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  1. And I got the email notification for the last few replies too so whatever you changed is working! You will see a big boost in your forums traffic because of this.
  2. YAY!!!! I just got an email notification of your reply and this is the first time I received one in many months - and maybe even a year or so. Geez, what took you so long? I mentioned this issue in a couple other threads but nothing got fixed so I'm so glad someone finally acted on it! Thank you. You must be the Grand Poobah of this forum, right?
  3. But since our email addresses can be found in our Settings (and possibly our passwords), then how does shutting off email notifications give more security?
  4. I would hardly call not being able to get email notifications an "upgrade" but at least I know what's going on now. That "upgrade" has probably reduced his traffic to a fraction of what it used to be. Mystery solved, finally. Thank you.
  5. I no longer get email notifications for the threads I am subscribed to. It's been going on for many months. I have the send email notifications selected in my settings and every post has the green "Notify me of replies" selected by default. They aren't going in my spam folder either. Can you fix this, please? Who is the grand poobah for this forum and how do I contact them? Thanks
  6. A little late to the party but I just saw your latest comments now, Steve. Sorry to pull you away from your In and out burger to show me your rig! (I would have waited until you were done!) I texted and tried calling you last week to ask about your roller paint job because I'm FINALLY back to working on mine again. I suspect maybe you're in beautiful baja again...
  7. Sounds like a great trip! Good idea about leaving the watch snake under the hood. Was it still there when you went to leave or did you forget to check? Did you park on the Pacific side or tucked inside the gulf a bit?
  8. You must have been moving around a lot to put that many miles on it, eh? Thanks for the update but you forgot to mention the most important part... Did you get lots of perfect uncrowded waves?
  9. Did you build your outside box yourself? Is it attached to the rear bumper and back wall?
  10. 2000 miles from SC to the Grand Canyon and back? Say what?! Sounds like a great trip Steve! Did you stay at the South Rim? Did you drink the water there? Oh man, its the best water I've ever had in my life. They pipe it all the way over from the North Rim. I'm not sure about the trailer idea. I guess the advantage is that you could leave it wherever you're camping and set out in the truck for the day or whatever. How long does it take you now to have the Sunrader on the flatbed and ready to drive away? P.S. I'm still plugging away on mine. I'm doing the cabinets inside and I have someone in Montana that is guiding me with the wiring diagram for the solar panel and battery system - all of which I knew absolutely NOTHING about until now.
  11. Hmm, thats a pretty good idea for incorporating a storage box with a bike rack. Thanks for the link Derek and thanks for trying Linda.
  12. Has anyone built a storage box behind the back of your motorhome like Macs 4x4 Sunrader here? At first I thought the box was resting on an extension of the rear bumper but after looking at the large photos I can see that isn't the case. I'm wondering how he attached the box to the Sunrader? Does anyone know how I can contact Mac? Thanks!
  13. Good thing cuz I glassed all my window frames in! Are you able to pull the sliding half of your windows out of the track and put them back in position?
  14. Any of the side or back window glass. I don't have one that is broken but I'm wondering how involved it would be to replace the glass only if I have to.