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  1. No special knowledge, but can someone post the link to an online Toyota Dealer where you can look up parts after entering your VIN. This might lead to the 'truth'.
  2. You should assemble plug & play 'packages' and sell them for half the cost. I know that for me your posts are like Chinese and I'm not about to learn a foreign language in order to check my emails or watch TV. But I'm always interested in saving a buck.
  3. 'Brand new' clutch fan does not necessarily mean a 'good' clutch fan. Perhaps check the ignition timing? Mechanical/vacuum advance?
  4. AFAIK, the charcoal canister should only see fuel/gas vapor. So a bad line should not lead to a puddle of gas on the floor.
  5. I appreciate you taking the time to pass on your 'trick'. Thanks.
  7. I'm going to assume that the left hand doors were cut at the factory. Sunrader seems to have a reputation for building almost 'one offs' from time to time. My guess (only) is that there was someone in Japan who put in a small order for the custom ones. So far, I've only come across 18 footers. The mirror design would pose a problem by creating more holes in the shell for water to get in. But I guess you don't have that problem! Dust/sand instead?
  8. No source, but there's always DIY with a utility knife.
  9. I'm guessing that you probably get more looks driving down the street than a Lambo! Is that left hand drive/left hand coach door? Interesting mirrors. I've never noticed any others like it. Here are a couple of Sunrader 4x4s probably originally delivered to Japan, if you haven't already seen them. Both RHD.
  10. Here' the 1993 version with a section on the axle. 93_FSM_Combined.pdf
  11. A 6345 converter.
  12. You might need the valve clearances adjusting. Attached is the closest I've got to a repair manual for a 1980. how-to-keep-your-toyota-pickup-alive.pdf
  13. No issue with that rear axle.
  14. Can you post some pictures? I'm pretty sure we can tell you what you've got, even if we can't help if there's something fishy with your VIN.