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  1. Yes they are screwed in but there is a catch.. They were installed before the outer siding was. So to get to the screw heads you need to take off the outer panels on the side and the roof to get them out cleanly. Because everything is 20+ years old the inner panels are very brittle and split and crack very easy. I will be posting a few more pics tonight of the work that got done today. Tomorrow I will snap a few pics of where the large screws holding the cabinets in are.
  2. just a small update. i have spent hours in this thing pondring ideas. so stuff has been done and old things ripped out. on with the pics..... i removed the windows, panels and insulation on the passenger side. I removed the rotted wheel well. monday i should be able to remove the rear window and panels
  3. Alright another update. pulled out the sink and bathroom side. Got a idea on what these switches go to? Black mold everywhere..... next step is removing the last wall and paneling then getting the shop vac in there and cleaning everything. Then sorting out the wiring.
  4. nope, no turning back now. Basically every piece of wood I am pulling out has water damage or mold, from being closed up with it leaking for so long. It could be worse lololol..... Yes there is a welded piece of angle iron for the seat belts. I would like a few belts back there but set something up a little better. I should get over there tomorrow for another update.
  5. Yesterday was a good removal day, I got the pretty much the entire left side removed. What I started with. Electrical and propane lines
  6. So i pulled the fridge, stove, most of the lower cabinets and all of the upper cabinets on that side out on weds, and I found out why the floor has a "slope". The floor is rotted and is not attached to the wall next to the door any more. This is also the cause of the door not being able to be locked with the deadbolt.... on with the pics My slope Looking from the inside to the door Where the fridge was. next will be removing the front seats to remove the fridge and the truck cab carpet.
  7. so on Monday i started with the tear down. I only had about an hour and a half. I got the nasty carpet and curtains removed and the rear upper storage compartment removed. I also readjusted the tarp on the roof so water would not collect and soak thru and leak inside Pics yes that plywood is soaked with water..... Does anyone have a wiring diagram for these? also was the floor designed to have a slope?? i will get a pic tomorrow. more work tomorrow
  8. Thanks for the reply in my thread! It makes me want to tear into it more. and get it over with. Bookmarked!
  9. http://www.expeditio...rra-Expeditions would it work for our set-ups??
  10. Here is a link to my welcome thread and some more pics http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4126 converter hot water heater? stove fridge ARB Fridge 799.00 50Q http://www.sierraexpeditions.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=979 Thoughts??
  11. Hello all, I will be starting a full remodel on our 82 dolphin 500 soon, But I am not sure where to start or what to save. The fridge is nasty from being neglected for 10+ years as well as the stove/oven unsure on the working condition on both. The shower does not work, no idea about the septic system. The coach battery is beyond dead the power converter is the original unit. so what do I do? do I chuck everything and start fresh? Here are some of my ideas so far Junk the fridge and the stove. purchase a 47L ARB fridge freezer and a simple propane stove (i also have a 4runner i could use both items in). all new cabinetry (the same size as the originals. Remover shower head and connected pipes,controls and sink, keep toilet and shower pan. use a removable solar shower ( again it can also be packed in said 4runner) is there a way to upgrade the power converter and the water heater? what are the best units? what is a good option for the coach battery?? thanks in advance B
  12. Here is a PDF of the FSM (Factory Service Manual) Starts on page EG2–19 FSM Tune Up
  13. Thanks, I cant wait too! So first things first I pulled the oversized Ac unit off the top, Since it drizzled a small amount last night about about a half gallon of water collected around the unit that I did not see in-till I broke the seal loose and it all came rushing inside. Fun Fun After that I placed two Deep reach bug bombs inside, then tarped it up for a few days.Each bomb one will cover 1,500 sq feet. There was a lot of stuff moving around in there on the drive home that I wanted "taken care of" before I started the tear down.
  14. Well I finally got this little guy home, It drove fine just needs a tune up, some fluid changes, a few exhaust gaskets and a clutch master. In its new parking spot. Tomorrow it gets bug bombed
  15. Here are a few links and info I found Bracket Kit Info from YotaTech
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