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    I enjoy kayaking, canoeing, camping, hunting, my Goldwing, spending time with my family.

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    1988 Escaper, 4 cyl, auto, bought 08-16-2011, 33,000 miles when we bought it, 58,000 now and enjoying it.
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  1. The perfect time is now.

    My father was a very frugal (more lie CHEAP) person. The only thing that he spent money on that was a necessary expenditure was to travel. My mom and he traveled all over the country all their life. That included loading 4 kids into our 60 Chevy without a/c and going from WI to Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, the east coast, Florida and many more places. Dad and Mom kept telling us that you should travel whenever possible because you never know what is coming ahead of you. All of my siblings, nephew, nieces, and my kids continue the traveling. Take you trip and think about how your wife would have enjoyed it.
  2. 1988 Shasta Revere Camper

    That looks bigger than my 20' Escaper. I don't have the table between the captains chairs. My Escaper is very similar to the 205RK.
  3. Need advice on back rack containers.

    I have a plastic truck tool box that frequently hitchhikes on my carrier. Chairs, a small plastic table, misc stuff gets stuck in there but I keep the weight very low.
  4. Mr. Heater?

    While hunting, I frequently camp in my Scamp with temps down to zero degrees (F) My furnace in the Scamp gave up the ghost about 5 years ago but I survive by adding an extra sleeping bag. I would rather wake up chilled than not wake up. Every winter here in Wisconsin, at least one or two ice fishermen or hunters end up dead from carbon monoxide poisoning due to using lp heaters in tents or ice shanties. I don't care if they have an oxygen depletion sensor or not, I believe the manufacturer when they say DO NOT USE them in an enclosed camper. Dead is dead. By the way, I am a DNR hunter education instructor and get the death announcements straight from the DNR, not from rumors.
  5. Brake lights do work when head lights are on

    I replaced all of my marker lights and brake/turn signals with new led fixtures. All of the connections are soldered and heat shrink tubing is installed. This got rid of all of my light problems (so far). It was worth the time and money spend. Before I changed the light fixtures, I was chasing problems all the time.
  6. How to use electric plugs in the cabin?

    I am sure that someone that actually uses electricity other than 12 volt will step in here pretty quickly. I keep it really simple and just use 12 volts to avoid spending tons of money.
  7. I have the springs shown in Linda's lower picture. I bought them from 3-T. I could not find the 5000 lb units shown in the upper photo. I run about 80 psi and the air suspension does a great job of raising the rear of the RV. Before installing the air suspension, I bottomed out on just about every bump and the ride reminded me of riding on a hay wagon. I love my air suspension. if this set ever wears out, I will be installing the 5000 lb units.
  8. Fire!

    Prayers headed to everyone in the areas affected by these fires.
  9. Newbie requesting advice

    You asked about a maximum altitude for a 4 cylinder. I have an '88 Escaper with 22Re engine and automatic tranny. I have been over several passes in the Rockies, including Independence Pass-12,095 ft, Beartooth Highway-10,947 ft, Tioiga Pass-9,943 ft, and Trail Ridge Road-11,827 ft and others. The only one that gave me any problems was going up Highway 14a from the west through the Bighorn Mountains. The engine warmed up a bit but never got warm enough to cause me any concerns. The biggest thing to remember is that the 4 cylinder engines love to rev up. Install a tach and don't lug the engine.
  10. Sound and heat reduction

    I simply bought a hood liner from a wrecked Cadillac and slipped it under the hood of my Toyhouse. I did not do any scientific heat reading before and after installation. I think it made a difference in engine noise that gets to us in the cab. I will eventually install carpeting and a firewall mat to cut down the noise and hopefully the temp in the cab also.
  11. I believe that you need to lubricate the connections through-out the shifting system. Spray some lube onto every connection from the steering column all the way to the transmission. I think that you have some rust or buildup on these joints and it loosens up after being moved a bit. Try unlocking the steering column and moving the shifter through all of the gear positions a couple of times to see if it gets easier after a couple times. One of my vehicles that sat for weeks without being used developed the same problem and it was resolved by lubrication.
  12. I pull my wheel bearings out to clean, re-grease, and adjust them about every 10,000 miles. If you know how to do it yourself, it only takes about an hour. There should be a very, very small amount of play on the bearings if they are done right. My bearings on my '88 Escaper were replaced just before I bought it (receipt in hand) 5 years ago. I have repacked them 3 times over 30,000 miles and they look and feel like new. Watch youtube and you will find several videos on how to do it yourself. Even better is to have someone talk you through it so that they can let you know if they are adjusted right.
  13. I disconnected the cooler line and ran the engine while dumping in fresh fluid at the same time. The fluid was changed just before I bought the RV 6 years ago and was still nice and clean. The old fluid did not smell any different than the new fluid. After my 7500 mile trip last year and only 3000 this year I will probably wait until spring to do it again. I can do it myself pretty cheaply. I am probably going to drop in a larger radiator next spring also.
  14. I installed an LED volt meter under the dash that gives me the voltage that is going to the rear (coach) battery. This volt showed me that my 3 month old isolator failed on the first day of my 2 week trip. I would have not known about the failure until my coach battery was dead at the end of the day.
  15. On our hills my speed drops off along with engine RPM's. I would rather shift it myself and not worry about burning the valves due to lugging the engine. These 22Re engines have a red line of 5500 and they love to spin. I try not to spin above about 4800 but that gives me about 45 mph in second gear.