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  1. Does anyone know a part number for a Rear Sway Bar Prothane Bushing Kit (Red Preferred) for a 1991 Itasca? I have searched and searched and cannot find it. The sway bar appears to be 25MM same as the front sway bar but the link bushings look different. I have replaced all of my suspension bushings now except for the rear sway bar ones. Thanks
  2. That's true and I'm sure when it was brand new it worked just like it was supposed to but after 30 years mechanic stuff can get stiff and will never work like they did new. Working on heating and air conditioning and a lot of other stuff most of my life I feel comfortable with it.
  3. Linda, I had trouble with mine starting up too. I cleaned it, put a couple drops of oil on the motor shaft, and some duct tape on the sail to make it a larger area to activate the sail switch and it's been working fine for years now.
  4. I have removed several cable driven, automatic, 2WD from Toyota T100 3.4 pickups and installed them in 3.0 RVs and they worked just fine. I'm not sure if they even made an automatic 4WD drive that would have the PN DLR cluster that you need. Defrag has swapped the electronic cluster and did have a couple issues, try contacting him or look up his posts.
  5. Running great James, I just hit 200,000 miles on the 3.4 motor and compression on all cylinders is 170 to 195. Just about the same as when I installed it 2 years ago when it already had 150K. No major issues, but I did have to install a motor start relay to resolve the occasional only click when turning key to start.
  6. If you meant "roof" it is a common problem on these Toys usually caused from the weight of the rooftop AC bouncing up and down for 30 years. Here is how I fixed mine. I think the easiest fix would be to just put up some poles from the inside which is explained on some other posts but I could not figure out a way to do that on mine.
  7. Have not heard of or seen any 4cyl to 6cyl done on a Toyota motorhome but it's been done on the 4Runners. Here is one example. https://www.yotatech.com/forums/f160/22r-5vz-swap-126413/
  8. I drilled holes from the inside through the 1/8" plywood ceiling through the existing 2X2 wood ceiling cross members and through the thin existing aluminum sheet roof top. Can't remember how I located the existing cross members in the ceiling but since the oak is going to cover it you can dig around to find them. The u-metal bars do not touch the roof at all because they are lifted each end with galvanized metal blocks. Let me post a picture.
  9. Yes, Traveling quite often in the south during the summertime there was no way I could get away with no coach AC. I basically followed this procedure with some differences. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?/topic/9727-warrior-roof-sag-at-ac/&tab=comments#comment-89584 1. Made three cross members on roof top of galvanized u type metal. 2. Placed 2"X2" blocks under each end of metal cross members so could raise center of roof an extra 1/8" for better water runoff when rv is sitting level. 4. Ran galvanized 5/16 carriage bolts from starting inside though the new wood cross members, through the existing roof cross members, through new U-metal cross members. 5. Sealed carriage bolts holes on rooftop with silicone sealant. 6. Coated and sealed entire rooftop with : https://www.homedepot.com/p/Henry-0-90-Gal-887-Tropi-Cool-100-Silicone-White-Roof-Coating-HE887HS142/206029976?MERCH=REC-_-PLP_Browse-_-202091020;311174185;311174184;-_-206029976-_-N Though it was not a simple fix it was a professional fix and it came out just great.
  10. If you Google on toyota truck steering box seal replacement Several how to videos come up
  11. Here is what I have because I just love that Toyota symbol. I find them at the Salvage yards every time I go there. Hub caps $4 and center caps $2. They usually require spray painting but sometimes find ones in good shape. The center caps can also be found on the internet for around $10.
  12. I agree with Anthony, I have seen in California Toys going for almost double what you can get for them here in San Antonio.
  13. My TV can run on 120AC or 12VDC plugged in to cigarett lighter adapter. I bought this TV at Walmart for $100 years ago. Sounds like yours will only work off of ac.
  14. If the leak is only coming from where the steering shaft enters at the top then that seal is easy to pry out and replace with box remaining in the vehicle.
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