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  1. Too late to get your $30 back? 1993 FSM! Maybe you're going to owe me 2 coffees! 1993_FSM_TOYOTA_TRUCK_Service_Manual.pdf
  2. Nice of you to post. Good price for the axle, especially if it includes rims. Even better if the tires are still good! Does the seller give a hand removing parts? I assume it's somewhere that it can be worked on since it's obviously not mobile any more!
  3. How close to 6000lb do you expect to get on the rear axle? Have you figured out the cost to change the axle ratio to cope with such a large diameter tire?
  4. He was probably fooling himself. Similar viscosities. " Grade 5 AGMA-rated oil has the same viscosity as ISO 220, 50 weight SAE engine oil and 90W SAE gear oil. " https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2014/04/18/tech-101-what-oil-viscosity-ratings-mean/
  5. SoCal Mechanic Recommendations?

    If you continue being happy with his work, be sure to give contact info for future reference!
  6. It always amazes me that Nissan never bothered to fitting matching 6-lug rims front and rear.
  7. Well, that was an easy sell! Most (all?) propane doors also have a 'Propane' sticker to identify it.
  8. House battery only charged when it rains

    Could be a DPO (Dumb Previous Owner) screw-up or might even have been done by a DFW (Dumb Factory Worker)! But at least the SCOWM (Smart Current Owner With Multimeter) has got it figured out!
  9. Don't know anything about your Maine inspection, but here I think they'd only look at the Toyota parts, nothing to do with the 'house'. IIRC, the 'no lock' rule is to make sure that the propane tank is always accessible to everyone (think Firefighters) to allow it to be shut off quickly without hunting for a key.
  10. Upgrading the Foolies

    Or buy one from a junkyard.
  11. Upgrading the Foolies

    I haven't had my 1st coffee of the day so probably dangerous to post anything. But why are we looking at replacing the complete axle assembly with another non-FF axle assembly? Would simply replacing the one broken axle shaft not do the job if the plan is to run single wheels?
  12. Not only do they have to be vented, but I believe they legally have to have no lock.
  13. Oops. I should have qualified what I said above by saying I was talking about Toyotas only. I think Nissan introduced their V6 earlier.
  14. Upgrading the Foolies

    I don't think he wants an axle from a 4x4.
  15. The V6 was fitted to all built on an '89 or later chassis, so quite a few.