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  1. 1) You nailed it. 55-60mph. 25 up hills, in 1st or 2nd gear. I traveled eastbound I-70 thru Eisenhower tunnel (11,000 ft), 15-20 mph in 1st. Just fall in behind the line of trucks, select the lower gear so it won't pop in and out between 1st and second, and enjoy the scenery. 2) Sounds about right. that's at 55-60mph, straight and level. 3) Most anything after about 1986-1987 will have a 22RE (4 banger) past about 1989 will have the 6 cyl. these are all EFI and Automatic tyranny. 4) I was initially looking for manual, but am glad I got the auto. 5) Almost everything after 1986 had the full floating rear axle. but look anyway. 6) you need to verify the tow hitch is sturdy and welded to the frame. Disregard all the above regarding fuel mileage and speeds. If you plan on doing this, I would look more toward the 6 cyl than the 4. john Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto (SOLD)
  2. I thought I seen a post a few years ago about a Forunner instrument cluster would plug in. and it had a tach. john mc 88 dolphin 4 auto sold
  3. Make sure your frig is level. If its not level, it will not work. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto (SOLD)
  4. Here is the link to my Igniter repair. After this, never had any more problems. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3499 While you have this disassembled, use a wire brush and clean up the flame tube. It probably has a layer of rust thats blocking the passages, making it easier to get blown out. Also make sure all the covers are installed over the burner are. One other item to look at, make sure the roof vent cover is OK. These are very susceptible to UV, they get brittle and break. This could allow too much air flow when your driving down the road and blow out the flame. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  5. I think its just a connector. JOhn Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  6. Probably similar to mine. Turn off the gas, disconnect the gas line, cut / disconnect the wires (mark them first). Remove the 4 or five screws that hold the furnace in and it should slide out. Mine would not slide out because the exterior intake and exhaust tubes were corroded to the furnace. You will need to remove / reinstall the exterior tubes anyway when you re-install the furnace, so try and remove the tubes as part of removing the furnace. See this link http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3520 John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto (SOLD)
  7. You may want to disassemble and clean the burner assembly. Wire brush some of the rust off, and make sure the little gas jet openings are open. Mine blows out occasionally, especially when there are strong cross winds. Just get in the habit of checking it occasionally after driving. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  8. I sold mine - Still looking around for something. John Mc
  9. Unless someone installed an inverter , you don't have one (You may be confusing"Converter" with inverter .) Your 110 volt plugs only work when your plugged into shore power (or if you have a generator). I installed additional plugs (different color) and plugged these into my inverter. Here is a link to my install. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3682 Your "Converter" converts 110 volts to 12 volts, When your plugged into shore power, the converter powers all the 12 volt stuff and re-charges the house battery. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto (SOLD)
  10. When running on electric, it has a 120 watt heater to run the boiler, so lets assume that when it runs on LP, its about the same. 120 watts = 400 btu (per hour) (LP is 91,500 btu per gallon) one gallon LP should run the frig about 228 hours ( 9 1/2 days) John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto (SOLD)
  11. Probably should if the battery is disconnected. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  12. Drain water and holding tanks, if freezing weather - then winterize water system. Full tank of gasoline if storing for a few months. If storing for a year or longer, consider draining the gas tank. Disconnect coach and truck battery (make sure they are fully charged first) If you anticipate freezing, consider storing the batteries inside the house or garage. Turn off LP tank. If you have a Maxair vent cover, leave the roof vent open about 1 inch. Visually inspect for any water leaks once a month or so - deal with them immediately. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  13. Swap rear end. - This is fairly easy to do. Look at this link, there is a listing of rear ends and codes near the bottom of the first post. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=6650 I have OD on mine. Lower RPM means lower power (not necessarly higher gas miliage). I find that OD is usually OK at speeds below 60, with no head winds, and straight and level surface. Any cross wind or head wind and OD just doesn't work out as the engine can't generate enough power to keep up speed. Recommendation, Your probably OK the way you are. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto (SOLD)
