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  1. I think Vancouver Island has many beauitful places to camp, I think many people coming on the ferry don't mind the drive to other places. I think changing it up is good.
  2. do any one of you guys Gayles email, from the last toyin , I can't remember her lst name or email.........Thanks cathy
  3. I found this great little motor home if any one is looking for one http://www.momvehiclesales.com/listing/57961 Looks to be in good shape cathy
  4. Hi all I was just coming on to start a thread for this , great to see every one is thinking summer and camping I Was hoping to put it out there that we go some where different this year. Coombs country camp site is nice. www.coombscampground.com/ It is open , has group sites or single sites with all hookups, 5 mins from goats on the roof and it is cheaper than Living forest, and it is nice and open too. I was also thinking maybe a bocce game or two ( i have balls) would be nice. something else to do. what is everyones thoughts on moving it.
  5. this is pretty cool I have a mini mirage 1979 , same layout , with a shower, it is a sweet ride i love her .
  6. this is so much fun and the kids love it. Buy a unpainted broom stick when ready to cook Oil the cooking end well Use Pilsbury crescant roll dough , two pieces (one square) wrap around the broom stick and toast over the fire, when cooked gently pull off, fill with spray whipcream and drizzle with chocolate sauce.
  7. We just had a toyin on Vancouver Island check out my pictures where are you at, looks like a small farmer market. What kind of music do you play. Vancouver Island musicfest is coming up next weekend, My favorite weekend of the year.
  8. We had fun and I learned a ton of fun stuff , got some great Idea's and made some life long friends. Cheer's to the Second Annual Vancouver Island ToyIn , Plan for the 3rd Annual, I can't wait , only 363 more sleeps...Cathy
  9. this is very cool I love your canapy can you tell me what kind it is
  10. Only three more sleeps .............yaaaaaaaaaa
  11. I am new to the motorhome stuff . when I turn the propane on to use the stove do I have to light the pilot light in the oven , it has a pilot on off switch, and I won't be using the oven often. How do i get the grey water from the sink to empty in to a bucket and not the tank , it has a hose connecter and a small short hose , but the grey water is running to the holding tank right now. the hose connector is on the other side from the sink, maybe that is not what it is for, I'm not sure.
  12. Just in case you want some ideas someone who owned mine mini before me replaced the whole roof with a one piece aluminum roof , replaced the floors and ceiling at the same time and did a really nice job , if you would like me to send you more pictures i can
  13. this is my Mini blog spot if anyone is interested http://mollythemini.blogspot.ca/
  14. Ok I got a spot (Campsite 211 ) for Sassy and I . I'm so excited . I am going to make up a few posters to hand out cuz i see a few Toyota motor homes around the Comox Valley, so I can hand them out . What can I do to help ?? I will be staying till Monday as well. Cathy
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