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  1. RVdaytrader

    Should I buy this!!!?

    Really...if it does not have the full floating axle, imo don't buy it. If it does, check for rot in the cabover by checking under the mattress , the walls and ceiling...tap the areas with your knuckle and if u get sharp RAP sounds it is good...if u get dull THUD sounds it is rotted and very expensive to have someone fix it!
  2. RVdaytrader

    aluminum sheets on the bottom of the motorhome?

    aluminum flashing is probably what you want...Menards sells a 24" x 10 foot roll for 16 bucks.
  3. If you have a Seabreeze it looks like the black tank is fiberglass. and here is the fitting that fits into it. What lube or sealant do you think I should use putting it back together? ...silicone grease?..pipe dope?
  4. RVdaytrader

    Going to check this out next week....

    Check under the mattress for rot in the cabover...it looks like some paneling was added at the front.
  5. RVdaytrader

    Throttle body for 1989

    Wow...look at those prices!...thanks Linda for looking that up. Guess my chances of finding a good used one are very slim!......and Maineah, the reason I was looking for one is the auxilary air valve built into it is totally blocked up and cant get it opened up. Now my understanding is the valve is open when coolant is cold to increase the cold idle, and closes when warm. My warm idle is too high because the valve will not close when warm. So for now, since I dont use the RV when cold anyway, I will try blocking the air passage in the throttle body so it will allow the WARM idle to come down.
  6. RVdaytrader

    Throttle body for 1989

    Anyone know if a throttle body that fits 1990s and 1991s will fit a 1989??...cant find any on Ebay that say compatible with a 1989....I would guess so but don't know.
  7. RVdaytrader

    87 DOLPHIN

    If it has no water damage and is not rusty underneath and runs good offer $6,000, or $5,500 if it needs tires...looks nice but check good for water damage. Tap with your knuckle around vents, ceiling by walls and top of walls, around windows...should hear sharp rap sound if good, dull thud if soft from water damage. Check floor for softness caused by water. Check the date on tires...they may have good thread still, but if over 7 years should be replaced anyway.
  8. RVdaytrader

    Lug Nut Torque

    I use a 25" breaker bar and tighten till I go "uuugh"...never had a problem with them that way!
  9. RVdaytrader

    CL Search Technique

    Scarlett...on google type in "all of craigslist"
  10. pull out that harber frt unit add a good heavy oil stink mix.LOL

  11. RVdaytrader

    Broken Down, Bad Engine

    Is it insured?? Those gas refrigerators in these RVs have been known to catch fire!!
  12. For 20 thousand I would pass too! It is nice tho!
  13. If you have a V6 and want a spare igniter, this guy has 6 of them. I gambled and got it today, put it in to try...fired right up. Since they want $480 for a new OEM one, I figured it was worth it to have a spare for when or if I get the dreaded "no spark" problem. At least I can put the spare in to cross the igniter off the list! My igniter # is 98621-30010, but it is replaced by 89621-12010. This is the ebay seller.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Toyota-Lexus-OEM-Factory-Igniter-Ignition-Module-Computer-89621-12010-/172393911486?hash=item28237a54be:g:hscAAOSwgZ1XvKiV&vxp=mtr
  14. RVdaytrader

    Newbie looking for buying advice

    Will be hard to tell if cabover was water damaged and they just covered it with paneling. Usually you can tap on wall or ceiling with your knuckle to tell if water damaged, but not now covered with paneling.
  15. RVdaytrader

    Hydroflame blower motor questions

    Type in "furnace blower replacement" in search bar....Waiter posted a good writeup on his furnace blower replacement.