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  1. Fuel tank volume

    Some of the Toyota trucks of that generation had very conservative tank gages. You may very well have an extra 2 gallons in the tank even though your gage reads empty. Only way to know for sure is to drain the tank and refill, or drive until you actually run out of gas (not the best way). Your tank is probably 17 gallons. Your fuel gage is probably the culprit.
  2. Return trip, NH to NC

    Just returned home after installing my new Weber 32/36 carburetor. Also changed out my 4 speed transmission (was making noise) for another identical transmission (thanks JD). Trip was flawless. New carburetor functioned above expectation. Drove a total of 928 miles in just under 23 hours. Allowing 3 hours for power snoozing. Got the best gas mileage I've ever had. The Weber for $199.00 was a great investment.
  3. Furnace help

    Even with no lp the the furnace motor should kick on to purge the fire box. First thing to do is make sure you have 12V power to the furnace. Next, remove the cover from the wall thermostat and bridge the two contact terminals with a jumper wire. This will bypass the thermostat. If the blower motor starts running, the thermostat is bad. If still no motor, the hydroflame motors have a 5V circuit breaker . Look for a small button (inside the furnace, usually black) with the #5 on the face. Make sure this not extended. If yes, push it back in to reset. Finally, it could be the circuit board. Keep us updated on your results.
  4. Proud owner of a Toyota SCAT

    Joe, Not sure with newer models than mine. There should be a label or plate with that info under the hood somewhere. If not, take the VIN# to a Toyota parts department. They should be able to obtain what you need. Good luck, Fred.
  5. Proud owner of a Toyota SCAT

    There should be a metal plate inside the engine compartment, usually on drivers side inner fender. Will give you all drivetrain info including trans # and axle#. Will also give you the paint code.
  6. Proud owner of a Toyota SCAT

    Are they singles or duels? 5 lug with duel rear wheels (foolies) are not really safe to drive around on. If single rear wheels you should be fine. New axle bearings and seals would be a good idea.
  7. Proud owner of a Toyota SCAT

    This should help with your front grill sections. http://m.ebay.com/itm/TOYOTA-HILUX-RN20-RN25-TRUCK-PICKUP-FRONT-GRILL-GRILLE-NEW-GRAY-COLOR-/171006545980?nav=SEARCH
  8. Proud owner of a Toyota SCAT

    Welcome to our forum. Some additional info such as what year and engine it has. There should be an ID plate on the drivers side inner fender near the headlights. That will give you the frame #, engine, model#, trans code and rear axle code. Rear axle is important. Does it have 5 lugs or 6?
  9. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Yes you do. Once the insurance company has "totaled" your vehicle, they assume all costs for storage, towing etc. You have to sign a "release" to receive your check. Most likely you are dealing with an "independent" appraiser hired by your carrier. Their only mission is to settle claims as quickly and cheaply as they can. Notify your appraiser you intend to discontinue your storage agreement. This will give you more bargaining power. They now know storage is on "their dime". I think your mh is probably worth the buyout price. But remember, you'll now have a "salvage title" which will make it harder to sell in the future. If you like it, and your willing to take a chance, I say "pull the trigger".
  10. Houston flood took my toyhome

    Make a counter offer. Every day they keep possession costs them money. They will have to pay for towing, storage and auction fees. If you really want to keep it, pay the buyback price or wait until you get your settlement check. Then attend the auction and bid on the unit yourself. People unfamiliar with Toyota motorhomes will be hesitant to bid for it. I suspect there will be many vehicles for sale.
  11. Help I need a new water heater

    A little off the topic, but I remember a neighbor of mine when I was a kid converted an old small school bus into a camper. He solved his hot water issues by soldering 5 or 6 old heater cores together, painted flat black and mounted on the roof between 2 sheets of Plexiglas. A 12V demand pump kept the system pressurized. He always had plenty of hot water (on sunny days 😊).
  12. Houston flood took my toyhome

    If it's fresh water damage it might be salvageable. Salt water tends to mess with electrical wires, connectors etc. Insurance will probably sell it back for cheap. Most salvage yards don't take motorhomes because they don't want to take up space with the coach. I'm sure Houston salvage yards are going to be full. Sorry to here about your loss. 😩
  13. So maybe it's not a genuine Weber". For a difference of $150.00 I'll take a chance with a knockoff. The carburetor functions flawlessly. That's all I'm concerned with. There are many colas not made by Coca-Cola that taste just fine. I can't really tell the difference. 😊
  14. http://www.webercarbsdirect.com/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=22680.033B Plus an additional $40.00 for all the adapters to make it fit onto a 20R or 22R. Well worth the extra money.
  15. Just completed swapping my factory carb for a new Weber. What a difference. Much more pep and performance. Should have done this years ago. Last picture is my mh theft deterrent 😊.