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  1. or that topless donut shop in central maine hahahaha
  2. D J Dolphin 86

    I am officially the owner of a toyhouse fleet.

    reupholster that sounds like it would cost as much as the motor home itself?!?! dry clean!?! me=beer budget you=champagne lol just a little dog funk
  3. nice I actually saw that you commented that and I thought gee that is a really nice story lately I have wondered the lineage of owners of our motor home and all of them in general I always think of how our campers are much more traveled then we are ourselves! so many good times had so many more to come! welcome and happy travels!

  4. Hello! Thanks for including me as your friend! We are new to owning our 1986 Sunrader. Our good friend passed away in February and left it to us. Needs a bit of work but we aren't too

    picky. Will post a picture when we finish getting it cleaned up. We live up in Western Washington. Some great skiing/hiking areas not far from us.

  5. saw you posted you upgraded from a vw westi to a toyota motorhome thought it was funny we did the same! happy travels!

  6. D J Dolphin 86

    I am officially the owner of a toyhouse fleet.

    1.) get a bunch of boxes of dryer sheets and rub the fabrics with them leave them everywhere in stacks 2.) febreze noticeables plug in dual air freshener is like an evaporating oil that switches back and forth so it always smells fresh and new and lasts a month straight and 3.)buy this spray air freshener spray called ozium get it at your local auto supply/parts store or walmart and it rocks and destroys tough odors fast and for good if you are persistent our camper smelled like an ashtray as well as a wet dog and I had just quit smoking when we got our beloved 1986 toyota dolphin in november so I was wicked sensitive to smells especially cigarettes and I did these 3 things and its smelling fresh now... now I want a sticker that says "save the dolphins" hope you can save your stinky new baby too! lol
  7. D J Dolphin 86


    Thank you all!
  8. D J Dolphin 86


    Late night on the first day of spring on the Kankamangus Highway in northern New Hampshire looking out the window at a scenic overlook over 10 foot snowbanks at the most stars I have ever seen he asked me to marry him!!!!!! and of course I said yes next month were getting married and toy-ho we go on a dolphin honeymoon road trip across the country!!! ps We love toyotamotorhome.org and toyota motor homies (thats you!)
  9. Slumber Queen is that what you call your MH or is there really one called a slumber queen either way I love it! we love kitties too we have 2 cats and are slowly getting them used to the MH i think only one will really turn into a camping kittie hes always liked car rides (he thinks hes a dog) but my little girl kittie hates when the vehicle moves and hooks every claw into the floor and won...

  10. Hi

    Glad to be listed as your friend. Just put up a pic of my new 1991 Slumber Queen. Can't wait to get going in the spring.

  11. D J Dolphin 86

    my 84 phoenix is a lowrider, how do i get a little lift?

    were almost at that point in the rear of our 86 toy dolphin21' Has air bags but they are blown and the leaf springs are rather flat at this point...Im planning on swapping out the leafsprings soon. and replacing the bags as well. no sure about what to do up front. let me know because im sure ill need to know the same at some point.
  12. D J Dolphin 86

    Wheel questions

    so you are saying theoretically instead of bringing 2 mounted spares I could carry just one front 5 lug spare and the back goes flat "limp" to somewhere until you can fix the problem or how about if i bring one spare tire and 2 rims and then I save the weight of one tire and have to get it mounted or mouth the tire to the 5 lug and the 6 lug it it goes flat I limp to somewhere I can get the tire mounted on to the other rim is that what you do? whats more important: less weight or 2 spares? this feels like that riddle where you have a river to cross and bring with you a goat a wolf and a cow or however it goes any you only have one boat and cant leave the wolf with the cow
  13. D J Dolphin 86

    I saw this FOR SALE 81 manual with 60K only $1200

    called the guy it was only a 5 lug
  14. D J Dolphin 86

    Calling all Dolphins

    hey thanks so much great help thats the tires Ive been looking at getting. Plus I Didnt know about the stems and my buddy who knows someone with a garage is gonna mount them for free so I can buy them to give him thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Common Sense aside sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do (or wanna do) I just want to know how far can the line be blured I mean I dont want to get some stupid ticket when I could have stopped for a moment but I also dont want to stop unless I have a damn good reason.. ie not getting a moving violation ticket I'm serious I want to know the legalities of what states allow you to be freely in the back of a motorhome this would greatly reduce the time it takes to get from a to b if you dont have to stop to use the facilities and have one person sleep while the other drives. I am trying to find out the rules I'm not going to be pulled over on the side of the highway explaining myself that I did not know the rules I'm sure that I'm not the first to want to know this. for example in NH there is no seatbelt law so does that mean I can live free or die in the back of my MH walking around (when appropriate and necessesary) using the bathroom etc.. or do they just mean I don't have to be belted because I read that in CA they allow passengers in the back of motor homes and busses to be exempt from the seatbelt laws...... so who knows what other states have similar because according to: http://www.iihs.org/laws/SafetyBeltUse.aspx CA is primary enforcement state as far as safety belt laws go anyone.. anyone.. bueler? bueler? anyone been pulled over for being up in the motorcoach? anyone not been pulled over for being up and in the motor coach?