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  1. Driver cab heating

    max would be a lot better then none for shure even where i live . i could not recall the details on that but yes i recall that only cuts in on the lower speeds . had moter freze up before
  2. Driver cab heating

    i have done this remove and replaced the heater blower but was in 1987 truck same cab as pict above in those you can drop it out the bottem from under the dash. don t lose the screws they are a special breed.cant remember if you have too take glove box out or not .but remove that is not too hard . dont take dash out . there is also a resister mounted on the heater duct controls the speed if blown maybe no fan speeds .
  3. when you say winterized do you mean you blew it out first with an air compresser. my personal preference is to blow it out first then run it full of the red stuff. I would never say no problem then . but I haven't had any yet . and yes I open the drain valves first . I installed a water heater bypass I run a little antifreeze in the bottom then switich too bypass.
  4. Fuel pump in tank

    there is a fuel pump resister under the hood I think is on one of the fender wells you need to check that . I will say I never had one of those fail , have also heard of people using an after market xternal electric pump.
  5. our local dealer here will jet them for you like was said follow there guide lines . and yes I have heard of people mixing up the jets on carbs only work where they belong
  6. would highly recommend special flare nut wrench for the fittings. much better then using open end type which tend to slip and round off the fittings
  7. now you know how the snake oil men sell bad used cars put a pint of bardauls no smoke in it on top of some heavy oil might not nock long enough to sell it some unsuspecting person . that stuff is about as thick as stp super thick. and the oil gadge will be up where it belongs till you change oil .
  8. guss I been wrong all these 45 years I have a dodge I use 15 40 in but in my old high mile Toyota xtra cab and my dolphin have always run 20w50 . used that penz for twenty years in a datsun . now less money using wallmart 20 w 50 but here in eastern Washington outdoor temp 110 to a low of say 96 could fry an egg on my hood yes sir fry my hands on a wrench set out for 10 minits LOL. Derek is spot on that is not my problem eather but if you want to raise the oil pressure gage with worn bearings. that is an old trick .
  9. those carbs can be rejeted but I don't know about the smog laws there
  10. Boondocking anyone?

    I do a lot of free boon dock camping in the Washington cascades only go too rv park once a year . in addition lot pay small fee forest service campgrounds 10 dollars a night no hookups no water wast dumpster only.
  11. hellow linda  how have you all been been a while since I been on here .   with all due respect it only rains a lot in western Washington west of the cascades . the east side where I live is like califorina sage brush rattlers and scorpeons and average temp 105 to 110. averadge rainfall in Yakima vally not very much none here july augest  often . plenty of wild fires bad same as there nobody needs them sorry for all down south fire season here winding down in oct

    1. linda s

      linda s

      I'm right on the coast. fog and rain make it damp all the time. I'm safe here

    2. 5Toyota


      good for you glad  you are not in fire zone . I was born in western Washington still miss the rain  still don't like the heat . but old rvs not much rust at all on my 87 dolphin or 88 xtra cab  they  stay                             pretty dry                out here in the desert I think 6 inches of rain is avg in this vally in a year did get 30 some inch of snow last winter though july thru September very dri . thanks for your answer I hope to be on here agin more

    3. 5Toyota


      I have never been too californa  been orgeon Idaho Montana Wyoming Colorado canada

  12. The straight poop on Macerators

    thanks I haven't been on here in a while . would like to know more about the sewer solution
  13. The straight poop on Macerators

    there are portable macerator pumps you can get they screw on the dump valve and hook up to the battery with clips like a battery charger. I t hink they come in 120 volt too. I heard of a guy made one out of a kitchen garbage disposial. must had one laying around those arnt cheap but factory built ones not eather
  14. Someone tried to steal our Rogue!

    the coil wire is a good one I have done that . on the 22 re I have also removed rotor and replaced the dist cap. a little more work but if they open the hood not obivis why no start