  14. Yes, I believe that "C" channel is installed on most Dolphins, the awning will slide into it. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto (Sold)
  15. Take a look at this thread. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=4801 John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  16. before you pull the tank, you may want to use the test connector to see if the pump runs. The test connector bypass fuel cutoff relay and mass flow sensor. and forces the pump to run. There is a drain plug on the bottom of the tank, drain the tank and see what comes out. I pulled my tank last year and was very surprised at how clean it was inside. (I lucked out) John MC 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  17. Too Big Boat Welcome to the Toyhouse Forum. It sounds like you found this forum after you bought the toyhouse, otherwise you would have found the answers to your questions before you purchased. Don't fell bad, this is the normal. Now that your here, do as others have suggested and utilize the search feature. I guarantee, any question that you can come up with, has probably already been answered, and usually, in great detail. Read on. 10 MPG at 70 MPH sounds pretty good. If you slow down to 55-60 mph, you'll see 13-15 mpg, Keep in mind that you just bought a 20 year old truck with 72k on it. Odds are, you don't know what the maintenance status is, so my recommendation is start from scratch. This will get you piece of mind, and you'll learn about the truck. Vehicle longevity and reliability are directly proportional to the scheduled maintenance performed. Unless you have specific evidence (receipts) that maintenance has been performed, I would suggest doing at least these items to make sure your up to current maintenance standards. Failure to comply greatly increases the chance of a breakdown, and the subsequent repair costs. (Pay now or Pay later) i.e. failure to perform valve adjustments leads to burnt valves. If your able to perform maintenance yourself, WARNING - IMHO - If you need to hire someone to do your mechanical work, you probably need to re-visit the decision to purchase a 20 -30 year old vehicle. However, if you have any mechanical inclination at all, these toyotas are an excellent learning vehicle for do-it-yourselfers At minimum, I would do the following: Check head recall status (applies to V6) Valve Adjustment (applies to V6 and 4 cly) all filters (fuel, oil, air) drain / fill tranny fluid hoses and belts (replace radiator hose and drive belts) careful visual inspection of vacuum, intake hose for cracks / brittle. Brakes and Bearings (Repack all bearings and inspect/replace brakes) Verify tire code dates - replace tires older than 6 years old. Good luck, slow down, and enjoy the sceenery. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  18. Going up the I-5 pass to Gorman, or the I-80 Donnar pass between Sacramento and Reno, I70 Eisenhower tunnel in Colorado (my favorite, 11,000 ft) or Calif rt89 pass between Lake Tahoe and Mono lake peak, no problem. Turn the 4-ways on, fall in line behind the trucks, select a gear (1st or second) and just leave it there until you and the rest of the trucks get to the summit. You probably do this with the Westy. Drive slow, take your time, enjoy the scenery. My hardest uphill was some of the streets in San Francisco, STEEP, but made it. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  19. Not sure what an 80% pressure gauge will tell you. The pressure in the tank would read the same regardless if there is 1 oz or 4 gallons. Tanks can be filled by weight or visually by observing the vent. when liquid comes out of the vent, the tank is full. john Mc
  20. Here is a copy of an 85 Factory Service Manual for the truck. Yours should be close (WARNING - its 55meg long) http://iflyez.com/DOWNLOAD/85_TOYOTA_TRUCK%20_Service_Manual.pdf I would recommend getting all the model numbers from your appliances, then download the manuals and put them in a binder. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  21. Zach - I had my oil changed once at Walmart in Fairbanks Alaska. three months later when I changed the oil, I discovered they did not change the filter. I suspect they could not find it. Its tucked up under the intake manifold and very difficult to get at or see. JOhn Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  22. Lexan. or sheet metal. I replaced mine with Lexan sheet, will not break. http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=3755 If you replace with sheet metal, Paint the outside of the sheet metal a very dark gray or black, and it looks like a window. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
  23. Looks good. Depending how it up-convert, this would be a little more efficient than up-converting with an Inverter, then down-converting with the alp top powers supply. John Mc 88 Dolphin 4 Auto
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