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  1. are the blisteins and KYB's the same light when fully extended? with my added springs i needed longer ones
  2. I have had the same problem. I changed thermostat first with new ( safe thermostat that has a rubber seat for the butterfly) ahh things were fine, for about 500 miles then same thing. so started changing other things as you have done. Finally i found a thermostat with out the rubber seat and have not a problem since.
  3. yes it has 4 foot spaced trim and i have obtained a much better stud finder-wood and metal- and it has metal every 2 feet from rear wall to the front part that slants down to the nose. thanks for your help
  4. i see in a odyssey brochure about a steel reinforced roof, v6 engine and many other goody's but no date mentioned so --were all odyssey's built with a steel reinforced roof? i have a 1986 odyssey and have tried to use a stud finder metal detector to find the answer --it picks up a lot of metal but the roof is covered with aluminum so that didn't work good enough to find any pattern of any beams. it has a air conditioner and when i am driving from place to place i build a support from the floor to ceiling then remove it when i park. if it has the advertised steel roof my support is just an over kill, but the roof has a slight bow. i have had it about 8 years---does any one know about steel reinforced odyssey roof's?
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