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  1. Auto parts store ( Carquest-NAPA-Autozone) will have fuel filler hose in the sizes you need. Also will have exhaust pipe components in the sizes you need. I went this route when my filler hose developed age rot.
  2. Shoprat

    Time To Sell

    Good luck in the future endeavors.
  3. Shoprat

    Does Size Matter?

    Being 6ft 1 myself, the learning curve as far as the AC goes, is the curve your head puts in it.
  4. Shoprat

    Rockin' Issue

    Just out of curiosity, how old are the tires. If the sidewalls are old enough, they can get mushy and you can lose stability.
  5. Shoprat

    Curious Sunrader

    Hey ! Whatever works for ya !
  6. Shoprat

    Motorhome Cover

    I use a poly tarp and poly rope tie downs. Keep it covered all Winter here in Michigan. After it gets worn out from covering the MH, I cut it up and use it for covering my riding lawn mower for the Winter.
  7. Shoprat

    How much oil does your rig burn?

    Howdy ILIA... well, could be rings or valve seals. Have a wet and dry compression test done. That will tell you a lot. Hope this helps.
  8. Check this out. http://theepicenter.com/tow082099.html
  9. Shoprat

    Sunrader electrical

    Howdy deggenb... Sounds like the same problem I had. Got to the point that I built a switch and wire assembly to bypass the starter circuit when it happened. Finaly had enough of the problem and started at the battery, cutting the harness open to see if I could identify a problem. What I found was a solid white feed wire with splices that were corroded with white gundge next to the battery on the passenger side.I cut out the gundge and re-spliced the feed wires. It semed to take care of the problem, but I keep the wire bypass assembly handy.Hope this helps. John
  10. Howdy Carlos... In this section of the site, scroll down to post name " Just installed rear axle air bags" . It is back around the beginning of May. Hope this helps. John
  11. That's quite an accomplishment, Sir. Good job well done. Enjoy the wine. I'll raise a glass of dark ale across the miles. John
  12. Shoprat

    Purchasing a Toyota Motorhome

    At this stage of the game, all Toys are , or will be projects. The youngest ones are close to 15 years old. If you don't wish to get really involved in repair of an old MH, I would not buy a Toy. Get something within 10 years old and you will probably be a lot happier. My 2 cents worth. John
  13. Got to wondering today, do any of you folks carry anything for personal protection in your MH in case of a breakin ?
  14. That 90 -87- Port Kent ferry-89-302 looks promising. Do both of you concur this would be a good route? John