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  1. Lee & Joan

    Roadside Assistance Recommendations

    State Farm has a cheap endorsement for roadside assist, a few bucks per 6 months. I also have AMA American Motorcycle Association membership which will roadside service ANY rig you own. Georges Auto in Crescent City is JUST GREAT for electronics from old farm equipment to the modern world !
  2. Lee & Joan

    Parts/project Sunrader Near Portland

    Hi Kale, I had my transmission rebuilt by Transmission Exchange http://www.txchange.com/ Right there in Portland. It cost $1500 plus I added their biggest transmission oil cooler. My local shop took it out, shipped it there and back and put it in, put in 8 quarts of synthetic fluid, added the cooler for $640. Same deal with mine, I lost reverse.
  3. Lee & Joan

    Sunrader Body Screws

    Yesterday I was all set to replace the original (crappy) vinyl (rubber) molding strips that go around the center body joint where the two fiberglass (upper & lower) body sections join together. Well I saw a bunch of rusty Phillips screws holding the aluminum molding so I decided to unscrew a few to see how bad they were...quite a few were broken off or semi headless. So today I put a new stainless steel #10 screw (old ones were #8 galvanized) between each of the old screws before replacing the vinyl molding strip. I have never heard of a Sunrader opening up like a clam-shell at speed due to rusty screws, but I did not want to become the first. It takes a couple 25 foot rolls of molding strip and about 100 screws to do this. I found that the strip from the cabin front door around the cab over and down the drivers side is 25 feet 4 inches, a hair over a 25' roll.
  4. Lee & Joan

    Frozen LSPV??

    If it is a plugged LSPV, and it sounds like it is, you can replace it with a T fitting as shown in the LSPV Thread. You moved the control rod "from the lowest setting on the axle" "to up close to the floor", but it did not effect braking, so your valve must be plugged up.
  5. Lee & Joan

    The Best Laid plans of Mice and Men..

    ME TOO !!! (I don't mean that I want to go along with Mil & Sil) I mean stay with us where ever you go in whatever size rig you end up in, even if you get a $500,000 ForeTravel...Quad Slide, Marble floored, 100 gallon gas tanked, 120 gallon blackwatered, 5000 watt solarized, 75 MPH (towing a Escalante), Rig
  6. Lee & Joan

    Down shifting while driving 22RE

    I just posted something over here today June 6th about downshifting with the new 4:88 rear end on a trip I just returned from
  7. Lee & Joan

    Down shifting while driving 22RE

    That's nice to know that 4300 RPM is good to go all day long. I have been thinking that 3400 sounds really "speedy" but I do see that redline mark at 5750. With a tach and the new 4:88 rear end I will get a little bolder on my next trip.
  8. Lee & Joan

    New to me 93 Dolphin, V6

    If it is a thick bar (1/2-3/4-1 inch) it is an anti sway bar or AKA "roll bar" that keeps the MH body more level through turns and in side winds. It goes from the frame down to the rear axle across the axle and back up to the frame on the other side. It should attach to both sides of the frame and two places on the rear axle. If it is the brake proportioner it is a thin rod (1/4 inch) that goes to the axle on one end and to the frame on the other end.
  9. Lee & Joan

    How much for a 1993 Toyota Warrior - good condition?

    Sounds like a great price. DO PLAN on putting more money into it, you will... It sounds like you are starting with a very good unit, but it is still old and will want attention... However even brand new expensive rigs demand fixing if you read the MH magazines, sometimes right off the lot on their first trip. These Toyotas are much simpler and basic to fix.
  10. Lee & Joan

    Running a Generator in the Rain

    When the National guard was here during forest fire watch they put a cardboard box over their Honda when it started raining and it caught fire during the night. I saw them the next morning, was not pretty...
  11. Lee & Joan

    Removing cone washers?

    We should probably mark each stud with an L. I had forgotten about this when I had tires swapped out on the Toyota and the poor kid was just air hammering away until an older employee said reverse the air hammer, and BINGO off came the nuts. I had an old 1941 Dodge school bus with a 218 CI flathead six and a 5 speed "crashbox" (no synchros). It has reverse wheel studs also. It was my first "Motor Home" and taught me the "power to weight" ratio, the Dodge was 7 tons with a 96 horse engine that sounded like it was going to blow above about 2500 RPM. These Toyotas are way more supersonic than that old bus..........
  12. Lee & Joan

    Removing cone washers?

    As a matter of fact it was on the driver side rear, I thought just the wheel studs were reverse thread, but not the axle cap studs? Well a 31 year old truck does have a lot of frozen fasteners. No harm done AtlantaCamper, it sounded like a good option to me so we tried it, snapped the first one then switched to the BFH method. It sounded like a good method to me.
  13. Lee & Joan

    Removing cone washers?

    We tried Atlanta Campers method of double nutting the stud but broke the very first stud off trying to unthread it, so resorted to the very BFH method along with some lube, tedious but finally got them off.
  14. Lee & Joan

    Well I never

    About 15 years ago I was heading to the Mojave desert on the Interstate I-5 from Oregon (which does NOT have that 55MPH thing) into California which had signs on I-5 stating 65, or 70 / Trucks 55. I was doing 67 in a 70 zone with my Toyota pickup pulling a small bike trailer with a small 250 cc bike, cost me $280, plus I drove the next 1400 miles at 55 constantly almost getting rear ended by vehicles doing 80. Real fun. I finally decided on the way home that it would be safe doing whatever the local semi's were doing. Several years later California put up 2 signs, the first 65 MPH and a second sign a few hundred feet later "Trucks / 3 axles or more 55 MPH". In Oregon on the same interstate Federal road it is still 65 / Trucks 55 and everyone even big class A motorhomes pulling automobiles goes 65 without a problem. Heck Oregon even allows trucks to pull three trailers (at 55). Did you notice that this Dolphin is an undercover DEA unit ? (see plate)
  15. Lee & Joan

    Well I never

    3 axles also means a 55 MPH MAX speed limit on California roads Don't ask how I know... And yes even a tiny trailer counts as 3 axles