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  1. Hi friends, the relay works most of the time. I haven't touched it in case I make it worse. I read that , electric cleaner or wd 40 works good in cleaning the contacts. Just have to find a thin paper to get it in between the contacts. Thanks again . Wish you all good luck.
  2. Unfortunately I live on a shoe sting(not that it matters) so I have to save the money for what I need and not what I want.
  3. Friends , my problem seems to be solved with the valuable information that was provided. The problem is exactly the relay. I will use a 1500 grade sandpaper that I have and polish the points next week. Thanks again for this great forum and kind friends.
  4. Friends, I banged on this and that on the convertor and all of a sudden lights came on 😆 Tonight I have to connect to the 120V again . Hopefully it won't get stuck again. I will shut the blue breaker and then connect the shore power and then turn it on. I heard that is a good practice to do ..will tell what happened later. Thank you guys a lot.😷
  5. Thinks for the responses. The convertor works fine when using sure power, The fan only is load when it is not outside. But when it is not plugged to sure power the lights don't work. Is there a relay somewhere between the battery and the interior lights?
  6. Can someone please tell me what function the red breaker has on the left. It seems that it doesn't do anything.
  7. Hi , I have a 91 V6 warrior. Before every time I unplugged the house electric the battery 12 v would take over immediately. Gradually the 12 v would came with a hesitation. And now it won't come on except sometimes it comes on by itself . My suspicion is on the red breaker, what is that for and how to test it. My batteries seem to be good and they are connected to a solar panel. I checked the ground connection on the battery and it is okay. I also have another question to ask . The fan makes a lot of noise when hooked to house electric. Can I find the fan anywhere online to replace it? I have
  8. People in this website has given me the potential to be able to keep my old RV in in one piece. Economically I am way below the poverty line. That doesn't mean that I self-pity myself. Thank you all in these hard times..you are very beautiful people..please take care of yourselves physically in these hard times my friends ..
  9. By the way any kind of tip that can save me a lot of time and labour is greatly appreciated in these hard times. .
  10. Hello friends, I am trying to change my timing belt and I have a few questions that I need to ask you . The first question is with regard to loosening of the crankshaft pulley bolt . There is a video on YouTube on timing belt for 4Runner 93 . The guy uses the starter to loosen the bolt. The manual says remove the starter and use a pry bar to hold the crankshaft from turning and then you can undo the bolt . Do I have to torque it to 180 pound or just an impact wrench is enough. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. .
  11. Thanks everyone, I moved the rv .As dear Linda said no damage was done to the grass. Thanks everyone again.
  12. I kind of have to stick around till January. So a frozen grass is okay to go over, that might be the best option so far, thanks.
  13. Yes , I plan on getting one piece of plywood (3/4") and cut it in half so that I have two pieces of 2' by 8' and and do exactly what you said and test it. If okay I buy two more sheets. If not I just move out of Utah to warmer places.
  14. Thanks guys, I am still considering the options. What i like to know is that is it impossible to move a Toyota motorhome over a dried lawn without damaging it and once it is damaged what are the solutions to fix it?
  15. Hello friends, I need to move my 91 toyota motorhome across my friend's well taken lawn in a few days and park it on the grass next to his house.I live in salt lake city ,the temperature now days is going to be 50° high and 35° low with no rain fall in the next few days . I am thinking to buy 3 plywood sheets and have them to be cut in the middle so I have six 2 by 8 feets . My question is what thickness of plywood or any other composite do I need to use? Thank you very much for the feedback. Best regards, Mason.
  16. Sorry guys, I lost this thread, I used slime and it works but still have to put air in it from time to time , I rather get new ones and don't have to deal with it anymore.
  17. Just did the test and jump wired the motor. It works good. So my problem is not getting enough power to the motor. Now it seems more complicated. All those wires wrapped up together. I was thinking worse comes to worse I should make a new circuit and supply power to the motor with an on and off key and an in line fuse. How is that? I once did that on an ignition switch. The key didn't work so I used a push button instead. Thanks again for the diagram and the test. Now I am not as confused. By the way two years ago I had a shop to put a remote starter on the rig . The remote starter works as
  18. I have the same problem on my 91 warrior, it keeps blowing the fuse. The wiper works very slowly and then it blows the fuse. I disconnected the wires from the wiper motor and tried to see if there is electricity getting to the motor. There was only 8 volts or less in three terminals and the fuse blew while testing. How did you test the motor and found out it was alright? Would you share please. thanks.
  19. Hi, I have the same problem. Did you fix yours? Thanks.
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