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  1. It never hurts to post the exact make and model of an appliance so that if someone has had a similar problem with the same appliance, they can offer direct experience. Maybe even photos. Or find an Owner's Manual. http://bryantrv.com/owners.html
  2. I'd confirm the 'good spark' and also spark at the right time by using some 'Quick Start' (ether). If it runs, then what Maineah said above.
  3. If you have a brochure or Owners Manual for the MH, I'd appreciate a digital copy for my 'Archive'.
  4. NOT MINE. A pretty rare opportunity, https://mobydork.tgeller.com/?fbclid=IwAR2XGDFfxKipidpNFb2LpPdxryM1qe-_G_VllJaKy_iVjx1zP8Q1a6Bm8lc
  5. Don't see that package online. How much in-store?
  6. Typically, the water drains on the ground directly below the valve(s).
  7. Valid comments if you have a 4x4. However, the OP is asking about custom rims for a 1990 Dolphin, so 6 (or 7) rims, 6 (or 7) tires. And they're still ho-hum steel rims.
  8. I agree about being pricey, but what's a set of 6 (or 7) steel 15" rims and tires going to cost? For either option (especially 17") you're more than likely going to want to add the cost of an axle ratio change due to the considerable increase in tire circumference to keep it somewhat drivable.
  9. OK, Mea Culpa. My memory was wrong. ~$1000 for the adapters, ~$2000 for wheels & tires and Ford F350 rims. From the owner of 'Atlas':- " Because you have the ultra rare 4x4, you have only 2 options for changing the rims. A set of custom made adapters or a set of custom made rims. I went the 1st route, but both are expensive. The 1ton axle is a 6x7.25" lug pattern. No other rims exist than the 14" Toyota rims or the few pairs that Sunrader company made and installed on these 4x4s. My 4x4 came with 14" on the rear and 15" on the front so I had to find a solution. I had a set of adapters made to change the rear lug pattern to a set of dually rims from a Ford, 8x200mm. I also had to have a set of adapters made for the front to go from the Toyota 6x5.5" to the Ford 8x200mm. I chose adapters so I could carry one spare(or none because all the rims match). If you have rims made for the weird rear lug pattern, you will still be left with two different lug patterns front vs rear. The adapters cost me about $950 for all four. I found the Ford rims on Craigslist for $500. The tires cost about $150/ea. They were definitely a very expensive set of shoes for Atlas but now she sits pretty with matching 17" aluminum rims with 32" e load rating tires." " The 17" duals are wrapped in 245/85/17 Iron Man ATs, E Load rating. They're the factory size tires for a 2015 F350 4x4 and a bit bigger than I intended to go but the wheels were on Craigslist for cheap so I snagged them." Adapter prices might be a bit lower for a 2wd because you'd need 4 of the same vs two plus two for 4WD.
  10. Having written what I did above, the only 'practical' solution I've seen is having custom adapter/spacers made to fit wheels from a different make. In this case it was 17" Chevy (350?) rims on a 4x4 Sunrader with a FF axle. I think the guy posted the adapters were ~$2000 and wheels/tires another $2000. Clearance would obviously be an issue unless a lifted 4x4.
  11. Your only chance of finding off the shelf alloy rims like shown is if you own something like a Chinook with the common Toyota bolt pattern. The bolt pattern on the '1-Ton' Dually C&C is pretty unique and you'd be paying Chip Foose thousands each to have machined from billet.
  12. I think this is what a 1990 owner would need (according to their site).
  13. I'm not sure how accurate they are, but maybe enter your VIN into one of the many on-line Toyota Dealers and see if they list a speedo cable for your VIN. I looked on this one (without your VIN):- https://www.toyotapartsdeal.com/ They list several speedo cable options for 1990 Pickups and none for 1993 pickups.
  14. Academic curiousity. No arguing that bigger tires were fitted but if that was the only difference, why wouldn't Toyota spend a few bucks more and up the GVWR on all their trucks by 500lb?
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