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  1. Don't think its a scam. Picture is not the actual vehicle. Would be good for parts (ff axle etc.)
  2. I own a 1978. Post a picture and description of the toy you're looking to buy. Important to check the rear axle. If you only have 5 lug nuts and dual rear wheels the axle is UNSAFE. Will cost $$$ to replace.
  3. It should be on the outside of the frame rail, on the large flat surface.
  4. Drivers side. Left if sitting inside. The numbers may be covered with rust or road dirt. There is a big spread between our mfg years. Hopefully Toyota remained consistent with their ID placement.
  5. I know of a late 80's or early 90's Toyota box truck at a salvage yard in NH. It's been there for years. Has the ff axle, 6 lug front hubs and all wheels (as of last August). The thing that struck me funny was it was a parts delivery truck for a large Toyota dealer. No sag that I could see.
  6. My rig is much older than yours (1978). My chassis serial number is stamped on the left front frame rail just forward of the lower A-arm. You may need a wire brush to find it.
  7. Just a FYI. The axle assembly you have appears to be the Toyota GO82 with the 8" differential. They no longer make replacement axle shafts for this unit. If your determined to use "as is" I suggest you get a tow policy and don't drive any further from your house then you can be towed. Also drive slowly. If you break an axle at any kind of speed, it could be very bad!!!!!
  8. You have 12 volt dc with the truck running. Your A/C and any house outlets need 120 volt ac to run. Your truck will not produce 120 volts ac. They are two completely different systems.
  9. You have two different electrical systems. Anything 120 volt must have shore power or a generator. Anything 12volt is run from your coach battery.
  10. You really paid top dollar for having old springs rearched and two new leaves added. The labor time is about normal. They should have undercoated the leaves to prevent squeaking and rounded down the spring keepers. It may be sitting high now, but hope its still the same in a few months.
  11. I purchased model 59333 two stage regulator. Went through 4 of them (all defective) before going to propane warehouse. Camco is very responsive and continued to replace them. But a bad batch is still a bad batch.
  12. You could convert to a GM ff 1 ton axle. Cost would be the same or slightly more depending on how crazy you want to go with rebuilding the axle. You will need a new driveshaft as there are no adapters to convert the Toyota driveshaft to accept the spicer 44 u-joint you will need to make the hook up. The 14 bolt axles are pretty common. Plus it will allow you to go to single rear wheels. If you decide to go this route, try to find a shop that works with gm trucks. When you see that older Chevy 4x4 jacked with big tires ask the owner who does the work. Budget 3-4k for the swap.
  13. That looks like a foolie axle. Does the rear have 5 or 6 lugs?
  14. I've had really good experience with this company. Avoid any camco products as there seems to be a QC issue with their regulators.