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  1. So I just got to the point on our dolphin where all the big mechanical projects are complete and am getting into the camper aspect of it all. I started the dometic fridge yesterday but it didnt seem to get cool? how long does it take? I took off the out side cover and could see the pilot light was burning... but after like 2 hrs the aluminum elemnet still wasnt cold.
  2. or that topless donut shop in central maine hahahaha
  3. D J Dolphin 86

    I am officially the owner of a toyhouse fleet.

    reupholster that sounds like it would cost as much as the motor home itself?!?! dry clean!?! me=beer budget you=champagne lol just a little dog funk
  4. 816.00 for the parts I put them in. They tried to tell me My camper was real rust and blah blah blah they wanted 600 more with another added spring wich would have been nice but she sits pretty now. They cut the leaf spring u bolts too short and I had to go back.rrrrrrrrrr.
  5. nice I actually saw that you commented that and I thought gee that is a really nice story lately I have wondered the lineage of owners of our motor home and all of them in general I always think of how our campers are much more traveled then we are ourselves! so many good times had so many more to come! welcome and happy travels!

  6. Hello! Thanks for including me as your friend! We are new to owning our 1986 Sunrader. Our good friend passed away in February and left it to us. Needs a bit of work but we aren't too

    picky. Will post a picture when we finish getting it cleaned up. We live up in Western Washington. Some great skiing/hiking areas not far from us.

  7. woohoo!!! all new rear leaf springs (toyota 1 ton springs with one leaf added) also new heavy duty rear shocks and now our 1986 dolphin is sittin pretty! the countdown begins for our honeymoon trip from the Atlantic to the to Pacific and back in a flash!
  8. saw you posted you upgraded from a vw westi to a toyota motorhome thought it was funny we did the same! happy travels!

  9. D J Dolphin 86

    I am officially the owner of a toyhouse fleet.

    1.) get a bunch of boxes of dryer sheets and rub the fabrics with them leave them everywhere in stacks 2.) febreze noticeables plug in dual air freshener is like an evaporating oil that switches back and forth so it always smells fresh and new and lasts a month straight and 3.)buy this spray air freshener spray called ozium get it at your local auto supply/parts store or walmart and it rocks and destroys tough odors fast and for good if you are persistent our camper smelled like an ashtray as well as a wet dog and I had just quit smoking when we got our beloved 1986 toyota dolphin in november so I was wicked sensitive to smells especially cigarettes and I did these 3 things and its smelling fresh now... now I want a sticker that says "save the dolphins" hope you can save your stinky new baby too! lol
  10. hahaha left hand threads gee wish we read this post a couple weeks back when we had a fun time struggling to get them off torching away at them thinking they were stuck its funny now...yet wasn't then.. so by the way we have an early model 1986 dolphin 300 model and its got the left hand threaded drivers side 6 lugs you are saying that came from a 1986 toyota 1 ton truck not the original motorhome's replaced 6 lug? because of the left hand threads? they didn't do that for anything but? that's cool/interesting you learn something every day! I heard toyota made diesel pickups in canada for a bit wouldn't that be a fun conversion if our young 22re ever shits the bed i'm going to seek one of those babies out ps cool drawing of a guy and his toyota motorhome(not mine) thought folks here might enjoy(didnt work... try again later)
  11. I have nothing new of either, I have blown air bags and saggy leafs. just wanted to do the leafs for now
  12. Hey everyone, So I have been getting my 86 21' toy dolphin ready for a big trip and am looking at these leaf springs that are sitting almost completely flat... on side a little bit more then the other. Im wondering if when I replace the leaf springs it will sit higher or does it sag a bit due to the natural weight of the camper being on it. Did they national rv get the toyota, and as they built it the weight added up causing the springs to sit ah bit flat? I saw another that sat the same way but was in ruff shape so not such a good source. I feel they are over 20 years old and are just old? what do you all think? Anyone able to show me how their leafs look? I know a truck would need them if it sat flat...
  13. D J Dolphin 86


    Thank you all!
  14. D J Dolphin 86


    Late night on the first day of spring on the Kankamangus Highway in northern New Hampshire looking out the window at a scenic overlook over 10 foot snowbanks at the most stars I have ever seen he asked me to marry him!!!!!! and of course I said yes next month were getting married and toy-ho we go on a dolphin honeymoon road trip across the country!!! ps We love toyotamotorhome.org and toyota motor homies (thats you!)
  15. 185R14 Hankook 185 r14 don't let some stupid salesman tell you you need the middle number or you will end up with a passenger car tire tell them it's a one ton truck if they can't wrap their mind around the fact that you want a 185r14 we are in the far north east and plan to cross the country so we will have a good review on these in a while we thought out the highway tires will help keep our amazing gas mileage make sure they are load rated c or d got em for 99 at town fair tire also another tip if you didn't know there is a number that will identify the manufacturing date and I just found out even if its got tread it can be expired by date or simple dry/UV rot anyone care to comment on a saggy leaf spring(s)???