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    Enjoy working on my Nissan 18' sunrader. I partner dance twice a week, with country dance my first choice then latin. I am retired and have just started going to the YMCA.

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  1. Hi Dave nice welding on the frame rail and hitch. I see you use a mig welder. Have you got gas hooked to the welder for gas shield welding? I have a small Linkin welder #120 for mig welding without the gas. Wish my welds looked as good. I am in the process of replacing my frame extention on my 18' Sunrader.

    1. mtdave2


      Thanks, yeah I have mixed gas hooked up. 

  2. Had our Mini Toyota rally in north Florida this weekend in St. Augustine. We had a total four RV's show with seven people attending. We camped two nights at two different sites, Anastasia state park and St Johns RV park near flea market. Activities included going to dinner in Old St Augustine, night walk down streets of Old town. Trip to beach with photo shoot. Trip to St Augustine gator farm. Trip to Castill de San Marcos fort. I took a side trip Friday night to San Sebastian winery for dancing and drinks. Saturday before leaving park we shopped at flea market and said our goodbyes.
  3. I had the same problem with the u-bolts being to long. I cut an 1" off my bolts and tack welded the bolts to the axle because bags keep shifting. I purchased new 3" u-bolt from Home depot that had more threads for a tighter install.
  4. @ Karen, I have been wanting to move my shower valves but had no idea where to move them inside the small bathroom. They are a pain where they are located in the Sunraders. I think your idea of moving them to the back wall is a good one. Where can I purchase a new faucet that has the 1/4 turns. I have seen these used on hose bibs for outside use but never seen this inside faucet in the stores. Who sells them.
  5. Karen, i want to see your tunnel from tent to RV after construction. I was thinking same with a standalone screen tent.
  6. Karen, I want to purchase a Dometic Cabana dome awning to my Sunrader. Two year ago there was a close out on this unit. Now you are expected to pay retail. I have been looking for one on sale, I'm in no rush. One of the member of our camping group has one on her Rpod and I really like the way it works. Easy set up and will keep the cold air out on chilly days. I want one that is 9' in length.
  7. Worked like a champ for me. You have to glue it to some thin plywood first. For picture go to https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/minitruckcampers/photos/albums/518890692
  8. What a pleasant surprise this morning having the site back up. Missed the chat.
  9. This is the company I order from for the window trim. http://www.ebay.com/itm/350603826644?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  10. RV stores, camping world, Ebay and Amazon carry the 3/4 inch insert. I like the black, easier to maintain. Sell $6-10 roll.
  11. Karen, nice job on the closet walls. I like your idea better than the way I framed my closet. Took me forever and still a little flimsy . You are right there was not a level spot on my Sunrader with the floor and roof both bowing. You just about have to cut long and trim to contour.
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