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  1. linda, thanks for posting it for me, just sold it to the first looker, almost got what i was asking ) thanks again to all, the new owner will be joining i'm quite sure.
  2. thanks for doing that for me. it's been great all the info i have gotten here. i will be passing on this site to the new owner when that happens.
  3. need to find a shop that can raise it up to check out the starter wireing. shouldn't be too tough to confirm the starter is getting voltage and that it works. could even be the the ignition switch itself?
  4. For some reason couldn't get signed in to actually place an add. V6 auto. Good shape but not mint. It's in central Calif. If anyone interested email me at randydavilla@gmail.com. Is listed on Modesto's Craigslist.
  5. check out your make and model of converter. there were converters without built in battery chargers made in the 70's, i had one in a tent trailer. both converters i currently have has the output of the charger on the info label inside the door to the fuses on the converter. might find that info online if not labeled.
  6. thanks for the links linda, we actually already found a bigger class C, not ready for the monsters. i don't think i would like to drive something that big. found a 93, one owner, lived in a closed in barn so looks almost new in and out. paid a little too much but is very nice and hopefully it works out. decided the extra room was worth giving up the mileage. we don't get to use it that much, maybe 2000 miles a year if lucky. my wife won't be able to retire for a few years. again thanks to everyone i have learned from here and much will transfer to what we have now as far as the coach.
  7. i did a small area with a very fine steel wool to remove the hairs and black lines, not much effort. then washed and apllied a non buff type car wax, can't remember the name, came in orange bottle. looks great and after four months still looks clean. (and i live in the country with lots of dust) will be doing the whole thing that way soon. will probably used a floor wax product instead of car wax, i think it would be quicker, easier and just as effective.
  8. We will be selling our 1990 Dolphin. Approx 85000 miles. V6, auto, OD, cruise. Timing belt replaced about 48000 miles. Mileage has been between 14 and 15 MPG, all the trips we have done have included mountains. Tires replaced not long before i bought it, have receipts. We are located in the central valley of California, 20 miles from Merced. Once we do a little cleaning and use it once more time it will be available. In last 1 1/2 years we installed all four shocks, 800 watt inverter, wall mount for flat 21" screen, DVD player, vent covers, wall air conditioner, microwave, AC refrigerator, AM/FM cd player with remote in dash. Heater, hotwater heater, both AC's, Frig, stove top (haven't tried the oven, looks like it has never been used) water pump all work. If it's everything you ever wanted we would let it go before it's cleaned up for a little less. i have posted pictures on this site showing AC install and outside. We will be putting it on Craigslist once it is ready for a public showing. If anyone is interested they can email me at randydavilla@gmail.com and can share some pictures and answer questions. This site has been wonderful and we did get to meet some of you here. We decided something a little bigger would be better for us so are moving on. Thank you all for sharing information and answering questions.
  9. maybe your frig is on and when it starts it causes the gen to increase rpm's? could also be the airconditioner cycling the compressor off and on? just a couple of thoughts.
  10. i have a feeling it will depend on where you are, state, city etc. for instance calif doesn't watch the expired tags are cars very close, personnal experience, but in washington state i had a city patrol follow me into parking at the airport in seatle to write me a ticket, they had been paid, just not put on. personally i wouldn't risk it. if ticketed you would have to drill new holes and worry about the wireing to satisfy the ticket.
  11. http://modesto.craigslist.org/rvs/3552141307.html central california, i do not know anything about him, but 38 years in the business just might include stuff for some of our toys.
  12. i'd check your units weight and then go with tires that will handle it. i would think at least a LT tire rather than passenger car tire at least. add to your weight for other passengers and camping gear and maybe be a little generous on guessed weights.
  13. one more thing, if testing at the end of the wire from the coil, maybe that coil wire to the dist is bad?
  14. make sure your getting a good ground? had a coil problems years ago, first one i bought to replace it was defective (
  15. i did laugh, but remembered a cousin of mine that lived in Santa Cruz mountains, a place we would leave the central valley of California for to get out of the heat and flat lands. they would pack up the trailer and come down into the valley for a week at a time to the flat and heat for a change from what i have read here i believe many if not most like the little toy homes so they can get to out of the way places other means won't get you to and still be able to have some of the comforts of home. last summer took my adult son down a logging road and stayed next to a creek. no one else there and free and not far from Yosemite, actually just out of the park boundaries. a larger motor home would not have been able to get there because of low threes and narrow roads. we even crossed the creek three times by the time we got to the chosen spot. it was about an hour drive to cover the 10 miles off the paved road.
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