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  1. I copied and pasted the following from Answers.com: "ECT stands for Electronically Controlled Transmission. When you push the button in, there should be a light on the dash that says "ECT POWER". This changes the normal shift times (based on engine vacuum, rpm, and throttle position) to a later point. This means simply that the engine rpms will go higher before shifting to a higher gear when you're accelerating. It helps build speed more quickly but uses more gas to do so." So maybe next time you drive it you can press the button and see if it affects your shifting and
  2. The same thing happens to mine occasionally and I bang on the fuse/breaker box once or twice with a broom handle and the 12 volt systems pop back on. This only happens when plugged into shore power, and it does not affect the 120 volt outlets or the AC (also 120 volts).
  3. I am concerned that without marker lights I might be in danger of colliding with low flying aircraft. I think I will learn to live with the fear.
  4. Here they are. Note the lack of marker lights. Are there any marker lights on the other Phoenixes?
  5. I will take some pictures and get them to you. Mine is the Phoenix model built by Sandtana Industries in Colton California. Sandtana's most sought after model is the Tilt-Top. My Phoenix has the same striping as the above picture but my rear windows are larger to provide the panoramic view for the rear dinette. Hard to tell but are there marker lights hiding under all that maple flavoured snow?
  6. I'd go with the single myself. I too have an '84 Sandtana Phoenix. Do you have any of the sales literature? All I have is the truck owners manual and warranty/maintenance book. Sandtana declared bankruptcy when the recall happened. Fortunately my rig has the right axle. My rig has no marker light on the coach at all. Front or rear. Never did. I'm wondering if that's the case with yours as well. Allan
  7. My first car was a 69 Corvair 500 coupe. It was 11 years old when I bought it making it the newest car I've ever owned. My house is 115 years old. My Toyota is a 1984 Sandtana Phoenix. When something is still viable after many years then it is worth pursuing. With due diligence of coarse. The problem with buying new is not knowing if it will hold up to the test of time. My Phoenix cost $3500 and I have spent a modest $6000 or so on repairs and upgrades. To me, the cost of buying new isn't worth the risk. Not that I could afford it anyway. Would I have recognized how cool my camper is when it w
  8. While jjrbus help was received from Good Samaritan I believe it was an actual good Samaritan. Otherwise, watch out for the Good Sam pitch about towing you to a qualifying rv mechanic regardless of the distance. What they don't say is that they will only tow as far as the nearest qualifier which may only be five miles away. It turned out there was a more expensive policy that would tow up to 200 miles or something. Too late for me. I had to pay for a 161 mile tow when my clutch failed. I am guessing the sucker policy I bought is more lucrative so that's the one they push. Very deceptive of them
  9. I replaced my hot to the touch incandescent bulbs with cool, flat LEDs. As the LEDs produced relatively little heat I was able to replace the broken convex light covers with flat translucent plastic material I just cut to the size of the fixture. The reason the original covers were convex was to keep them away from the hot bulbs so they wouldn't melt. I still have a couple of original covers but I was unable to source replacements for the broken ones. This was fast, cheap, and easy. I did this five years ago to replace all the broken covers .
  10. Perhaps, but 30 weight tastes terrible on pancakes. Allan
  11. I believe Canadian models require adding a quart of maple syrup to the crank-case.
  12. Blue light should be avoided within 3 hours of bed time from what I have read. And dimming them isn't helpful.
  13. Sorry for waiting so long to reply. Only one of the several I bought developed a flicker in just one single light on the chip. I moved it to be the second light in double fixture over the sink and I don't notice now with both lights in the fixture going. The original 1156 bulbs would melt my new light covers as they would actually touch each other and the original covers probably became brittle from the heat of those bulbs, combined with age of coarse. I've had the lights for about three years now and but for the one that quickly developed the flicker all still work fine. I can hold my finger
  14. A couple of years ago I ordered about 20 SMD LEDs attached to little flat square wafer thin squares with mounting tape that was a little weak so I used my own, wired up to 1156 plugs direct from China through Ebay or Amazon for about $1.20 each. Most of the original interior dome covers were brittle and cracked but the new lights were cool enough I was able to replace the convex covers with flat translucent acrylic cut outs that don't get hot though they are only a quarter inch from the new LEDs. I ordered a couple of extras so I was able to replace the one that flickered and still have a spar
  15. I'm high alright, but not on false drugs. I'm high on the real thing: high octane gasoline, a clean windshield and a shoe-shine!
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