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  1. I have a 1986 Dolphin and the fiberglass does not look as good as I would like it to. What is the best way to get it looking new? Thanks
  2. kdr2171

    Average age of Toy owners?

    I am 41, wife is 34, kids are 6 and 2
  3. kdr2171

    Side mirror brackets

    thanks thats a great idea, now to find a shop is another issue
  4. kdr2171

    Side mirror brackets

    Hello All, I am having a really hard time replacing the side mirror brackets on my '86 Dolphin. Does anyone have a spare set they would be willing to sell? Thanks
  5. kdr2171

    Cab mirror brackets

    great i will look again today. Thanks!
  6. kdr2171

    Cab mirror brackets

    that looks great. mine are too far gone so i need to replace both sides and I am not having any luck, i even contacted velvac.
  7. kdr2171

    Cab mirror brackets

    Thank you! I think I should have specified that I need the whole system, not just the bracket.
  8. kdr2171

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    1986 Toyota Dolphin, Sterling CT
  9. kdr2171

    Cab mirror brackets

    Hello, I have a 1986 Dolphin and I am in need of the brackets for the side mirrors on the truck cab. The ones I have are really rusted and in poor shape. Any one have any I can buy or do you know where I can find them? Thanks
  10. kdr2171

    Dolphin lettering

    anyone know where to get the lettering for an 86 dolphin, mine is peeling off and it looks horrible
  11. kdr2171

    side mirror brackets

    thanks, what about the brackets for the door though? any thoughts
  12. kdr2171

    side mirror brackets

    Thanks, will look into that!
  13. kdr2171

    side mirror brackets

    anyone know where to get side mirror brackets, mine are really rusted and rotted through. Thanks
  14. kdr2171

    new exhaust parts

    I need more than the muffler, i need all the pipes after that as well. I wanted to do it myself but if i cant find the parts then i will have to go to a local muffler guy and by that i mean not one of the national chains.
  15. kdr2171

    new exhaust parts

    I will try that