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  1. Derek up North

    Nerd buys Travelmaster, now the fun/repairs begin

    I'd estimate your chances of finding a 5-lug spare at around 99%.
  2. Derek up North

    Nerd buys Travelmaster, now the fun/repairs begin

    Option 5 (sort of): buy and carry an unmounted 185R14 LR D tire while you figure out options 1 - 4. At least you'll have a good tire ready for mounting rather than being forced to pay a premium price if stuck in the boonies.
  3. Derek up North

    14" Wheel Covers

    Any 14" hub cap will fit the rear rims. AFAIK, none (other than the wheel simulators) will fit over the 6-lug front rims.
  4. Toyota never did the Recall. The Recall was against the motorhome manufacturers who added the 'foolies' which are what caused the axle failure problem. https://www.upi.com/Archives/1990/04/18/Government-determines-safety-defect-in-mini-motorhomes/4843640411200/
  5. No question, those are 'foolies' installed. 18' Sunraders were included in the recall, if anyone tries to tell you they weren't.And if anyone tries to tell you that they've lasted this long, here a a couple of pictures (both Sunraders) to show them:-
  6. Derek up North

    14" Wheel Covers

    14" chrome 'Wheel Simulators' come up from time to time. Seem to be made in small batches.
  7. Back to basics: what work do you want done that would require a Dealer for big $$$$?
  8. Derek up North

    1978 Sunrader

    There won't be many (myself include) familiar with the hinge design. Could you post detailed pictures and describe what's wrong with the old ones?
  9. Before they get a chance to say they don't do motorhomes, be sure to tell them your 'pickup' only weighs 6000lb. 👌
  10. Derek up North

    4x4 Conversion on Ebay

    Running 15" rims front and rear, it's no problem finding tires rated at close to 2300lb each.
  11. Derek up North

    Bike rack on Dolphin

    I wouldn't use a tire mounted rack on the back of a Dolphin. Bound to cause rear wall problems!
  12. Derek up North

    Could anyone help me price my 4x4 Odyssey

    Very nice. Could you tell us what you did to allow you to post your pictures? Reduce the file size?
  13. Derek up North

    Would anyone want this camper for parts?

    More than likely propane. Probably 6 gallon, maybe 4.
  14. Derek up North

    Weight on roof

    If it's in decent shape, yes.
  15. Derek up North

    Storage Compartment Doors Repair or Replace

    I'd imagine a rectangular hole would work just as well. Easy work since you've got a multitool!