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  1. And I got the email notification for the last few replies too so whatever you changed is working! You will see a big boost in your forums traffic because of this.
  2. YAY!!!! I just got an email notification of your reply and this is the first time I received one in many months - and maybe even a year or so. Geez, what took you so long? I mentioned this issue in a couple other threads but nothing got fixed so I'm so glad someone finally acted on it! Thank you. You must be the Grand Poobah of this forum, right?
  3. But since our email addresses can be found in our Settings (and possibly our passwords), then how does shutting off email notifications give more security?
  4. I would hardly call not being able to get email notifications an "upgrade" but at least I know what's going on now. That "upgrade" has probably reduced his traffic to a fraction of what it used to be. Mystery solved, finally. Thank you.
  5. I'm not driving it yet because I'm still rebuilding the motorhome. The outside is painted and put back together. I'll be desmogging and installing a Weber carb on Monday and then I go back inside to finish the interior. It's been a long slog interrupted by about two years where I didn't work on it but soon it will be done.
  6. Dang, I forgot about that! Duh. Okay, I will buy a bottle jack. I need to buy one anyway but I'll do it sooner. Thanks!
  7. I no longer get email notifications for the threads I am subscribed to. It's been going on for many months. I have the send email notifications selected in my settings and every post has the green "Notify me of replies" selected by default. They aren't going in my spam folder either. Can you fix this, please? Who is the grand poobah for this forum and how do I contact them? Thanks
  8. Not foolies. It's a 1 ton rear axle. I don't have a ramp. Can I remove the outer wheel by letting the air out of the outer wheel tires?
  9. I'm pretty sure I have enough clearance with the Sunrader. I have removed the lug nuts before but the last time someone removed the wheel and put it back they put it back the wrong way and probably used a pneumatic tool so I hope I can remove it this time. Yes, I can get them tight enough.
  10. I need to fill the tires but just noticed that I can't access the valve on the inside dually's. A couple questions, please... 1) Shouldn't I be able to access the inner dually tire by lining up the valves so both can be accessed without removing the outer wheel? 2) I'm still rebuilding this Sunrader and haven't gotten around to buying a bottle jack yet. Is it possible to remove the outer dually wheels WITHOUT A JACK by letting all of the air out of them > then take them off and align them so the inner and outer valves can be accessed? Thanks
  11. You inspired me to look into using lithium batteries instead of lead acid and so far they look amazing. Lighter, smaller, no venting, thousands of cycles, can be deep discharged, charge fast, etc. Are you saying I should look into buying them from junk yards out of wrecked hybrid cars like Prius's and Volts?
  12. There's no more "looking" because there are only two places I can put the batteries inside. One is in a compartment under the dinette bench, but then the weight would be cantilevered too far back. The only other option is to put them on top of the fiberglass wheel well. Yes, I will vent the compartment to the outside and the access door inside would be totally sealed with a rubber gasket. I could build a 3/4" plywood platform for the batteries to sit on top of the wheel well. Another option would be to build a steel frame that the batteries would sit on. The point is that I wouldn't just put the two to four 6 volt batteries directly on top of the fiberglass. So now that I have explained that, do you still think 4 batteries would be too much there? Thanks again.
  13. Yes but there's no place to put them lower unless they go under the floor and there's nowhere to put them forward of the axle.
  14. Two T-105's might be enough or the Crown equivalent. I need to figure that out still. Either way, what do you think about putting them on top of the wheel well?