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  1. xanthogar

    Use of non working fridge

    You could always try to fix your. One thing that I've seen work is remove it and place it upside down for 48 hours re invert let sit another 8 and it may work again. Also check the burners it could be a simple repair/fix and save yourself alot of money.
  2. xanthogar

    What is this toy home??

    http://losangeles.craigslist.org/ant/rvs/3992693683.html Can't figure out what it is but it looks pretty neat anyone know?
  3. I love my dolphin but I do wish it was an auto. pulling up onto leveling blocks, large hills in campgrounds, I think if I ever got another I'd look for one with an auto transmission and eat the 1-2 mpg difference.
  4. xanthogar

    Average age of Toy owners?

    Wife and I are 31 nought our Toy about three years ago and use her as often as we can.
  5. xanthogar

    Need to build Dog Ramp

    What about a motorcycle ramp they would hold the weight be prefab and easy to use harbor tool and freight sells a nice 30" one for about a hundred http://www.harborfreight.com/1200-lb-capacity-convertible-aluminum-loading-ramp-94057.html
  6. Not everyone will take it but if you can work it out with them alot of times you can use paypal which adds an extra level of protection to you both.
  7. xanthogar

    New bumper sticker should read...

    I've been looking for my old friend the mooney doll but haven't seen one since I was in high school lol.
  8. xanthogar

    Another funny Forum question.

    My coach is named Jitters, the first time driving her I was shaky and so was she along with all the new rattles it was a scarey ride, we joked she had the jitters and so did I from driving her so that's what we named her.
  9. xanthogar

    Night time driving is actually nice.

    I work nights so I leave home at aroud midnight and drive for a couple hours and then stop at a rest stop to sleep. I then get up around 9am so there's no traffic when I drive I get to places around noon which is check in time and feel much more rested then leaving early and fighting traffic or at night and paying for an extra night in a campground..
  10. xanthogar

    Carrying a scooter on a Toyota RV

    I'm looking into this myself to make camping more convenient (like the always seeming oops I forgot something and need to run to the store). I'm toying with welding a hitch on the back or front then buying a small scooter or a trail 90 and a hitch carrier seems easier then buying a small trailer. Does anyone have any pics of motorcycles/scooters they carry and how to do it?
  11. xanthogar

    Jitters #1

  12. xanthogar

    The Best Mouse Trap?

    I personally like sonic pest devices I use them in my house and RV when it's hooked up keeps out mice, rats, roaches and spiders for the most part. Too bad it doesn't work on 12v.
  13. xanthogar

    Generator Help!

    I was down looking at the honda 2000 generator and was told camping world now has a knock off with the same stats and works just as well here's a link to it if you're going to go with the honda but lack som cash this may be a good idea. http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/campers-world/powerhouse-2000wi-2000-watt-inverter-generator/coa60376 .
  14. xanthogar

    Question about Battery life

    Another thing to think about if there's a no generator policy is a solar panel. I use a little 5 watt panel which was $20 at harbor tool and if I only run lights (all led) and water pump it will keep my coach battery full without a problem.
  15. Sounds like a good time to me. I go camping in my 83 dolphin a lot with my wife. We boondock at the Kern river hot springs near lake isabella. You can also do blm land (make sure to get a campfire permit they're free at your local fire station). We also do a lot of beach camping.