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  1. Derek up North

    So I bought a '78 Sunrader...

    Most who install/swap a FF axle are faced with this. Either 5 lug or 4x4 6 lug up front, FF 6 lug rear.
  2. Derek up North

    What is it?

    Most unusual. The first Sunrader 'Adventure' I remember on a Nissan and they usually have a lift/pop top. https://www.google.com/search?q=sunrader+adventure&client=firefox-b-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjlus2f4I_hAhWurFkKHbYNDZIQ_AUIDigB&biw=1366&bih=604
  3. Derek up North

    What is it?

    Something like this?
  4. Derek up North

    What is it?

    I'm sure Linda will be along soon!
  5. Derek up North

    What is it?

    Gardner Pacific made the Sunrader.
  6. Derek up North

    5 speed swap into 1978 Chinook, Marlin screw-up

    As far as I know, all 6-lug FF DRW axles are 8", not 7.5".
  7. Derek up North

    Parts for 1994 Winnabego Micro Warrior

    I won't argue about what someone told you, however I find it hard to believe an air spring on the rear axle would foul the gas tank which is in the standard Toyota location. Propane tank, perhaps? Or do you have a 2nd gas tank? Different manufacturers installed different 'stuff' in different locations, even between different models. Holding tanks, piping, exhausts, etc. Makes it hard to say if air springs can be installed as a bolt-on without modifications for clearances. I suspect why Firestone doesn't offer a kit for 'motorhomes' because of these variables/unknowns. Only Airlift is brave enough to do so and I suspect put up with various interference complaints. As an example of these 'variables', National mounted the spare on the back wall, leaving the standard undermount position empty. The ran the propane line right through this empty space. Someone wanting to return the spare to the standard undermount location has to reroute the propane line. http://cabbieland.byethost31.com/Sea-Breeze-Rear-Box.html?i=1
  8. Unfortunately, as is often the case, this Canadian Toyota still has foolies.
  9. Derek up North

    Wall paneling questions

    Magnetic knife holder? Can you imagine how your life would become more complicated if you were in an accident? Ducking a few spices, I could handle. Knives? Not so much!
  10. Derek up North

    Trying To Identify The Model

    Pictures would be the best way to go. People unable to post pictures usually find their file size is too big.
  11. Derek up North

    Driving in the snow??

    Who would have thought that anyone was still making bias-ply tires!
  12. Derek up North

    Tire size for 1993 Sea Breeze

  13. Derek up North

    Tire size for 1993 Sea Breeze

    Original was 185R14 6-ply/Load Range C. Next to impossible to find 6-ply any more so the accepted tire now is 185R14 8-ply.
  14. Derek up North

    Tacoma motorhome builder

    I hope it works for him, but from watching one of his videos, I think he's got a few things to learn still. Doesn't now the R-value of his insulation? Batteries and propane cylinders basically inside the 'house' and unvented? As I recall from previous discussions, he was over the GVWR of the Tacoma before anything is loaded on board?
  15. Derek up North

    4x4 conversion

    " The only countries where the Hilux isn’t sold are the US, Canada, North Korea, South Korea and, oddly, Japan. " https://www.leisurewheels.co.za/blogs/gerhard-horn-a-history-of-the-toyota-hilux/