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  1. Assuming you men the 'bunk' window, I'm thinking all the different models are the same. 1986 Dolphin Micro Mini.pdf
  2. Not all were set up to be 'Generator Ready'. Does the enclosure have a vented door? Or is it just designed for storage?
  3. Posting deleted. I guess someone moved fast.
  4. Going ONLY by what's published in their 1987 brochure, it would have been fitted with an Onan 3KW. 1987 Dolphin Micro Mini.pdf
  5. According to their website, it's sold here:- https://www.tscstores.com/ https://www.earthkind.com/locate/
  6. Though I see no point in exploring the 'extremes' of air spring pressures, there are other max/mins. The basics are that if you've only got 5psi. the springs are basically adding no support, so pointless to chose it. 100psi? You'll have hard time finding a pump at a gas station that's set to give that. I suspect to protect consumers from themselves by inflating their tires that high and having a blowout. (Nanny State & lawyers!) Ride Rite.pdf Airlift 57113 MN-214.pdf
  7. Of course the big question is which 'Saturday'? Yesterday (when the ad was placed) or next Saturday?
  8. I doubt you want to hear this, but AFAIK it's illegal to lock your propane compartment door. I believe to allow access to shut off the propane in case of fire/accident.
  9. I hear Mexico is the place for good prices.
  10. https://www.yelp.com/search?cflt=reupholstery&find_loc=Sacramento%2C+CA
  11. Not 'rocket surgery'! Anyone with a welder should be able to add/weld up a simple frame for you. Adding a wood deck is simple. I'd imagine a nice 1-Ton Toyota flatbed would be worth a whole lot more than what you'll get for the parts. https://www.instructables.com/id/Convert-Your-Pickup-Truck-to-a-Flatbed/ Or DIY in wood. Or build your own:-
  12. I assume someone like this (speedo repair). http://www.genesspeedometer.com/p/welcome.html?fbclid=IwAR2d27JAvhzzyhVgwCdPFvBusdYgqMt_Mu7rC27ynIgp5UUEULJxm_wE9Nw Or any shady used car lot on the wrong side of the tracks?
  13. This is all I've got on Gulfstream. 1991 Conquest Toyota Micro Gulf Stream.pdf
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