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  1. This might be what you need, but wait for a Sunrader expert to confirm that it's the correct width. https://www.amazon.com/Camco-25173-Vinyl-Insert-Black/dp/B01B3TNO04
  2. For those who like gadgets. https://doscout.com/pages/fido-smart-lock
  3. I guess it's flattering that Thor thinks we know more than they do about Escapers. I assume they just did a quick Google search. I don't think any of the ToyMoHos do anything different. Fresh water tank -> pump -> pipes -> faucets (either directly or via water heater). All the same, +/- a few fittings.
  4. The only thing I have for the Escaper is the Owner's Manual. About as general as all the others. Unfortunately, not what you're hoping for. manual 1-Cover.pdf Manual 2.pdf Manual 3.pdf Manual 4.pdf Manual 5.pdf Manual 6.pdf Manual 7.pdf Manual 8.pdf Manual 9.pdf Manual 10.pdf Manual 11.pdf Manual 12.pdf Manual 13.pdf
  5. Perhaps there was a version of the A340 made with a bellhousing/converter that would mate to the 22RTE.
  6. I've read before that the 22RTE (turbo) used the A340 automatic and not the A43 automatic. I've also read that the 22RE (non-turbo) only connects to the A43. This leaves me confused.
  7. Or springs with more arch. Shocks are designed with a 'working range'. A 3"-4" lift will require a longer shock. Similarly, air springs have a 'working range/ride height'. You'll need to add spacers with a lift.
  8. If it only needs a $20 part to get it running and driving, you'll probably get an extra $1000 for it. Or more.
  9. The file size is probably too high.
  10. Thanks. Added. They must be something recent. I looked on Google Maps and Street View and they don't look very prominent. Seems the just moved there in October 2019.
  11. I've seen no evidence that they were produced outside of 1985 to 1986 and the 2 layouts/models shown above.
  12. All I can offer about the 'New World'.
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