle has duel wheels and only has 5 lug nuts you should walk away. These axles are unsafe and can be quite expensive to replace. The asking price seems high to me for a vehicle needing as many repairs as this one needs. Also, keep in mind you only have a 5 digit odometer. That vehicle could have 143,500 or 243,500km depending on how many times the odometer has “ rolled over”. Best to have someone with a good auto mechanical background evaluate the drivetrain.
  14. fred heath


    Did you pull the rear wheel cover and check that you have the 6 lug ff axle?
  15. Find a shop that works on heavy trucks. Their lifts will easily accommodate your Toyota.