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  1. It's amazing how good some of these RVs can look from the outside while being so rotted out.
  2. wow...what insurance company do you have? I'm really surprised they would cover that!
  3. Seems you can buy a delay on make timer for the fan circuit and do the same thing.
  4. I have a 1989 seabreeze and it looks like our tanks are NOT ABS plastic...see pics. The good news is the piece should come out of the tank fitting cause it is not cemented in. The bad news is since it is not abs, I dont think ABS cement will stick to it to repair the crack. https://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/29614035/gotomsg/29614311.cfm#29614311
  5. "He says the VSS has been tested and is bad".....hmmmmm, any chance they were wrong and the sensor is good and the ECM is bad?? Sure wouldn't be the first time a dealer mechanic was wrong!
  6. Really...if it does not have the full floating axle, imo don't buy it. If it does, check for rot in the cabover by checking under the mattress , the walls and ceiling...tap the areas with your knuckle and if u get sharp RAP sounds it is good...if u get dull THUD sounds it is rotted and very expensive to have someone fix it!
  7. yes, the compressor is trying to start and is tripping off on overload....either the compressor is bad (shorted or locked rotor), start capacitor is bad, or you may be trying to run it on too small an extension cord. Usually (not always) the start capacitor will bulge if it goes bad so you can check that.
  8. This may help in your search ... Re: 1988 Century. A340E need speedo sender unit and/or advice
  9. aluminum flashing is probably what you want...Menards sells a 24" x 10 foot roll for 16 bucks.
  10. Jim...here is a video showing the shim removal. After you do 1 0r2 it gets easier!
  11. Jim....when you take out a shim, measure it, mark it, and put it back it before turning crank to get at the others. You do not want to turn the camshafts with empty buckets. I found that out the hard way!
  12. Had some left over 12V strip light and a non working fluorescent in YODA...so I thought I would pull the guts from the fixture, install 3 led strips in with 3M mounting tape, and see how it would look. Actually worked better than I thought it would. Gives off as much light as the back one that does work, but uses much less power.
  13. If you have a Seabreeze it looks like the black tank is fiberglass. and here is the fitting that fits into it. What lube or sealant do you think I should use putting it back together? ...silicone grease?..pipe dope?
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