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  1. I think the universal design standard was somewhere between 'Cheap & Nasty' and 'Quick & Dirty'. Which is nice when you're rebuilding because it's hard to do worse!
  2. Wait for Linda to have a look. She's more familiar with what a Nissan FF axle and rim looks like than I am. Missing hub cap? Better knock $5 off the price!
  3. Well, fortunately one of the hub caps appears to have fallen off. I think I can see a hint of the FF hub visible.
  4. Well, you didn't mention the whole thing! Unless I'm mistaken, you'll find the Nissan FF axle has 6 lugs but they never got around to fitting 6 lugs up front. Do you think the seller can count to 6?
  5. You're contemplating installing a Nissan axle under a Toyota? IMHO, an unnecessary complication to life.
  6. You might take a tape measure to a Tundra.
  7. Anything is possible with enough blood, sweat and tears. A 'relatively' common swap is onto a newer 4x4 Toyota pickup.
  8. welded dually tire removal

    You might have to muscle them off the old fashioned way. By hand.
  9. Well, since you're removing one, take them both out and replace them with something more modern and comfortable!
  10. Life's so much simpler in Metric!!
  11. An '86 should be a 22R-E with injection.
  12. I'm guessing the problem you found was where the manufacturer hacked into the Toyota wiring harness to extend it back to the longer house/camper.
  13. According to the wiring diagram, the fuse is after the relay. So to my my way of thinking, the fuse will only get 12v if the relay is being operated by the switch. Did I mention (recently) that I hate electrical problems. The only think worse are intermittent electrical problems.
  14. I noticed before posting above that you're in the 'rust belt' (like I am). Save the fridge for last and spend the week soaking the bolts with PB Blaster?