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  1. 5Toyota

    First time buyers looking for advice

    those reservoirs are indead smaller then the brake master on my xtra cab I replaced that one a long time ago. they are about the same size as a clutch master cylinder . and smaller then my toyhome.
  2. 5Toyota

    Toyota 20r mechanic in florida?

    in my honest personal op inyoin and personal exp. the best Toyota power plant ever made .only about 4 things that will kill it, lugging it , no oil , and overheating it . and no oil changes or cooling system changes .
  3. 5Toyota

    First time buyers looking for advice

    please tell me how is the master different .
  4. 5Toyota

    18 MPG Fully Loaded?

    I have a dolphin 87 22re 4 auto last I checked about 12 to 13 pretty close to half a tank . . on yearly trip of 90 miles south Yakima wa to the tricites richland pasco area 8 gallons of gas . no working dash air . no genei for roof air eather . there are some hills down that way . our daughter was with us one time. not too far along the gage was down a 1/4 and she said wasn't your gas gage on full . I said ya but that was 40 miles ago .LOL
  5. 5Toyota

    New to group and......

    some of that leaking can be caused by total cooling system neglet .a guy I new bought a 1980 20 r truck all the antifreeze would go in the oil pan . the bearings where all gone . But the head was so corroded out from from never changing coolent. that no way would it seal. I used the cam and rockers the only savable parts in another 20r that I got out of a junk car the owner of that one never changed oil had to bore it and all reman. the cam and rockers wer e scored too junk. I have seen other aluminum heads totally eaten out by corsion.
  6. 5Toyota

    Flushes/black water capacity

    all and true not for everbody. and they come in different sizes. I don't aways get it all full even 9 gallons helps a lot . the places I go here are in the back woods miles from any kind of dump station . remote forest camping. some have an outhouse many don't. all are bring your own water . some have garbage removel. most times we eather burn it or take it home . tru that's what I do. fill that up then my tolit is ok again for awhile . so ya 20 or 30 miles into Yakima or more with 3 tanks full of waste .
  7. fred I agree with you 100 percent I would  put the oem everthing and see how it works . I am not into led on a non led rig . but have converted my whole double wide house                           too led .

  8. 5Toyota

    Flushes/black water capacity

    not too big of a deal the thetford tanks are set up pretty nice pre connected sewer hose set up not too over fill .you should google them several different types . I just tip the hose its on a bracket after you unscrew the same stander.d sewer cap . you could put on a reguler dump elbow . even has a flusher hose too screw on the top of the tank. my answer for more fresh water is 5 five gallon screw top water tanks. I take a plastic flex fun nell and a one gallon jug and bail more water in my 16 gallon tank . by myself I could stay out in the back woods 2 weeks maybe. I can do 7 days alone and not use the xtra dump tank but I have biger tanks. I had an older rv with about a 9 gallon tank tolit and sink only . for 2 people 3 days was it .
  9. 5Toyota

    1978 Toyota Sunrader need help

    as far as the plug in goes the original flasher in the picture is the same plug as a 2 wire or can even use a low or high low sealed beam plug in I have done this .and yes that is the factory Toyota unit .
  10. 5Toyota

    Rear Kitchen?

    my 1987 dolphin model 400 has a front door . but a rear kitchen works ok for us . I do prefer the larger rear bath and ours does have that. I don't like front or side baths .
  11. 5Toyota

    Flushes/black water capacity

    even tho my dolphin has 2 18 gallon waste tanks if wife and dauter are along for an extended stay remote camping black tank can get to full the solicion cant spell never could is I bought a 18 gallon thetford smart tote . you just hookup to dump valve . it has wheels. I carry it on a rear platform carrier bought that from harbor frt . works pretty good . thetford smart tote is the way to get xtra waste capicty, doubled my black tank. or can use for gray water .
  12. 5Toyota

    Toyota class C review by builder

    I think winiabago used metal studs . the sunrader used a molded fiberglass body farless leak and rot trouble . most all the other makes used fiberglass sheet or metal sides . my dolphin is glass on sides and back and metal roof and top front of cab over .lot of wood in the walls . I live in a very dry climate so my 87 dolphin is still in reasonable ly decent shape . all of those using sheet construction can have a lot of rot after 30 years or so . forgot to say most used wood studding.
  13. 5Toyota

    Driver cab heating

    WME is spot on I have a 195 in my 87 xtra cab and my 87 dolphin the heater will roast you out . but as old as that unit of his if po have not kept up on antifreeze changes the heater core could be blocked internaly I had a 1978 that was like that and a dodge van.
  14. 5Toyota

    So Happy we did this

    same for us have 87 dolphin model 400 very happy and I see it has the great all 6 lug front and rear enjoy
  15. 5Toyota

    Terrible Smell from the Heater Vents

    Gurgle in the center vents . that is most likely the antifreze going through the heater core . I have that sound sometimes when you first turn on the heater control valve that opens the water valve to the heater core . are you shure the raditer is full .