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  1. hc(ppm) max 120 gp270 meas 213 @ 996 rpm CO2% meas 10.20 O2 meas 2.80 CO%max 1.00 gp 2.50 meas 5.30 GROSS POLLUTER hc(ppm) max180 gp 330 meas194 CO2% 10.70 O2% 2.20 @ 2500rpm CO% MAX1.00 GP2.50 MEAS 4.89 GROSS POLLUTER
  2. Several thousand dollars, would have to dig up paperwork, they checked everything including a compression check and look at plugs, very important, if you cannot read spark plugs find someone who can... BUT first you should read all the top posts in this board, takes a long time I know, but you will learn much about your new toy before spending any money. Plan ahead always!! This stupid new imac black on black keyboard is driving me nuts more typos than text!!!
  3. Well if you are willing to pay dealer prices Toyota of San Francisco on Geary St did all of the rear brake, flush everything, all hoses, mount tires replace valve stems for me. They replaced the thermostat cover and thermostat said it was leaking. I called the man on that cause I never saw any leaks and he showed me the crack in the thermostat cover, which I did keep as a spare. Glad he got that. It isn't because of the weight of the vehicle, so much as the height, yes the Les Schawb around here won't take the RV, I went to the one in Fairfield.
  4. So I've decided to dig into it some. There's no check engine lite on and it runs great so how bad can it be? I checked the engine codes and get 12, which isn't a real problem with the engine if it runs. It's caused by the starter not starting the motor when it's hot. I get someone to hold the starter switch on and wack the starter with a wrench, starts rite up. So the ecu is seeing the signals up to start but after several seconds and it doesn't see the ign/destributer signals active. I cleared that code and run it around for a while started it up several times, recheck and code doesn't come back. So I'm thinking if not the O2 maybe the cat is gone. On all my older cars back in the day replacing the cat fixed the smog every time , my 74 Datsun B-210 had several cats replaced. After looking at these forums if I cannot handel the gas hose thing myself getting that done will not be a problem. Smog tester was the one who told me to replace the O2 sensors not the cat, I want a second opinion on that. What do you all think.??
  5. Well, seems you cannot sell or even give away to a private party without a smog cert here in calif. That limits the options. To file a no op permit you need a place to park it off street, which I do not have.
  6. I have fixed up a 91 Dolphin model 400, minus the captains chair. But it needs a new ft bumper ,rt headlamp, ws washers just plugged up , have a new Denso starter( from toy dealer) to install, hoses from filler to tank need replacing, O2 sensors bad, just flunked smog, front doors starting to rust out at bottom, Onan gen is great for noise and will run both microwave and roof AC, but needs fuel pump. On the plus side good tires,with ss wheel simulators, RV part in good shape, no leaks, all fixed up, LED's everywhere, computer controlled Maxx fan, new outer LEDs, new powerstation 35A. Toy dealer did thermostat, fan clutch, drain and refill everything, replace all hoses inc brake, all rear brake components replaced,even the springs and mount and bal tires. Repair shop in vallejo replaced all the exhaust shims, starter , small, coolant hose missed by dealer, gas filter. Les Schawb in vallejo did the front brake rotoers, bearings, pads, calipers, shocks, steering dampner, shackle bushings. RV part was stripped, painted misc repairwork sealing roof & mouldings and all new roof fixtures and Maxx fan done by Salvador Auto body in Lancaster ,Ca. Highly reccomended by some of the folks at my first Toy-in at Felton , Ca. Expensive , but it really looks great . Probably missing some parts replaced and she runs great. I'm too old to do stuff myself and have 30,000$ into it so far. Now Mary wo'nt go out in it anymore, so there's nothing but some great memories. I have no regrets but now just want to get it gone. Would prefer to find her a good home but with the rust and other problems what are the chances anyone would want it??? Calif registration runs till 09/18/2018 so I have to do something quick. I'v gotten some great advice from this fourm before, so any suggestions?? vanman just fixed ws washers
  7. It seems odd to me that with all those pictures there's none of the drivers outside side ????
  8. I replaced my relay with another same type and still have sometimes too much drop across it, fed up with the Teckoshina and was looking for your post with the name of that relay please post it here before the board goes down. I was going to fix the old one and took it apart. Just 2 copper square head bolts and a small spring loaded copper washer on the end of the solenoid, no wipe and not much compression. Really poor design, cleaned up the copper surfaces and now 0 ohms but for how long?? The one in your post looks sealed, is it?? Searched for your post and did not find it. .TIA
  9. I went with the 35 A one. After installing LED lamps and other conservation moves it is OK to run everything and will charge both batteries at once, ( via a heavy jumper across the isolator contacts which eliminates the 1 A to run the relay and the small voltage drop across the isolator contacts. I also installed a switch on the dash in series to the isolator coil so as not to use deep cell to start motor, turn it on after motor has been running a while to charge the deep cycle. Every little bit adds up, but seeing the current price difference between the three amp ratings I might go for a bigger one. New keyboard is too small, spilled water on the original one and have not got it working yet, of course the computer was on.
  10. Start here : http://toyotamotorhome.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=8582&hl= , there's another longer one I cannot seem to find.
  11. Very pretty, we have an old thick thermal blanket we use for that, cause the bird got ahold of it and so now a large part of one corner is gone.
  12. My 1974 Datsun B-210 had the cat replaced twice because it failed the Ca. smog test. Never used nor leaked any oil or antifreeze and always ran the same (great ) during the many years I owned it.
  13. Is there no alternative to that pump, what makes it so special ??? I just missed getting a huge deal on a Vibe, got sold 5 min before I got there...
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