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  1. Bigdog

    Hardware for seat reinstall?

    Soon,it will take time to get them out of storage
  2. Bigdog

    Hardware for seat reinstall?

    I have the full hardware for sale,floor mounting brackets and seat gliders let me know what you need
  3. i made the mistake of throwing away my old seats before getting good replacements fortunately I kept the rail system on my 1984 Sunrader, has any one found an affordable replacement in recent years.
  4. Bigdog

    Front end 1985 Sunrader

    Thanks Linda, I don't see the after market hoods with the complete under framework? did yours come complete if so where did you purchase
  5. Put add in parts wanted Went to for sale instead, need hood, fenders ,complete front end from radiator forward any parts you may have in SoCal I'm in L A 312 953-0494
  6. Bigdog

    Newbie quest: Bikes on '89 Sunrader

    Check out rvpartsandsupplies.com they have a bumper mount bike rack with spare tire mount that may clear storage pod
  7. last post by Bigdog

  8. Bigdog


    Carpet installed in !987 what year did switch toT100?
  9. Bigdog


    I have a1984 Sunrader and want to replace truck molded carpet manufacture only shows for T i00 want to make sure it will fit.
  10. Bigdog


    What is the difference Between a Toyota T100 pickup And the the Toyota pickup used in the mid 80's Toyota RVs?
  11. weber carburetor

  12. air bag installation

  13. has not set their status

  14. Bigdog

    Type of framing

    What models of Toyota motor homes use metal instead of wood for framing?
  15. Bigdog


    Irish wolfhound lure coarsing