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    I own a 1989 Dolphin V^ Automatic, Refurbed down to the structure by me.

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    Marietta Georgia
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  2. teacher30066

    What's your rig and where's it at?

    I own a 1990 Dolphin V6 Automatic. Totally rebuilt the rear structure since purchase in June. Now ready for the road with a new interior including ventilated power seats from a Saab. Based in Marietta (near Atlanta) Georgia.
  3. teacher30066

    Valuing 1990 or 1991 Toyota SeaBreeze

    Do a web search for "toyota motorhome" some sites should come up. Other than this site I haven't seen a site specific to Toyota based RVs. Any vehicle is worth what the buyer will give. A decent 90 Seabreeze should be worth $4,000-$10,000 according to what they are going for on E Bay. I recently bought a 1990 Dolphin for $1400. It is mechanically excellent with a similar drive train to your rv but in need of major structural (wall/seam) repair. I am glad the work is about done as it is not for the the faint of heart! Good luck with the sale.
  4. Hello all. I recently purchased a Dolphin Rv built on an 89 Toyota 1 ton chassis with the 3.0 V6. The engin has 106,000 and just had a valve job and timing chain. I expect to get many years form it. I want to add power seats from a Saab I had lying around. they will fit. I have the RV diagrams so no issues there. I have located some electrical connectors under the seat and would like to know what circuits are in these. i hope to not have to run new power feeds to the seat areas. I also referr to the vehicle wiring diagram when troubleshooting a vehicel. A factory manual and wiring diagram bould be very helpful. Does anyone have this electronically to share? A free source to download on line? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Sorry if this already exists and is pinned somewhere. It would be awsome to list our Rvs by manufacturer with construction info for prospective buyers. I would have used it when I was shopping. I'll start and others can quote and add to build a list. 1990 Dolphin Wood framing, fiberglass (non fipon) exterior panels bonded to rigid foam insulation bonded to interior wood panels
  6. teacher30066

    '90 Dolphin resale Value ?

    I bought this yesterday. It needs structural repair at the rear and in the "cab over" area. I am not timid about the repairs. Has anyone in the Marietta/Atlanta aread done the repairs on this vintage Dolphin? Rotten wood and open seams in ther exterior shell. I will start a repair documentation thread after I pick it up Saturday and start the demo!Wish me luck all!
  7. teacher30066

    '90 Dolphin resale Value ?

    PM sent.