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  1. Driver cab heating

    WME is spot on I have a 195 in my 87 xtra cab and my 87 dolphin the heater will roast you out . but as old as that unit of his if po have not kept up on antifreeze changes the heater core could be blocked internaly I had a 1978 that was like that and a dodge van.
  2. Terrible Smell from the Heater Vents

    Gurgle in the center vents . that is most likely the antifreze going through the heater core . I have that sound sometimes when you first turn on the heater control valve that opens the water valve to the heater core . are you shure the raditer is full .
  3. What do you think? 40k? 140k? 240k?

    I say orginal miles very nice clean top and bottom . the numbers in those old time odometers. will roll over and reset just as nice . I have done it 77 corona wagen I took it from 62000 to 240000. turned it over twice but I think yours has never been there .
  4. Terrible Smell from the Heater Vents

    the blower motor resister is held to the heater housing with 2 screws it gets hot if you run the heater fan on lower speeds any crap on that could make a stink maybe
  5. shifter is tuff to get in gear whin cold on a stick shift . how cold are you talking at 20 below 0 I have had to use both hands to shove a 5 speed Toyota or a 4 speed Datsun in too low gear . gear oil can get some what thick at very low temps.
  6. sometimes a water pump will leak more when you just start it up . with it off see if there is slop in the fan if there is bad water pump. I have had that happen but hoses may also leak when they are colder then normal . had that happen as well. I was thinking 22re water pump maybe you have 6
  7. Fuel problem

    I had a 1977 Toyota corona wagen 20 R with a electric pump in the tank .as far as I know the 1976 1977 and 1978 trucks celicas and coronas all 20r powered used the in tank pump .
  8. RV Salvage/Recycling Yards - let's make a list.

    the ones I sent today too Derek are still in busness
  9. Specs and info for a 90 Leisure Odyssey

    I don't recall the size of the fill plug on the side of the trans the rear axle is most likely 24mm.
  10. in wa st 410 auto wrecking 27865 state rt 410 east Buckley WA 98321 area code 360 829 9760 pretty much an all Toyota yard have used them myself .      also this place has a no, of junk RVS Webbers auto parts 6410 west powerhouse rd Yakima wa 98908 509 966 4711

  11. in wa st 410 auto wrecking 27865 state rt 410 east Buckley WA 98321 area code 360 829 9760 pretty much an all Toyota yard have used them myself

  12. found number  its under not fitted universal fit  part no crb 218827 price 162.99

    1. linda s

      linda s

      does not fit a 22re. this is not the message system. please click on envelope for messages not the bell. status system is for my personal information

  13. saw them on the site for the Yakima napa but took me a while to find them will try to get a part number update part no is CRB 218827 price is 162.99 had to switich to not fitted universal fit on there site looks same as both of my 22res
  14. check my post on cold start valves as napa calls them  confused me took a while to find them