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  1. I hit the scrap yard and pulled the insulation from a Cadillac sedan. It was pretty thick and large enough that I covered the entire hood after trimming it to fit. I think it makes a difference but it could be that I just think it is quieter. The caddy hood was pretty bent up so they didn't mind me taking the insulation. I think they charged me $5.
  2. Install a tach and learn how to drive like your Toyhouse is a semi. Keep it in the middle of the power band and don't worry about what gear you are in. I live in a hill part of Wisconsin and drive about 60 miles to my some land that I own. I have to shift the RV like it is a stick because of the constant up and down driving. You get used to it and forget that it is really an "automatic". The engine starts to get low on RPM's if I let the tranny do its own shifting and my speed drops off quickly. Our hills are only about 500 ft tall but they are steep,
  3. I love this site. There are enough helpful and knowledgeable folks here to save us all a lot of money and time. Thanks to everyone here that lends a hand at keeping these old toys on the road.
  4. Free Tire 1987 dolphin

    What do you call "terrible on gas?" I get anywhere from 13 to 15 mpg if I drive 55 mph. My daughter drove for about 100 miles doing 65 to 70 and she got 9.5 mpg. That is not bad for a rolling house.
  5. Free Tire 1987 dolphin

    Please don't throw it away. There are only so many rims for these RV's. Can't someone use this? If I didn't live 1400 miles away I would come and get it. there has to be someone nearby that can use it.
  6. I put Bilsteins all the way around on my "88" Escaper. I think they work pretty good with my T-9 air suspension. But, compared to a bottomed out suspension with blown out original shocks anything would be an improvement. When I bought the RV, it would bounce for a long time after hitting a bump.
  7. Derek-Thanks for the information. There is a shorty Sunrader about 10 miles from where I live. i'll have to take a look at it the next time i drive by to see what he has for a rear axle.
  8. When my kids (4 daughters) were small and we had a very tight budget, we traveled all over the country in a Chevy Caprice and Starcraft pop-up. We chose to live on a tight budget so that we could take a 2 week vacation every year. We loved the pop-up and had set up and tear down totally nailed. We could pull into a camp site and get everything set up and dinner on the table in 5 to 10 minutes. We could pack up in a rain storm and put everything away without getting the mattresses wet. We would wrap the mattress in a cheap throw away painters plastic drop cloth before removing the bungees on the ends and taking down the support poles. One of our daughters recently bought her own pop-up and has a group of women that travel with her. In June they spent a week in Yellowstone. The husbands all get left home. It is a girls only vacation.
  9. I don't know what a shorty Sunrader weighs. Do you even need a one ton dually axle under there? The RV looks pretty light weight.
  10. 3 way Refrigerator

    My Escaper came with a dorm refrigerator. I tried running it on an inverter rated at 800 watts with 1600 watt surge. The refrigerator would not run on my inverter unless the engine was running. I changed our 120 volt for a Norcold 12 volt compressor unit from a sailboat. I do not suggest extended use while parked but my wife and I don/t stay long in one spot so everything stays charged.
  11. These RV's are all built from "off the rack parts." It does not matter the name on the side of the coach. Let us know the model and make of each appliance and someone probably has the owners manual. The truck itself is probably a 1985 Toyota hopefully with a replaced rear axle. When you order parts, just give them the VIN and the parts shop should be able to match your parts. Check the drivers door opening for the manufacture date of the vehicle. My 1988 Escaper is built on a 1987 Toyota one ton frame with factory dual wheels.
  12. Overheating going uphill

    Are you leaving the gearshift in overdrive and lugging the engine? That can cause heat buildup. I downshift and let the engine rev up to 4500 rpm's or so.
  13. I had an '82 pickup that had the same problem at about 100,000 miles. I had a real starter shop rebuild the starter and it was still working at 215,000 miles when the body fell off and I gave it to someone. A year later it was still running with 220,000 miles.
  14. Toyota Tundra

    I think I would just stay home and play with m toys there and park them in the garage at night. Way to much stuff to haul for me.
  15. Help me find parts

    Just remember that the truck portion of the RV is a 1 ton pickup. If they look up the vin they will find the right parts. I checked Rock Auto and found a RAYBESTOS FRC3888 Professional Grade; Reman. Includes: Caliper, Hardware, and Bracket Info Front Left; Heavy Duty; w/ 1 Ton Chassis They have ujoints and pretty much any part you will need. The also have the glass for the windshield for $161.