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  1. We have camped around Moab for the last couple years to ride our trikes on the slickrock MTB trails. Hiway #128 has lots of camping spots like WME says, but they are all right next to the road. It's over 100F there now so that may keep the traffic down and it won't be so noisy or crowded. Beautiful spots right on the river. There is no dispersed camping around Moab itself, just some pay campgrounds. We like Sand Flats, $10 a night right outside of town, no river, nice desert, some nice spots away from other campers. The nearest BLM dispersed we found is on the way into Canyonlands Nat'l Park on Hyw #313 about 6-8 miles in on the right. No river, all desert, and camping spots are spread out over miles.
  2. I installed my temp sensor in the pan, brazed in a fitting for it. (you need to be very mindfull of the location as you could accidently screw the sensor into a working piece of the transmission) There is discussion on this forum about placement, some say install in the outflow, some say install on the return, I say install one where you can, these temps are all relative. So sorry to hear about your transmission failure. I hope everything worked out.
  3. We boondock extensively in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. I know the anxiety of watching gauges climb ballistically on some of the ruthless climbs here. (we're currently on the Bryce Plateau at 8,000ft) The "diet" didn't work for us. A few pounds saved didn't seem to make any difference climbing in hot weather. We still ran VERY hot, 230F engine, 225F transmission. So this winter I added ANOTHER transmission cooler. For a total of three transmission coolers. Our climb out temps are now reasonable. Last July - Phoenix to Flagstaff 105F ambient, 2,000ft to 8,000ft. Engine temp 230F, Transmission temp 225F, 3,500RPM V6, 4.56:1 differential. This July - Phoenix to Flag 100F ambient, 215F Engine, 190F Transmission. We get to keep our camping goodies and give the little Toyhome a huge benefit.
  4. twoblocked

    Weight And Tire Jack

    Oops, you're right. It ain't a sissors jack but a screw jack instead. Either way it's not going to lift a rear end of one of our 21' motorhomes.
  5. twoblocked

    Weight And Tire Jack

    Toyota usually stored their OEM scissor jack and handle behind the drivers seat. But it is too light to use on the rear end of a 6,000# Dolphin. The front end weighs approximately 2,000# - the rear end approx 4,000#. I use a bottle jack placed under the axle: http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200304827_200304827 And don't forget one of these: http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200305223_200305223 Also, you'll probably need a 2' breaker bar fitted with an extension and proper sized socket to get the rear lug nuts loose. The best prevention for flats is good tires.
  6. twoblocked

    Cab Air Conditioner Compressor

    The primary cause of this condition is low freon. To check if you're low, find the drier. They are usually located near the bulkhead on the right hand side of the engine compartment. Trace your freon lines to locate it. On the top of the drier is a sight glass. (you may need to wipe it clean, they can get pretty grimmy) Start the engine, turn on the AC. Raise the engine RPM. Watch the sight glass, it should run clear, liquid freon. If ANY bubbles appear in the sight glass stream you are definately low on R12. (I'm assuming you still have the original R12 system) There are other causes for the symptoms you describe, but this is where to start.
  7. twoblocked

    Quick Tachometer Question... V6 1992 Motor...

    It's the oil pressure sender that needs to be changed out. If you use the pressure sender from the original V-6 you will blow the pressure indicator in the SR5 instrument cluster. I installed an SR5 cluster (no shift indicator) in my '91 Winnebago Spirit. I purchased a pressure sender for an SR5 cluster and it works perfectly.
  8. twoblocked

    Have we been hacked?

    You shouldn't be shocked, this has happened before this past January. You would not know if you clicked on a malicious link, they are being so cleverly disguised these days. One click and you've just uploaded and installed malware on your computer. You'd be lucky if it was just a bot. Not so lucky if you get a key stroke logger buried in your boot up sequence. You would have to re-install your OS to clean it up. Virus detection software is useless against a Russian key stroke logger. Some malicious hackers have a back door into this version of IPBoard software. (they may even be at the GoDaddy level) It seems they can come and go at will. Time for an upgrade, Mr Administrator.
  9. twoblocked


    The VIN properly describes the Toyota Cab & Chassis, not the particular motorhome manufacturer. (i.e. Winnebago, Gardner Pacific et all) . When you go to buy parts from a Toyota Dealer (online or locally) the VIN will describe the C&C. You will get the correct parts. It doesn't matter if it's shown as a 4Runner. You will have to deal with your insurance company about what is loaded onto the C&C, motorhome, U-Haul Box, dump bed, etc. As far as Arizona is concerned, the VIN is what is used to determine how the vehicle is licensed.
  10. I run Linux, I'm not too worried about clicking on a virus loaded link. But if you're on Windows, please be careful. I got so tired of reformatting my SIL's computer because she would click the type of links that are offered here.
  11. John, I really like this site. I like the people running it, I like the content. Your idea of a paypal site is right on. I donate very little to internet sites, but this one I would donate to. I don't want to see it go away because of a lame ISP. twoblocked
  12. It's time to dump these clowns at GoPaddy. I'm getting "Internal Server Error" from them now. You're going to lose faithful posters if you can't keep this site up. Nobody likes to wait 50 seconds for a page. There are other choices, it's a lot of work, I know. What is it, a money issue?
  13. My other thought is, no offence intended, that since you are a low volume traffic site, GoDaddy has relegated you to a backwoods server.
  14. The ping times on your server, NS51.domaincontrol.com at at GoDaddy seem to be OK, average 36ms with 0 packet loss. The ping times on your domain, toyotamotorhome.org at are 35ms with 0 packet loss. My guess is the server itself is overloaded with requests. Maybe a DoS attack on GoDaddy? It's flooded. The server responds to requests, (i.e. it doesn't timeout) It just can't service them fast enough.