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  1. Putting '86 conquest back together after major rework. When I step on brake pedal left turn indicator light lights and remains on as long as as pedal is depressed. Signal will not flash when pedal is down. Any one see that before?
  2. I have an '83 nissan shorty sunrader w/full floater not sure about history. Also have '84 toyota 21' sunrader w/full floater. Wheel patterns different wish they were the same.
  3. I forgot to tell it had good axle very nice unit
  4. On a road trip to the Olympic Peninsula in washington state Feb. 12, 2015 I saw a sunrader at an rv dealer on hwy 101 near Sequim just had to stop. It was there 1 day when we saw it. The story is the original owner had passed away in his 90s the family was trying to sell it. 1983 21' Sunrader w/manual transmission, 80,000 miles had been stored inside when not in use. It was 'AMAZING', looked almost new inside. Rear dinette & very clean. Thought seriously about buying it but have 2 sunraders now. Just giving a heads up, the dealer was asking $7,000 as I was leaving they said they might rais
  5. Thanks for the info. Both were right at 6,000 lbs the nissan had larger storage box on rear bumper but toyota had 2 spare tires.
  6. Last december I bought a nissan sunrader 18' 2.4 engine, 5 spd transmission, full floating rear end 72,000 miles.. Paid $1,000. I needed a new project. First nissan I have bought. I have done similar with a number of toyotas so was curious of comparison. Side window was missing (had one in bone yard) interior needed quite a bit of work, but not much expense. To get a fair comparison had to take it on a trip. So off we went to LA from N.Central Wa state. Replaced clutch slave cylinder in Oregon, front brakes in LA. Highway 101 through Oregon & N Cal. I 5 to LA. To make a long story short. I
  7. Thanks to so many wonderful people for all the help you have given this year. You made so many things much easier & we met some special peaple at our 1st toyin thanks to this site. God bless Rich
  8. Karin You are right the cabinets do provide a lot of support for the roof. One of my biggest complaints with gardiner pacific was the use of particle board for framing. I've used the cabinet fronts for a pattern & some 4mm plywood for new fronts. It amazed me the different feel on the roof with and without the cabinets installed. With 2" wide cross strips you can get 2 scews on each. The end caps helped to stiffen the "box" of the cabinets. I put the cross pieces a little closer together than the original so more screws to hold up cabinets. I wish I had kept some records. I am not an engin
  9. I think I went 16". The upper cabinets if installed properly support the roof also. I have had to glue framing to roof on several over the bed. All construction adhesives are not made the same. I used polyurethane but some of that has changed also.
  10. I have rebuilt 4 sunraders. The 1st one had 3 feet of snow on it & the roof vent was gone, 3" sag in the roof. The upper cabinets were on the floor. Removed every thing 1X2s 1/8 " longer than the span (to maintain arch) w/polyurethane construction adhesive pushed up into place held over night by supports from floor, glued 3/4" foam between 1X2s, attached paneling to 1X2s. Still great after 4 years.
  11. It is not the the best way to do it, but you can remove the valve cover, pop out the shim put in the thinner shim (measure to find the right thickness) if it was not run long enough to burn the valve you may be lucky. This is not the best way but a cheap long shot all the other valves should be checked in thee same way. Recheck compression after to see if you have helped. Good luck
  12. That sounds just like what I experienced the seller tried to say it was plugged injectors but I knew better. $4500 purchase price & $500 machine shop & gaskets was a good deal for me because I was able to do the work myself. You don't find many '91 winnebagos for $5000.
  13. Thanks Linda for all the help you have given in so many ways. Helping get Jerry's picts on the web sight is special. Jerry does such a great job with his camera & is just a great guy. What a wonderful bunch we met at our 1st toyin. Thanks to Ted & Cheryl for putting it together, Fred & Barbara for the beautiful setting, Sparky (Fred & Barbara's dog) for the entertainment. We had suspected that toy people were special, now we know for sure. Thanks every one for a great time. Rich & Laura .
  14. I bought '91 winnie this spring low compression 2 cylinders took off heads took to machine shop they did valve job I put heads back on with new timing belt have a nice motorhome for less than it would have cost in good condition. This happens with these engines a lot, that is why toyota did not make these engines for very long. Had same thing with '91 dolphin.
  15. We will be there from e.washington looking forward to meeting some new friends.
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