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  1. 038 / LT42 / G92 / W42 Color / Trim / Axle / Transmission Are you sure your plate isn't marked 'G292'?
  2. That's my opinion ONLY, of course! Others love shiny SS. I prefer money in my pocket.
  3. Your tires (Primewell PS580) and size (P195/75R14) are not normally recommended for motorhome service, though for the (assumed) light weight of your MH will be OK as long as the inner sidewalls aren't too close to allow rubbing or cause tire overheating.
  4. Looks aren't everything. There were several versions of 'foolies'. Without removing the wheel you've posted to confirm, I strongly suspect this is what you'll find hiding behind the outer wheel. Unfortunately, they're still foolies, loading the axle in ways not designed for.
  5. The 'Best' choice is to remove them and bed them in fresh butyl tape.
  6. The original fasteners were nothing exotic. Replace with new and they'll probably last another 30-40 years.
  7. To do it to 'perfection', you can buy small pots of 'Gel coat'. Assuming the 'chip' isn't too deep. Pretty runny, so several thin coats would be needed for overhead use. Not cheap stuff. Or you could use automotive body filler and paint.
  8. From the Winnebago Owners Manual. 1992 Spirit Owners Manual.pdf
  9. Though it's not a Toyota, it could quite easily be one.
  10. Though probably politically incorrect to ask these days: 'How saggy is you rear end'?
  11. Dolphin/Sea Breeze were the only ones to offer a 'body kit' starting in 1991. Looks nice, the parts are molded plastic and virtually impossible to replace when they break.
  12. Most gas stations have a box of gas caps that customers have left behind on the pumps. It never hurts to ask if you can have a rummage.
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