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  1. One thing I've noticed over the years, and makes a good bargaining point with your insurance company is as follows: If your vehicle is towed from the scene of the accident, and your insurance company decides to "total" the vehicle, the first thing they want you to do is sign a "release" for the vehicle. By law, they can't touch you vehicle until you release it. This means they (the insurance co.) has to pay whatever the daily storage charge the garage requires. If your not happy with the offer, refuse to release your vehicle. Each day the insurance company must pay these charges. If say, the garage gets $50.00 per day for storage, the cost can run up quickly. This puts you in a much better bargaining position. 😊
  2. Your dealing with cast aluminum. Too much torque will strip the threads. Try removing the two bolts that will come out. This should give you some slack between the head and the thermostat housing. Tap a small wooden wedge(or something similar) between the two surfaces to create upward pressure while removing the stubborn bolt. Be careful not to gouge the mating surfaces.
  3. How's this for an insurance nightmare. My 1979 was insured by progressive for over 3 years while I lived in NH. I moved to NC and contacted progressive here. As underwriting was reviewing my equipment list I answered "no" to the bathroom question (my rig never came with a toilet or shower). Suddenly, I was no longer insurable due to "no bathroom". They gave me 30 days to find alternative coverage. I then contacted USAA (I'm a vet). They don't insure motor homes but referred me to progressive. I explained my situation to them but they couldn't do anything to help. Finally my insurance agent suggested I insure it with a commercial policy through Farm Bureau Insurance. They're a NC company. They accepted my valuation and I applied a separate rider for my generator and 2K for interior furnishings. I think if you can find a smaller, local company, you might have better luck. For what its worth I have over $15K invested in my rig. I'll never get that money back. But I never plan to sell it anyway.
  4. Check out taking a commercial vehicle policy. I insured my rig through Farm Bureau insurance in NC. I have 5K on the mh, a rider for $2500.00 to cover the generator, $2K on interior furnishings and a $250.00 tow reimbursement. Costs less then $500.00 per year. That includes liability, comprehensive all the coverage of a standard policy. My rig is 38 years old.
  5. They're getting better. Usually the price is a very low, odd number. I.e. $2009.00 with a printed text number overlaying the picture. I bet I flag two or three of these ads every week. This $ was close enough to be legit.
  6. Not sure if this is a scam. Price seems reasonable. But only one picture???????
  7. Most Toyota motor homes were built on the one ton truck chassis. This is what you want to specify when ordering parts. Franks Garage in Hampton, NH does excellent work on my rig. He's a heavy truck shop about 1 1/2 hours north of Boston. His # (603) 926-4900.
  8. Found this on CL. Not sure if it's factory or homemade.
  9. AAA Plus/RV only tows 100 miles. I've had very good luck with AAA. I also have a tow rider on my insurance which will reimburse up to $250.00 (Farm Bureau NC). Any mileage over 100, AAA charges $4.00 per mile. So I'm good for up to 160 miles.
  10. It looks like the 7000 btu mini-mach. I have the same unit on my coach that was installed in 1979 and it still works fine. The shrouds tend to get destroyed, but a universal replacement shroud will do the trick. These old systems are ammonia based. The system is a closed loop and sealed. Never needs to be recharged like Freon.
  11. Try this company. Very good product. Stay away from Camco products.
  12. My hydraulic system (including clutch) uses DOT 5 Silicone. The bottle will be labeled with this number. It is pricy, but doesn't absorb water. BUT REMEMBER!!!!!!!! The entire system needs to be flushed of any old brake fluid before adding the DOT 5. The two fluids will not mix.
  13. It sounds like the problem is in the genset. Onan should be able to start the A/C especially if its the only appliance drawing power. Try starting the A/C in fan only. Once the generator stabilizes then turn on the compressor. How does the A/C operate when on shore power?
  14. I second Maineah's thoughts. Go back to basics. Check all wiring associated with the wiper motor. If the isolator is pulling power from the wiper harness disconnect it also. Then start reconnecting wires, with the isolater being last. One problem with using power from the wiper harness it removes power from the wiper motor itself. Your wipers should have two speeds (low/high). If you only have one speed find another wire to power the isolator.
  15. Welcome to our forum. A picture of your rig will help members to identifying potential trouble areas. The big question, does your rear axle have 5 lugs or 6? 6 lug is good. 5 lug is not good.