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  1. centralman

    Heat For A Total Newbie

    IMHO the furnace of the motor home is notoriously inefficient. Since you have electrical hookup, why not just use a electrical fan heater? I always have one in my rig so when there's hookup I can use it.
  2. centralman

    Waterproofing Shower Space

    Linda, I plan to install the water heater somewhere beneath the air vent in the washroom. I think that should provide sufficient circulation of air. WME: Yes I am still researching for better waterproofing method, however FRP panels, plastic molding and bathroom caulk is a bit too much for me. If there's something easier please let me know.
  3. centralman

    Waterproofing Shower Space

    Thank you for everyone's input especially Toyoguy for replying me first! I think the original water heater is very inefficient so I plan to remove that altogether. Then I will be installing this water heater. Then waterproof the whole shower area with this. Any comments would be very much welcomed.
  4. centralman

    Washroom Sliding Door

    During my Xmas trip to Mexico, maybe the road gets too bumpy, the washroom sliding door just fell down from its track. I am thinking of removing the sliding door and hopefully replace it with a lightweight folding door. Anyone has any experience doing that? Would love to hear from you.
  5. centralman

    Waterproofing Shower Space

    Since I bought my 1987 Toyota Dolphin in May 2009, I have never used the shower before as I tried to turn the shower faucet on water came out right from the faucet for some reason ... Anyway, I set it my goal to try to get the shower to work properly this year, but before I do that, the shower space seemed to be just was up with wall paper, I wonder if showering there would damage the wood panel. So, I would like to ask for advice from fellow members if they have any success using anything to waterproof the shower space? Please advise what I could use to make the space water proof.
  6. centralman

    Hot Showers On The Road

    Thanks everyone for their input. I most certainly will take Totem's advise into consideration. It's because: 1. I only need the hot shower during transit, and that amounts to less than 10 times in a year. Showering in campground at destination is usually not a problem. Unless there are times when I traveled to Mexico where those campgrounds say they have hot showers but in fact the showers are cold. 2. The wood panel in the shower room has some damage and I can see the color of the wood is dark looks like maybe water damage hence I never wanted to exacerbate the problem. Quote from http://www.pilotflyingj.com/best-shower RT Project5050: God Bless the Flying J and Pilot truck stops that give us a free shower with every 14 gallon fill up. @ShanePatrick50 was in need!! MuchLOVE If that's true problem solved!
  7. centralman

    Hot Showers On The Road

    Hello everyone, I am a Canadian living in Vancouver BC. I make quite a few trips down to the US every year. And I am wondering where I can have a hot shower while on the road - as I don't use my shower in my MH as I use it as storage place. Usually I travel with my wife and my son, and having a shower at truck stops was pretty expensive - something like 9, 10 dollars per person. Any suggestion?
  8. centralman

    Getting the best MPG on Interstate

    How often should the distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires be replaced?
  9. centralman

    Toyota won't start after sitting 2 days... help...

    Tried jump-starting yet? A weak battery won't turn the starter over.
  10. centralman

    Getting the best MPG on Interstate

    http://green.autoblog.com/2007/10/28/mythbusters-drafting-10-feet-behind-a-big-rig-will-improve-mile/ Interesting article about drafting.
  11. centralman

    Why do you love your Toyhome?

    In my opinion, the best RV for a trip in Mexico! 1. Nondescript - definitely won't be a target of carjacking; 2. It's reliable, won't break down easily, but just in case; 3. I see so many 22RE pickups around in Mexico, I figure people there must know how to fix it if something happens.
  12. centralman

    Getting the best MPG on Interstate

    Oh, sorry my mistake, the trip is approx 3500 miles or 5700 kms and it should last around 10 days. Yes, maybe I should try to gradually slow down a bit to see how things go. I used to tell my friends one of the perks that comes with the Toyota MH is that you will never get a speeding ticket on the highway, cos it usually is not capable to speed.
  13. centralman

    Getting the best MPG on Interstate

    Sigh ... I agree with you sometimes I try to do that too (following big trucks) but it seems maintaining 63mph is not as easy as it seems, sometime even a slight uphill I can't keep up with the trucks with my MH.
  14. centralman

    Getting the best MPG on Interstate

    Thanks to everyone for their input. I guess slow driving is the key to better fuel economy. This actually is my first RV even I owned it for like 3 and a half years now I still consider myself a newbie. Never driven such a slow vehicle before. Did kinda know about the 51-55 sweet spot zone and tried it but had gotten quite a bit of horns and middle fingers from different motorists in the I-5. Yes there is a slow lane but in a lot of stretches in the I-5 there are only 2 lanes on each direction and when large container trucks try to overtake you cos you are that slow they inadvertently slow the fast lane vehicles behind them down and some folks don't take it kindly. To be honest I do feel the pressure and I found that by at least maintaining 60mph I get minimal trouble on the road.
  15. Hello there, I am preparing for a 5,500 miles trip to Mexico this Christmas and New Year from Vancouver, BC and I will be driving the whole I-5. Maintaining 60mph on I-5 is a challenge enough when everyone is driving 75mph or more. Since slowing down is really not an option, does anyone has any idea how to get the best fuel economy on the highway? At around 60mph, my average fuel economy is around 11mpg.