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  1. bad front shocks alone will cause very bad control problems . my dolphin had 67000 miles but the front shocks were totally shot . the prices they gave you sound like for a big class a.
  2. adventur rv made the Toyota slumber queen in Abotsford  Bc on your west coast .

  3. rubber roof many new rv s pull trailers anyway have rubber roofs . they seem to work well . just like anything else some matinence once in a while .I had a 1978 Toyota 18 foot motorhome that someone put a rubber roof on . and covered over the front cabover window and the whole top . was old no matinence but still ok. my son has a 23 foot Jayco late model trailer with that . it is commen ly used to reroof old metal roof full size trailer homes . my nebier said it fixed his metal top double wide good,
  4. the same as i have aubreys rv center union gap yakima wa st 1 800 300 4709 i dont know if they have the gogle eye type anymore.
  5. water pump is that a 22re or 22r when those water pumps squeal my experance has been begin too leack. then they will freze up I mean up solid. I have over the years had 2 lock up solid. also wiggle the fan check for slop . if lose replace very soon.
  6. one thing the v6 has a rubber timing belt . it needs to be replaced at recemend interverls. I cant say what that is I have never had a six.
  7. some folks recommend to never flush the trans. just change the fluid. flushing a old trans can cause it to fail by plugging it up with all the loosened sludge. then you have to rebuild what was a werking trans.
  8. my dauter got a job at one here in wa st 4 am to I am not shure in bakery stock and vegtibeles . after 9 years at a little news paper that finaly folded .up. there got pay for car rent and basics lives buy herself.
  9. you can still buy those I bought several at my local rv parts place
  10. more info would be good but I shure don't think I would pay anybody 30 g for that .inside rotted out hardly seems worth that . I have two Toyotas 1987 dolphin cost 7500. and 1988 xtra cab4wd cost around 5 grand 17 years ago or so . dolphin had 7 years I think had 67 000miles on it
  11. I run my dolphin ac at home on a dedicated 20 amp no 12 wire when I am getting it ready too go I use a step down 30 to 20 adapter .
  12. per LINDA a broken belt then your temp gage goes up of course . have had 7 Toyotas all bad alternater aways causes both brake and charge light to come on . baffeled me first time it happened . years from 1977 1987 all same thing .
  13. fittings I just had that slight drip under dolphin . the conections on the fawect on the bathroom sinck had worked lose .I was not connected to city water but noticed the pump coming on now and then .
  14. the 1979 I kind of a one year cab 2 big round headlights the 1980 81 start the big squre lights
  15. for out lets some are on a gfi make shure they are not tripped . you might try switiching the breakers off and back to on make shure not tripped .
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