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  1. Vanman

    What to look for - RV Inspection

    It seems odd to me that with all those pictures there's none of the drivers outside side ????
  2. Vanman

    A Parts-Price "holy Cow!!"

    Is there no alternative to that pump, what makes it so special ??? I just missed getting a huge deal on a Vibe, got sold 5 min before I got there...
  3. Vanman

    Which Spark Plug

    Great question. When we took our TOY to the dealer I told them to check everything in cluding compression. They took out the great looking Autolite Platinum AP3924 spark pluge and put in TOYOTA K16R-U, a non platinum plug. I was told "the older ones run better with standard plugs" Probable the old timers on this board will have suggestions and an explaination why
  4. Vanman

    Front Window Shattered

    If you are not going to install plastic you might consider using laminated glass, like the front windschield.
  5. Vanman

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    Saw 3 Dolpins in the park today, not including ours, and a Phoenix , which I've never seen or heard of before. Couldn't stop and take a picture, park full of HSBG festival. So http://www.motorhomeclassifieds.com/150806.html , is one.
  6. Vanman

    Sunrader Shocks Needed,..

    I remember that post, great pics. Btw what is the drain plug in pict #3, gas tank? I also remember thinking thank goodness for the air bags as my rig has only 4 or 5 leafs in the spring pack I went out and counted 'em after seeing that post but do not now remember how many I have.
  7. Vanman

    Why Do Hobos Drive Rvs?

    Around here they steal RV's too. I was worried about leaving my OB boat( 78 Tahiti Tiger Shark) & trailer alone while we were out at store or eating. There are a varity of ways to secure a towable trailer can make it real hard to steal, I did several and never had a problem, it's mostly showing potential thieves how hard and time consuming it's gonna be so they steal somthing easier. Just like securing a house, except with a house neighborhood makes some of the deterrent.
  8. Vanman

    Extra Fuel Tank

    My Onan gen is thirsty and drains from the Toy tank, 17 Gal in my case. I carry 5 gal in a jerrycan, but have yet to use it.
  9. Vanman

    Mouse War!

    When my Mom was living out in the woods the kind of small mice with a fanned tail were eating the rubber insulation on the wiring under the hood of her Dodge Caravan. Had to put plastic spiralwrap over everything, which worked. You could see the marks in the dust made by their tails, but no chewing on the spiralwrap.
  10. Vanman

    Roof Vent Weather Rot

    Is there something clear that we could put on the white plastic part that would help with the degregation???
  11. " and have an OBD put on it " There is no ODB1 on these, do you mean to have one installed??? The whole story with these is condition, condition, condition, after that floor plan. Read all the pinned posts on this board and you will know pretty much all you will need. Good Luck
  12. Vanman

    New 2015 Toyota Rv 4Wd Overseas

    Lots of Rangers around here, have a friend who had one(4X4) and waited for years and years for Ford to bring it back. He was a ford man but got a Colorado and loves it. I've been in it for a trip and it's plush, rides great and is quieter on the freeway than most cars, I see that 4X4's have come a long way.
  13. Totem correct Derek, I meant non potable; typed so fast I skipped the non. and the fact remains, most people put antifreeze in the "fresh" water tank each year. I wouldn't advise drinking that or anything that touched it; unless one wishes to test their faith... you get the "I waited all month vulching on the pc for totem to misspell or skip a word and GOT him!" award. On almost every one of my posts I have to edit, mispelled words, bad puncutation, or the best " no one is going to know what you mean stated like THAT/// I never seem to see that when reviewing before I press the send button, only after it's up...
  14. Vanman

    Burstner Aero Van

    Pretty but 7700 lbs and a 2.2 L motor, seems to have only one bed ? I'll keep the Toy.
  15. Vanman

    Ac While Motoring.

    I've run both AC's when it's real hot on I-5 using the Onan microlite. A real advantage with having a RV generator.