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    my 2 little dogs, being outdoors, gardening, sewing, camping with my daughter, baking specialty cakes, helping with cancer benefits.

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  1. terrieo

    New to the game (need some help/advice)

    Hi! State parks in IL - if you have a disabled veterans card class A & B campsites are only $10/day utility fee, no camping fee charged any day of week, class C & D campsites (rough camping) no fee charged. IL Natural Resources site. Most states have reduced or no fee for vets, there's a site that lists info on fees for most states, sorry couldn't get it to paste here. Also there is a discount pass for national parks that it stated you could get thru VA dept. Google national camping fees for disabled veterans & the site explains it. Thank you for your service & sacrifices you are very appreciated, hope all goes well for you! TerrieO
  2. terrieo

    Hot floor under gas pedal

    I noticed this also, on way to rally last fall (was only 2nd time I had driven it very far), had a throw rug folded over the hump between seats & my small dog likes to sit there next to me, when we stopped a few hours later noticed rug & hump was really hot, we moved rug & pup, still seemed warm at times but not nearly as hot as at first. Wondered what ran under there, or if it was from a small manifold leak mechanic could hear before engine warmed up but told me could wait until returned from trip as it was sealing itself when engine warmed up & with the solid fire wall we didn't have to worry about any fumes coming into coach. So if trans runs under hump it was probably just that?, Should it get that hot? Should I have something checked???
  3. terrieo

    Dolphin rear panel mold

    Thx John for all the good info is much appreciated! Terrie
  4. terrieo

    Dolphin rear panel mold

    Hi John, Sorry was replying & got kicked out to another pg & wouldnt let me back in for awhile! I learned a few yrs ago to cover a persons upper body with garbage bag, then use that brown packing tape you have to wet to make stick likes on boxes, to make a sewing mold specific to that persons shape, so I took foil taped it to pass side panel, smoothed out into all grooves etc, then wet & glued a couple layers of that brown packing tape over the foil leaving it pliable enough to take off rv, layed out on long table & used dowel rods the correct size to invert the grooves & hold them & molded edges where would att to wheel well & bumper as should be for drivers side, let dry over night then applied several more layers of the brown tape & clear packing tape to both front & back of mold to stiffen it up more & let dry overnight again, it's still not perfectly stiff (found that out in wind when trying to attach it to rv to take the pic), thought if Maxxfab thinks he can use it for a mold I'd try stiffening it up more by coating with either varnish or decopage glue & letting it dry again. I don't know if I'm brave enough to try fiberglassing something that big, did my cracked shower pan & bathroom sink last yr, but had trouble with the goo setting up too fast & getting glompy on me, would hate to waste $ it will cost for that much stuff, was hoping Bryan (Maxxfab) could do that part, but I'm willing to give it a try if he wants me to do it. ( I know when painting it for getting the texture of the original pc that Rustoleum makes a textured spray paint as used it as under coat on showerpan last yr & it's about same texture as the panels, trouble will be trying to match that greyish blue of top coat.) So what do ya think? TerrieO
  5. terrieo

    Dolphin rear panel mold

    Hey guys, will this work for a mold of the missing piece? If so, does it need to be laminated or covered with slick tape or something so the fiberglass stuff won't stick to it? TerrieO
  6. Bryan, I found the cap to the awning (along with a big round thing with 2 bolt holes in it & Toyota symbol on it, think was off spare tire holder) in under seat storage near door, tire place must have put them there as they weren't there when left on trip as I had cleaned that out & stored other stuff in there before trip. Also sent you a direct e-mail earlier this week on another broken thing found in rear, please advise if you didn't rec it & I'll resend. Also, if I anchor that piece of plastic siding down good that I had put on to protect holding tanks for winter & tighten any loose braces is it OK to go ahead & take this out on the road? Need to use it and find any other bugs I need to work on before rally trip in July.
  7. terrieo

    Just Gone !!

