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  1. You can light up a good piece of property behind you with those back-up lights. I thought that having one 18 watt led light mounted on my ladder was bright. I hope that you are happy with your lights. I love my led lights that I put on. I changed out my tail light fixtures, extra back up light, all marker lights and my license plate light. I still have my original headlights but I am looking for replacements.
  2. Welcome to insanity. I hope that you learn about your new to you RV. I have an '88 Eacaper that my wife and I have travelled from WI through every state west of here except New Mexico. We even hit a few of Canada's provinces. We hope to continue travelling to include more western trips and going east. When you have questions about these antiques, just ask and someone will probably have the answers.
  3. I put labels on the positive and negative battery wires to make sure I don't put the wires on backwards in the future. You never know when you may have a senior moment and hook it up backwards.
  4. On most RV's all of the interior lighting runs on 12 volts all of the time. The battery powers everything (except refrigerator) in the coach until you plug it in. At that time, the converter supplies 12 volt power to charge the battery and power lights, water pump etc. There is not an AC/DC manual switch.
  5. If you have a running fuel pump when you jump it AND 12 volts at the connector where it hooks up to the pump, I would guess that you are not getting a good connection when you hook the wiring harness up to the pump. You could have a bunch of corrosion on one or both halves of the quick connection. Try plugging and unplugging the connection a bunch of times to get the corrosion off of the contacts. You could also use a very small screwdriver to try clean the connection. If you get the fuel pump running, put some dielectric grease on the plugs to cut down on future corrosion. If my RV has been sitting for a while since I used it, I turn the key to the run (not start) position and listen for the fuel pump to run. It should run for a couple of seconds to get the fuel pressure up to where it should be.
  6. Welcome to the forum. I am surprised that nobody has responded yet. Hopefully someone will respond soon. I have an Escaper with fiberglass over an aluminum frame.
  7. My Escaper has the convex on the bottom. I adjust my flat (top) mirror so that I just barely see the edge of the coach and have the horizon about a third of the way from the top. My convex mirrors are adjust a little further out. With the mirrors adjusted like that, I can see pretty much everything on the side of the RV. I still use my copilot to check for vehicles on the right when switching lanes.
  8. My '88 Escaper ('87 c & c) has the exact setup as Derek's diagram. When we bought the RV (5 years ago) I changed my belts and I carry my old belts in every vehicle for spares. When I change the belts this year, I will discard the belts that were on it when I bought the RV and carry the 5 year old ones. The spare belts are carried inside the door where the electric cord is stored. I also use a Sharpie marker and write the following information on the radiator support: oil filter number, oil type and capacity, the length of each of the three belts, antifreeze capacity, all hose numbers (NAPA numbers) & air filter number.
  9. We have used canned chicken from WalMart. It is called Valley Fresh chicken breast with broth. We drain the broth from the meat, use the part of the broth and part water to make chicken flavored Noodle-Roni. Add the meat and some vegetables and have a very fast meal. We use no salt vegetables. The stuff taste pretty good but it is still pretty salty. I have seen the beef but will see if they carry it locally. Having food that requires n refrigeration is good. My wife and I do not save the little bit of food that is left-over. We usually eat it all or have a couple of spoons of food.
  10. Many states have mud flap requirements. Check out this site to see if EW RW
  11. We hate to see anyone leave and we will miss you. Please tell the next owner about the site so that we can get to know someone new. I hope that you find what you want for your next project.
  12. Hopefully someone with good information will log on and help you out. Normally an answer does not take this long.
  13. I would use a 12 gauge cord. Also use the shortest cord possible. When I bought my Escaper, the woman had a 50 ft 14 gauge cord connecting the RV to her garage to show me that the AC worked. When I unplugged it to take the RV for a test ride, I showed her that the cord was so hot that I could not comfortably hang onto it. In addition to the AC running, the converter was also trying to charge the dead coach battery.
  14. I also put in a Progressive Dynamics 9245. My original converter was mounted under the oven and the distribution panel was about 4 ft away under the sofa. To mount the new unit I just had to unplug the old converter from a 120 volt outlet, remove the positive and negative wires, unscrew the unit and throw it in the trash. The new one was just the reverse, the 9245 gets screwed to the deck, attach the 12 volt wires, plug the unit in. It took about 30 minutes total. I plan on adding the charge wizard when I get the RV out of storage. I have seen photos on this site that had the converter and distribution panel in one unit. That may complicate the process.
  15. Locks only keep semi-honest people semi-honest. The totally dishonest will get in no matter what you do.