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  1. I will post more later   am recovering from a bad case of the shingles the pain is  often quite high takes about a month to get past them .

  2. REGARDING different manufacture names on the same tire . may more relate to a dealer thing . for example les schwab is a pretty large chain they often re house brand tires one of there popular Light truck line of tires was the wildcat and wildcountry xtx of which I have a set on my other Toyota PU, have heard they were Kelly springfield don't know.
  3. with all due respect I noticed no one mentioned that many special tools can be rented .
  4. you have reasonable cond ition bucket seats will trade you for my bench seat out of 1987 XTRA cab pu I don't need super con dition . bench seat not so good on my 66 year old hips. to my knloge cant spell the trucks pu came eather way my son had 86 with buckets.
  5. Atlanta camper you are very correct I have gotten those from LES Schwab . 500 stores in the west .
  6. the flame is very small it uses very little propane . I don't run on the road with mine lit . if it is good and cold frost in the freezer top pack it full of frozen stuff and cold stuff . I can drive 100 miles it will stay fine then camp and fire it up on gas . on eletric it would drain a battery fast .
  7. that 2 gallon air tank you have is an interesting idea .just like a house pump tank. must save some wear on your pump ,and battery draw. have you ever seen one of those old time campers with an air pump pumping air into a metal water tank. my frend had a 1969 with that . maybe after 2 days they would pump a little more air in great pressure. come fall they just blew it out with that worked great . had an old time no battery need ed heater gravity unit really put out the heat . as a handy man do you miss the old radio shack I mean before it went in the tolit . I do .
  8. I use four of those five gallon tanks myself and a funnel and a gallon jug to refill my water tank. also have thetford smart tote tye on back for trip home . on my harbor frt rear carrear
  9. I don't know about others m y 1978 and my 87 have had both will sometimes cycle maybe one clunk now and then . when the water tank gets down to about half. and the 78 had no water heater . and both have had no leaks. did that even with a brand new pump. but they have only done it when the tank was down some.
  10. the power cord should be in a small door on the driver side .
  11. as these older refers don't auto switch back and forth between gas and electric . as most of the high end new ones will do . on the very rare times I am pluged in i never run my frige on electric that way if some thing happens with there power . my fridge is not effected. I once had a problem in a storm . there is a plugin on the outside of mine in the fridge door I just un plug to make shure there are no problems.
  12. I use old cheap trico standerd brand. what they want for some wiper blades should be labled extorsion.
  13. providing the valve does not leak . you should be able to take the tank to a large propane service dealer . and get it recertived for 5 years . these older tanks are last I new of still exempt from opd rules . I have an 87 dolphin myself my tanks are even older mid 1970s picked them up used as I had none when I bought my r v . and yes those are most often very high priced .
  14. to anyone on here who lives in washington st as you know the motor home plate tab fees are very high 116.75 dollors and seventy five cents basic fee. plus cites are allowed to stick on a 30 dollor local fee if they want to . as I don't live in my dolphin and I only go on a few trips in state in a year . I recently was able to replate it as a collecter vehicle . with a one time no renual fifty seven dollors seventy five cents . you cant use it as a dailey driver . this cut my fees for this year to less then half. and is a perement plate . the r v must be at least 30 years old to quilfy .cost this year would have been 146.75 .
  15. when I did my 87 dolphin I put the hose on the top filler neck first. then stuffed the hoses and filler neck in . then put them on the tank. I lowered my tank down , somewhat not all the way on a floor jack. you can make splice couplers out of exauest pipe if needed .
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