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  1. Derek up North


  2. Derek up North


    1988–1995 Toyota 4Runner 1988–1995 Toyota Pickup 1992–1995 Toyota T100 According to Wikipedia.
  3. Derek up North

    Mr. Heater?

    I'd just add a CO detector and keep the window shut and the heat in.
  4. Oh, OK, get all technical now. Rather than VIN, I guess I should have referred to it as the 'Frame Number'. RN28-165975 in your case.
  5. Derek up North

    all manuals for a 86 Toyota Dolphin

    A kind offer. People often post asking for Owners Manual. So far on file I have what were described as '1984' and '1985' and '1993'. Perhaps rather than going to the trouble of scanning manuals that are already available online as Pdfs, just list the models that you have. 1984 Dolphin Owners Manual.pdf 1985 Dolphin Owners Manual.pdf 1993_Dolphin_Owners_Manual.pdf
  6. No, the '0' in '20R' is the same as the '0' in 'G082'. Unfortunately, in this computer age, the difference between GO82 and G082 will make a difference between success and failure if doing a database/parts search. 'G' indicates an 8" diff. A 7.5" diff is an 'F'. The '08' is the ratio (4.11:1). The '2' is a 2-pinion (vs 4 pinion). YOOD! AFAIK, 'G' has nothing to do with it being a 1/2, 3/4 or 1-Ton axle. They all can use an 8" diff (other than earlier years). Source: http://www.brian894x4.com/Gearratiosanddiffs.html http://www.off-road.com/trucks-4x4/tech/toyota-differential-identification-18588.html https://www.lcengineering.com/LCTechPages/TECHGEARJANUARY.html
  7. I think if you look at your plate, it's actually G082 and not GO82.
  8. I don't have the whole Manual. Just a few pages.
  9. Well, the best info I've got (the C&C Builders Manual) indicates that the C&Cs were delivered by Toyota without A/C. So I'm pretty sure it's standard truck components.
  10. Rather than writing numbers on your head, you might find this easier!
  11. Part of the complication is that you're thinking in inches for the clearances and probably only have feeler gauges in inches yet the shims are metric. If you were thinking only in inches or mm, life would be easier!
  12. Yes, the 1-Ton FF axle can be swapped in. Cost will vary widely. Depends on how lucky you are buying the axle/wheels, etc (I've seen them from $300 -> $1000+) and what you pay for the installation.