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  1. Allan

    Slumber Queen - Canadian Eh?

    Perhaps, but 30 weight tastes terrible on pancakes. Allan
  2. Allan

    Slumber Queen - Canadian Eh?

    I believe Canadian models require adding a quart of maple syrup to the crank-case.
  3. Allan

    Coach LED's

    Sorry for waiting so long to reply. Only one of the several I bought developed a flicker in just one single light on the chip. I moved it to be the second light in double fixture over the sink and I don't notice now with both lights in the fixture going. The original 1156 bulbs would melt my new light covers as they would actually touch each other and the original covers probably became brittle from the heat of those bulbs, combined with age of coarse. I've had the lights for about three years now and but for the one that quickly developed the flicker all still work fine. I can hold my finger on any of them and they aren't uncomfortably warm. They wouldn't melt my plastic light covers if the adhesive were to fail and they came into contact with each other. That said, get your own double sided mounting tape for a more secure install. Maybe I just got lucky with my LEDs but they were a bargain combined with being able to use my original fixtures with simple flat cut out covers. Just make sure to order a few extras in case any fail. Allan
  4. Allan

    Coach LED's

    A couple of years ago I ordered about 20 SMD LEDs attached to little flat square wafer thin squares with mounting tape that was a little weak so I used my own, wired up to 1156 plugs direct from China through Ebay or Amazon for about $1.20 each. Most of the original interior dome covers were brittle and cracked but the new lights were cool enough I was able to replace the convex covers with flat translucent acrylic cut outs that don't get hot though they are only a quarter inch from the new LEDs. I ordered a couple of extras so I was able to replace the one that flickered and still have a spare. Best of all I didn't have to replace any of the 10 light fixtures. There was no K rating but the light isn't harsh at all. Here's a similar deal I found at a glance: http://www.ebay.com/itm/10x-BA15S-1156-1141-Dome-bulb-36-1210-SMD-LED-Warm-White-/180743272456 Allan
  5. Allan

    Fuel Additives

    I'm high alright, but not on false drugs. I'm high on the real thing: high octane gasoline, a clean windshield and a shoe-shine!
  6. Allan

    Fuel Additives

    I did drive my rig on the beach in Moclips, Washington and it galloped along nicely. Clearly the sea foam had a positive affect on the horses.
  7. Allan

    Fuel Additives

    Excellent idea! As corn might clog the fuel system on it's path to all those horses perhaps corn syrup would be preferable. Perhaps high fructose corn syrup would give those horses an extra energy boost. Has anyone tried this?
  8. Allan

    Fuel Additives

    If my 84 Sandtana Phoenix has 96 horses under the hood, how many cubes of sugar should I put in the gas tank to feed them all?
  9. Allan

    What happened

    Things are more like they are now than they have ever been before.
  10. I own a Sandtana Phoenix I brought into Washington State. After what seemed like an eternity at the licensing agency it was finally titled with Sandtana as the manufacturer and Phoenix as the model, Toyota is nowhere on the title.
  11. Allan

    What about when there are two rear axles?

    I've never had a GPS. When I travel I have a cell phone with texting. That's it. Maps have always worked for me. But I have often travelled about without a decent map, with crappy directions. I have fond memories of times past when I've gotten hopelessly lost and it turned into an adventure. GPS can definitely lead you to routes that might not be the best for traffic but unless it conks out completely you'll never get lost. Being connected all the time has taken a lot of adventure out of travel. "...it's all logic and reason now. Science, progress, laws of hydraulics, laws of social dynamics, laws of this, that, and the other. No place for three-legged cyclops in the South Seas. No place for cucumber trees and oceans of wine. No place for me." Now what the heck was this thread about?
  12. Allan

    Timing Belt

    I had an 81 civic with the 1500 cc engine. I got the car with 90,000 miles an decided at 250,000 it would be a good idea to change the belt. the one that came off looked like the original and was in very good shape.
  13. Allan

    Heater While Away

    Watch out for the power cord. The pad I have has a coiled flexible metal sheath over the cord to reduce the chance of an animal chewing through to live wires. VERY important!
  14. Allan

    Heater While Away

    The selling point for the unit I bought was it was the optimal temperature for dogs; No risk of burning. Very rugged construction. As for the Amish electric heater, you can stay toasty and warm while eating a bowl of Quaker Oats!
  15. Allan

    Heater While Away

    I had a hard plastic heating pad with fleece like cover made for dogs. My dog had to winter outside in an insulated dog house in rainy Seattle. The lowest it got that year was in the high 30s f / 3.3 c. I checked on her from time to time and always found her stretched out on her side snoring away, never curled up in a ball shivering. Low, safe power consumption.