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  1. Removed cab over wide window. New Filon from just below clearance lights down to crossover metal bar above cab. Anybody have experience with this type repair? Not sure in what order it's best to put back together. Plan to glue luan & curved foam piece on fiberglass then install. Any input welcomed.
  2. Replacing vinyl insert trim in cab overhang. Existing measures 7/8" pushed flat, 3/4" with curve functioning, 3/16" "wings" on each side. Anybody have suggestion on what to buy & color. Factory seem to be off white, antique white. See there's offerings in narrow, regular, & heavy duty. Polar white & colonial white. Thoughts on what to buy that will fit in existing aluminum trim? Thanks.
  3. vrocrider

    Grooved styrofoam source?

    I've noticed the over the cab curved area uses a grooved Styrofoam under the filon FRP skin. Anybody know a source for this? Thanks.
  4. I have a small area in the cab over near the roof that is damaged. Roughly 4" x 10" from the corner seam over to the center. The filon in this area has no wood backing and is laid over foam. My plan is to cut damaged filon so I have straight lines. Remove any loose foam. I'll insert epoxy and fiberglass cloth just under the Filon surface and fill any voids under cloth with spray foam from a can. I'll trace opening I have created and cut a new piece of Filon to fit in hole supported by fiberglass cloth. I'll epoxy in new Filon. Does this sound like a good plan? Suggestions? I've done some body work before but no fiberglass work. Thanks.
  5. Rebuilding overhang area. Decided to replace section of fiberglass that goes underneath overhang on top of truck cab. Got a tear when scraping off remnants of Luan & can't get a good clean surface I can use for bonding. I'm considering Crane brand that appears to be big supplier to RV OEMs. Titan Supply on ebay lists a type Crane AWF88 that's .045 thick at around $15 per sq. ft. Much cheaper is an Amazon listing for Crane AWF85-5 .040 thick from PPL in Tx. at $3.75 foot. Familiar with PPL & surprised they offer this. Maybe old stock. Unable to see either catalog number on Crane web site. Anybody know what type skin type I should use? Thanks.
  6. Suggestions on what glue to use on more than spot repairs? Seems like I saw a post for West Marine epoxy but can't find it now. Going to replace the wood in the overhang. Also, what to use to clean backing of fiberglass? Thanks.
  7. vrocrider

    Dolphin may be totaled due to rat damage

    The oxidized banjo bolt at the bottom of the picture is connecting the main metal fuel line to the fuel rail. There's one in the front & back of fuel rail. I was there a few weeks back on my 3VZE V6 when I changed the injectors. If I looked at the picture without knowing the story I'd swear the rubber hose is carrying coolant to keep intake manifold at a desired elevated temp. Rusted factory hose clamp is typical for coolant connection. I believe I had to remove a line similar to that in pictures that bled coolant when I removed plenum. A write up in shop manual should cover this & show pictures. Did you pull the rubber hose off & smell for gas? If yes then only thing I can think of is it may be part of a supplemental cold start fuel flow system. If gas there just don't see how the hose is in the condition it shows when surrounded by flame. I'm not trying to push you to fight a battle with insurance. As you said earlier, you posted just to let others know about insurance issue. That's good. If it were me I'd still be digging. I'm on this forum to be educated & educate others from my experience. I don't have to tell you fire is a serious thing. I'll be looking for that hose tomorrow & check it's health if it truly is carrying fuel. Best of luck on this.
  8. Curious to know what material folks are using in their Toyo RVs cab over front facing windshield. Glass or Lexan (polycarbonate)? Experienced auto glass guy here that can supply either says glass seals against potential water leaks better than poly. Poly offers less chance of breakage from road rash. Today's poly has scratch resistant coating & offers protection against UV vs. yesterday's product. Thanks for input.
  9. vrocrider

    Dolphin may be totaled due to rat damage

    Please note you probably have another problem that caused the gas to ignite. I'd start by checking battery cable connections both at battery & grounds to chassis / engine block in engine compartment. Open the hood in the dark & accelerate engine & look for ignition electrical pulse light from wires, distributor cap, plug boots, etc. Another test during the day is shake plug wires with your hand & see if you get shocked. I'd use only Toyota wire set if you have to replace.
  10. vrocrider

    Dolphin may be totaled due to rat damage

    Bite mark? Really? Guess the I adjuster is an animal control officer in his spare time! He's there to protect the insurance company. Don't let them take advantage of you!! "Bottom line: with Progressive anyway, check your vehicle at least every two weeks. I started and sometimes drove mine every month but admit that I didn't always check for a rat's nest under the hood." BS!! Nobody checks for rodents every 2 weeks. Don't wait on Progressive. You need to be proactive since they've spouted all this BS. If you have a local agent go talk to them & tell them this is BS. One of my points was that a fact of life is rubber deteriorates which equals not your fault!! That is If indeed it is a rubber fuel line. While I'm not a professional mechanic I've worked on a lot of cars and motorcycles in my 55 years of being a gear head I can't recall ever seeing a FORMED (90 degree) rubber FUEL line as you describe. My experience formed hoses usually carry coolant or vacuum. Rubber fuel hoses are common on motorcycles because of vibration and many curves they have to travel. As Linda said fuel lines are metal just for the reason you have experienced. Fire hazard. See you have a V6. I just went through my V6 fuel system replacing all 6 fuel injectors, fuel filter, pulling the intake plenum, inspecting fuel rail. It's all metal due to safety and high fuel pressure. At a minimum if no lawyer get a good mechanic to give you a report before you move vehicle. Talk to Toyota corporate. Tell them what insurance said about rubber fuel line in a 3.0L V6. Make a formal report with them. Also, a no cost strategy that worked for me is to call the state insurance commissioner and make a formal complaint. In my case situation went from insurance company accusing me of arson (house fire) to pick out whatever contractor you want to make repairs & stay at whatever hotel is convenient. Sorry. I get fired up when I see people being taken advantage of.
  11. vrocrider

    Window Sealing

    Does the glass push up against the upper part of the inverted L shape? Thanks.
  12. vrocrider

    Dolphin may be totaled due to rat damage

    "Looks like a rat had chewed the gas line which caused the fire." You've got to be kidding!! 1.) How can there be evidence of this in a burned engine compartment. 2.) I've had rodents make a nest under my intake manifold in RV parked for years. Some nibbling on wire insulation but no rubber damage at all. 3.) Rubber cracks & deteriorates over time. That's why tire manufacturers say a tire should be replaced after 7 years regardless of mileage. I'd sure fight this one. If you're from the "life's too short" world I'd pay a lawyer $200 to write a letter saying unacceptable. My experience with insurance on more than one occasion is they try to take advantage of you. If you say no way & fight back they quickly sing a different song. This one should be easy. Good luck.
  13. Would you be interested in selling front facing window frame & inside trim? Trying to fit a 12 1/8" x 59 1/8" x 7/8" hole in 91 Winnebago. Thanks.
  14. vrocrider

    Overhang rebuild materials list

    Thinking white oak or douglas fir on wood species. Should I be concerned on ability of fasteners to penetrate oak? I know I could drill holes but too much work. Thoughts? Thanks.
  15. vrocrider

    Window Sealing

    Sourcing a complete window with 2 1/2" radius corners is big bucks IF you can find a supplier. I spent an unreasonable amount of time last week, placed one order that was cancelled by the supplier, and still don't have a solution. My needs are to fill 12 1/8" x 59 1/8" x 7/8" front facing cab over window. Hopefully I'll solve my problem this week & post my experience.