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  1. I have the R20 motor with a 4 speed manual transission. I would like to get lower rpms at highway speed. Is there any way to convert this to a 5 speed, or does the tranny need to be swapped to a ??
  2. The part is identified with the following: "ITT General Controls Catalog RV 28SB44 Serial No. 79 04 B 12V DC .06A MAX OPERATING PRESSURE 1/2 psi II 14-0" It is connected to a wall thermostat and there is a female plug connector directly below the on-off-pilot red knob control.
  3. The pilot light ignites but once the blower starts, the burner won't ignite and the pilot light gets blown out. An RV shop diagnosed it and said that the gas valve module on the left side of the furnace needs to be replaced. Does anyone have a good module to sell me?
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