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  1. I'm not going to play cafe world anymore. too slow ect. thanks for all the gifts in the past.

  2. Pawla Smith

    Tool to check tire pressure?

    You can pick up a decent truck gauge and air chuck at NAPA. They are longer and made for checking dual wheels. The chuck I use is a push pull type that will deliver air in either position.
  3. Pawla Smith

    Wheel questions

    Well I won the auction for the wheel and should have it on Monday. I am mainly concerned with availability of a good 14" truck tire on the road. Got stuck once on the way back from Florida and paid dearly for a substandard tire to make it home. I plan on stowing this one in the rear compartment. We are planning some mods to the dolphin before hitting the road in the spring. Did one trip and everything works but the water system leaks from freezing and bursting a pipe. I plan to replace all the Quest pipe with pex in the spring so no big deal.
  4. Pawla Smith

    Wheel questions

  5. Pawla Smith

    Wheel questions

    1987 dolphin on a 1986 chassis. I have the 6 hand hole 6 lug rear duals and am bidding on a spare wheel on e-bay. I went out to the barn and discovered mine has 5 lug front rims and the mounted spare is also 5 lug. Was this a common feature for this year? I cant believe they put 2 totally different wheels on from the factory. It appears to have the heavy duty full floating rear from pics I have seen posted here. Any specific way to tell? The rim I am bidding is a 6 lug and I would sure like to have a spare for the rear before trying any long runs. Any Ideas as to what they are worth?
  6. Pawla Smith

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    We have an 86 toy truck with an 87 Dolphin Camper in Woodhull, NY