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  1. 'Pixie' hasn't logged in since 21 Nov 2015, so I guess that would count as 'no news'.
  2. Made me think of 'Wok-Fi'.
  3. If you're thinking of bidding on this one, Caveat Emptor. The Seller has used many 'names*', probably the best known is 'Kangaman'. Though he somehow manages to keep 100% feedback ratings, they're all associated with 'unhappy' endings. * Holodrama/Kangaman/SunGuy/Kangaroo Dreaming/Silverdreamer14 (and others).
  4. I'm going to assume all the verbiage is standard Winnebago 'Cover your @$$' legal-speak that they include in all their motorhome manuals and is not specific to the Toyota based MH.
  5. I'm having a hard time imagining any circumstance that would make me want to remove the outer rim only. Far too risky. Why would you want to do that? Change out an outer flat tire but forgot the jack at home? I'd rather limp along at 2mph until I found someone with a jack.
  6. I suspect the 'No Towing' sticker is their admission that the frame extensions are barely strong enough to support the house. That's why it's always recommended to examine and reinforce them before adding a hitch/receiver.
  7. Does this show the fasteners you're looking for?
  8. I'm not aware of any Toyota Motorhome manufacturer offering a 'Tow Package' or even a receiver for a bike rack. IF they did, it's not mentioned in any literature/brochures I've seen over the years. In fact, some even went to the extreme of shipping them with 'No towing' stickers attached.
  10. You're not having a problem with your motorhome. What's the make and model of the heater?
  11. Glad to see you also posted on the Yahoo Chinook Group. I think you're more likely to get an answer there than here, though you never know. I'm curious. You list a '76, 4WD, 3.4 V6 Chinook. Pictures?
  12. What's the make and model?
  13. The more information you can give, the better the advice you'll get. Start here:-