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  1. Solar

    Or buy a folding portable with 30 foot of cable...park in the shade and put panel in sun https://www.amazon.com/ECO-WORTHY-Monocrystalline-Portable-Foldable-Controller/dp/B01M4NH9ES/ref=sr_1_4?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1516898126&sr=1-4&keywords=120+watt+foldable+solar+panel
  2. Going to check this out next week....

    Check under the mattress for rot in the cabover...it looks like some paneling was added at the front.
  3. I'm looking at this exhaust and wondering if it will work on our rigs. I know I would have to add length to the pipe from the converter to the muffler and add a piece to the tailpipe to clear the side. Part I'm wondering most about is the tailpipe if it will clear the sway bar. What do you think? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bosal-286-217-Exhaust-Muffler/302440798753?epid=75363804&hash=item466ae05a21:g:zS4AAOSw8axaAcKc&vxp=mtr
  4. Can't be too bad. Many have gone over 100,000 miles and 26 odd years, and still going!!
  5. Throttle body for 1989

    Wow...look at those prices!...thanks Linda for looking that up. Guess my chances of finding a good used one are very slim!......and Maineah, the reason I was looking for one is the auxilary air valve built into it is totally blocked up and cant get it opened up. Now my understanding is the valve is open when coolant is cold to increase the cold idle, and closes when warm. My warm idle is too high because the valve will not close when warm. So for now, since I dont use the RV when cold anyway, I will try blocking the air passage in the throttle body so it will allow the WARM idle to come down.
  6. Throttle body for 1989

    Anyone know if a throttle body that fits 1990s and 1991s will fit a 1989??...cant find any on Ebay that say compatible with a 1989....I would guess so but don't know.
  7. That's it Linda...you da man!!...errrrr, woman!!...thanks....I couldn't find that anywhere.
  8. Hi...I'm getting stuff together to replace rear brakes and can't find a part number for the axle flange gasket....anyone know what the part number is ??
  9. Coleman TSR Rooftop AC issue

    I would change the capacitor first before I condemned the a/c unit!
  10. 87 DOLPHIN

    If it has no water damage and is not rusty underneath and runs good offer $6,000, or $5,500 if it needs tires...looks nice but check good for water damage. Tap with your knuckle around vents, ceiling by walls and top of walls, around windows...should hear sharp rap sound if good, dull thud if soft from water damage. Check floor for softness caused by water. Check the date on tires...they may have good thread still, but if over 7 years should be replaced anyway.
  11. Lug Nut Torque

    I use a 25" breaker bar and tighten till I go "uuugh"...never had a problem with them that way!
  12. Hi Doug....I cut the carpet to fit....the hardest part was cutting out the old carpet and pulling out staples.
  13. CL Search Technique

    Scarlett...on google type in "all of craigslist"
  14. if antifreeze is toyota red, then replace with toyota red. Or flush real good first if you want to use green as they do not mix.
  15. I don't know how the 4 cyl works, but with the V6 the fuel pump does not come on till a switch in the air flow meter closes.