    Vanman, pellandent.com has a bumper end cap for states "National 1990's Dolphin" for $185., apparently from the pictures you posted I was missing both of these so didn't even know I was suposed to have them! I'm going to have a metal bumper put on that I can store sewer hose in as my dolphin only has a small round port on side about a ft deep for hose to fit in, which it won't unless I take all the fittings off! Good luck hope you find you parts!
  8. terrieo

    Siding & Trim on Dolphin

    Thx everyone, thats what I needed, your great!
  9. Can anyone tell me what material the sides & lower trims of the 1991 Dolphin are made of? I thought was all fiberglass, but one of the companies I'm trying to find the rear lower panel at e-mailed me today asking if it was ABS plastic. The bluish grey lower trim pieces are more porous than the shinier upper siding but I thought it was all fiberglass. Anybody that knows please let me know, told the man at ortegamanufacturing.com (they were listed as buying up parts when National went under), I would find out for sure & get back to him. Thx much for any & all help. TerrieO
  10. terrieo

    Just Gone !!

    Vanman, sorry for delay in replying, been out of commission for little bit, I'm still searching for the rear panel, have found these other places that advertise carry parts, Pelland Ent - pellent.com & found yesterday ortegamanufacturing.com that bought surplus National RV parts, he emailed me today asking if the part is ABS plastic, I have no idea, I thought was fiberglass. Do you know? The lower bluish grey trim panels are different than the upper siding. Do you know what they are made of? Ortega doesn't think he has it but has to wait for parts mgr to get back to fond out for sure. A fiberglass fabricator near here told me can't fabricate it, I don't know what to do! Can't get insurance estimate & $ for rest of damage until I find that part! Guess I'll just have to bolt the pc of house siding back on it to protect sewer tanks to be able to go to the rally in July. Hope you are having much better luck with your repairs! TerrieO
  11. terrieo

    Just Gone !!

    Vanman, try this site www.themetalcompany.com , they also have fiberglass & state they can fabricate, I lost drivers side rear lower panel & bumper cap oon my 90 Dolphin when had blowout on way to rally & I had put screws in it where found open holels before we left as there was only a few little metal brads left along it but there's not much behind there to screw into and flinging rubber still took it with it. I'm waiting for reply from insurance estimator to see if they will let me use them. While waiting to get fixed I cut a spare pc of house siding into 2 pcs & attached them in place so exposed stuff would be covered for winter. Hope helps. TerrieO
  12. how is your repair going i just bought an 1987 22 foot dophin

  13. terrieo

    Need reliable repair shop

    Oh good, my friends sister said some things on way home that made think she had told someone off about several things she didn't like, I was mortified! Guess she was just trying a dig at me, it worked! I enjoyed getting to meet the people I got to considering my late arrival, and I thank you again for helping me when I was in such a panic as I know you were trying to get on the road yourself. Hope to make it to a rally next year with regular camping buddy & no mishaps! I'm going to have all these tires rechecked for size because Tiremart guy told me he was having the load D's sent from Indy & long valve extenders for the duals, but the 2 that I can see the info on state C's, and I couldn't find any extenders when I stopped before leaving Ship to check air, actually was missing an extender & cap from front tire, but I had extra caps with my air compressor. Will try to sell them of possible & get the D's. Haven't been on forums before this sight, Tika told me to contact her if any questions, can I reach her on the PM (personal mail?) icon on the member list? Wanted more info on the solar panels & papers I got from her not here now. Also what do I need to do to make a donation to this sight, want to help as you guys have all been great source of info? Thanks again!
  14. terrieo

    Need reliable repair shop

    My insurance agent said I would have to get estimates to give to the adjuster, but the adjustor just called & is sending an estimator to my house tomorrow am between 8-12, said they would decide damage & issue me a check, I'm going to call my agent back & see if this is right. But yes, i would like to have you look at it, because I want someone who know these small ones. When would you be available & can u give me directions from 367 alton bridge? Thx.
  15. Anyone out there from around Alton, IL or St Louis MO area that know reliable body shop repair shop for these toyota dolphins? Lost left lower side panel & supports from back wheels back & Part of sewer line & back bumper damage from tow when had double blowout on way to midwest rally. Want to be able to take it to someone who knows how to work on these & has good rep. Also want to say sorry to anyone my travel mates might have offended, known them all my life but didn't know they would be such bad travelers & campers, the mishap really made them act out & I am sorry if they acted it out on any of you because they sure did on me! Traveling with them was worse than having the blowout! Please advise any known repairmen in my area, I live in Jerseyville, IL about 45 mi north of St Louis, MO. Thanks!