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  1. That's a 30" diameter tire. I'm sure you checked front to back wheel well clearance. Be sure to measure distance from the bump stop to the top of the wheel well. You don't want to damage your tires first time you bottom out.
  2. You got to weigh the rear of the motor home to make sure your tires can carry the weight. A new rear driveshaft will probably be needed unless you can source an adapter to mate the Toyota driveshaft to the Ford axle. It can be done.
  3. Upgrading the Foolies

    You need the GO82 axle shafts. Standard p/u will not work. Different lengths and spline count. The only used axle shafts would have to come from another mh or box truck with the same axle (if you can find one). And do you really want to take a chance? This is why they show a left and right side. The 8" shafts are interchangeable, there is no left and right. I spent 2 weeks looking with no luck.
  4. Upgrading the Foolies

    Simple Answer. (I've had my coffee 😊). No one stocks these axle anymore. I did exhaustive research before upgrading my axle. The local Toyota dealer couldn't even get them from Japan. The only option would be to have them custom made. I found a shop that would do a pair for $700.00. I would still need to ship my old axle shaft to them for measurement. Personally, I'd do my swap. But I'm not sure what the budget is.
  5. Upgrading the Foolies

    You probably have the GO82 axle. The older toys had a smaller chassis than later models. Relocating the spring perch's is a must if you go with a later model axle. Any way you go it's going to cost some money to make the change. Are you close enough to home to have your toy towed? If you are, that would be my suggestion. Then you can look at replacement options without the stress of being stranded. Also, try to find a truck garage to do the work. Their bays can fit your toy in. Good luck. If you can find a 1975-78 Toyota pickup rear axle it should be a straight swap. It will have the 7.5 ring gear instead of the 8". You're light enough to get away with it as long as you stay with SINGLE rear wheels.
  6. Okay... dare i say... 'Wood stoves?!'

    Why would anyone want to put a wood burning stove into a 30+ year old tinderbox? Aside from the obvious "where to put it", you still have to find a way to safely dispose of hot ash and coals. NFPA has several videos of how long it takes a mobile home to burn completely to the ground. Usually less than 5 minutes. As far as the Kimberly wood stove. For 4K you could install a completely new lp furnace and still have lots of money left over. Finally, lets not forget our good friends at the insurance company 😊. How long do you think it will take to cancel your policy when they find out you have a woodstove installed? For those thinking "nondisclosure" remember most companies have underwriting guidelines that require notice of changes to the original equipment. No notice could void your policy.
  7. Ultimate RV

    If you get tired of driving your fuel efficient, reasonably priced awesome Toyota RV you could always upgrade to one of these. http://www.foxnews.com/auto/2017/11/03/earthroamer-xv-hd-is-1-5-million-dollar-monster-rv.html
  8. Dolphin Coach Battery Hookup

    Your converter will run things like lights, radio etc. without the coach battery being hooked up. Any amp drawing appliances (furnace motor) need a charged coach battery to operate.
  9. Fixerupper in Connecticut

    If it has the 6 lug ff rear axle it might be saleable. If the 5 lug "foolie", probably best for parts.
  10. Fuel gage fix is important. It won't increase your gas mileage but will keep you from being stranded. For a short term fix,take your 10mpg and multiply by tank gallon capacity. I.e. 10 mpg x 17(gallon tank) = 170 miles. Use your odometer to tell when its time for gas.
  11. 1985 22RE Dolphin wiring harness

    Try "painless wiring". They make custom wiring harnesses with all wires labeled as to where they go. Not sure how much $, but a place to start.
  12. Fuel Gauge no workie, '81 mini-cruiser

    Fuel tank sender is the likely cause. Check eBay for a seller "atomboys". They're out of Thailand but carry a lot of hard to find parts for the early Toyotas.
  13. Never reuse an old seal. If you pull it, replace it.
  14. Furnace blows but no heat

    You have a sight glass that allows you to look into the combustion chamber. Most furnaces will shut down after a cycle period if they sense no combustion. Leave the furnace running and see if you get heat, or it shuts itself off. If the blower does not eventually shut off on its own it's probably the circuit board. Best to take it to a furnace repair shop if your not sure what to do.
  15. Furnace blows but no heat

    That whole unit looks pretty beat-up. Try cleaning all the contact surfaces. If the blower is purging the fire box but not igniting, it's either going to be the sail switch or the controller board. Either one will involve digging into the guts of the furnace. You may want to look at a "Mr. Buddy" heater at someplace like WalMart as a temporary fix.